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Old 08-25-2010, 12:54 AM
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Default Enlarge or localize

We're in the Communication Era, a time when everyone can converse with any person in the network, no matter the distance or even the language -since English is becoming a lingua franca. This leaves physical barriers aside and lets a completely free flow of ideas, of movements and knowledge, of entertainment.

It has changed the world and is making globalization possible; now we're finally able to reach every human being, everywhere; as long as they stay within the network.

This means many things, both bad and good -which I rather keep to myself at the moment; but mostly one. I wonder, what if this went further? What if there was just one country: one army, one language, one culture?

Advantages mean no more wars, and the possibility of a proper distribution of resources; as well as an atmosphere of unity on which we could truly develop ourselves as a species.

Disadvantages are, however, that to such "human nation" to exist it would be needed a strong authority to keep the country running and the danger of revolts, nationalisms, collective selfishness,... As well as the fact that such network means power for the people in the top which, misused or abused, could end up in catastrophe.

I could purpose systems for the Human Nation to work, but all of them have their biggest weakness in the great power one could assume.

So I thought it the other way, instead of making frontiers disappear and everyone live under the same ruler; why not making small communities a la tribe?

Pros, the danger of a high power disappears and the government would need to do few work to keep the people together (act as a moderator and organize the common activities). The level of freedom in such communities would be higher than in larger ones, as well as the personal attention received from the top bosses.

Cons, the outer conflicts between communities and the imposition of the stronger over the weaker for a better settlement, for example. Though originally the chief would have no power, it is inevitable to find someone willing to take over the surrounding tribes to gain it.


I believe, however, that we evolved from that localized system to what we are now. Either because it benefits us all, or it means power for the people on the top, we always look forward to know and meet as many people as possible, specially if they have any kind of relevant information for us or could help or profit us; or make them submit to our rule and thus have workforce for our purposes.

What's sure is that we will expand our network and will keep doing so as long as we're humans.

Localizing is a short-term solution for most of the problems nowadays -such as mass culture, apathy, inattentive democracy, excessive development-, but I feel certain it is nothing but to flee from the real trouble. I believe we should work to make such connection ours and to put such social progress in the right hands.

Hands which only purpose is to link people, not use them. Hands which will put their efforts on associating, not controlling.

It is a difficult task, but I believe it is the ultimate challenge for our race.
I love Plato, but I love Truth more - Aristotle

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Old 08-25-2010, 01:11 AM
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That wouldn't work because we'd have no ability to use resources to improve our situation, and therefore things would rapidly degrade into a world war. There would be no technological advancement, no space exploration (which actually shows how the amount of cooperation is already too small with how badly things are going at the moment) and no communication.
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Old 08-26-2010, 06:20 AM
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If the world were divided into individual tribes they would probably need to adhere to Dunbar's number before any government is needed (I believe Dunbar's number is 150). If these tribes need to share resources, then I see the need of an overarching governmental body to help reduce any disputes or fracas.
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