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Human No More 04-17-2011 09:04 PM

IMPORTANT: Please Read Before Using The Debate Forum.
If you are planning on posting the debate forum, please note that debate stays in the debate forum - do not take it onto other threads. Although it can be understandable when someone has an opposing view, ad hominem is never a good or valid strategy, and do not hold grudges against someone over the forum for something said in here (or elsewhere, for that matter). Attempting to provoke someone is both immature and unnecessary - do not view someone as an 'enemy' because of a disagreement here.

-Threads CAN be locked and will if they are generating a problem - this can be avoided by remaining objective
-Attempting to turn a thread outside 'debate' into one will get the post doing do deleted, and the thread will NOT be moved to debate because someone wants to. If you don't like a thread, ignore it. If there is a genuine problem with a post, report it. If you have a personal problem with someone, take it up IN PRIVATE.
-Taking debates outside the debate forum is not allowed and may get you warned.

The debate forum is moderated, and if a thread can be perceived as causing problems, it may be closed. The forum will be open as long as it does not cause problems, and if you are interested in using it, please do your part to keep it this way.

Please help us keep ToS the friendly place we are used to. Although debates certainly cause problems, they can be minimised with effort. This means more effort from everyone. I would also like to remind people to read this, what is says still applies in so many ways.
Thank you all :)

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