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Old 02-14-2017, 03:20 PM
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Originally Posted by moonbeam
So, I know that some of you aren't from America, but how do you guys feel about Black Lives Matter movement and the whole White Privilege thing?
I confess I do not pay either much heed, but with regards to the second point, I am quite happy to enjoy whatever kind of privilege I can. It's a curious idea, only in these strange modern times can it be derogatory to be described as privileged.

I expect people to judge and treat me primarily by factors I can influence such as my actions and personality, but also to some extent the class in to which I have been born. If society wishes to grant me certain advantages based on my nationality, skin colour and race, then that is for society to decide and heaven knows I shall not decline.

If particular segments of society are not accorded those privileges then that is quite unfortunate and possibly even unfair, however I am not in a position to improve their situation.
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Old Yesterday, 02:56 AM
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here we go with the king/pres biff tannen-trump 2017 Alternative Facts Tour

*part 1: terrorist attack in Sweden.*
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Old Yesterday, 03:37 PM
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Marvellous Chester - Top hats and perfidy
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One month in, and already the source of more entertainment than any other US President. And I do not know who taught him the art of oratory but I remain sure that there is more to it than repeating the key points of your speech.
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Old Today, 04:05 PM
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I know it's funny, but it's kind of scary how this administration has been inventing terrorist attacks. This is now the second time they've conjured one out of imagination.

The way I see it, there are three possibilities.
1. They're saying this trying to get people on their side and hoping the distrust of the media has reached the point that people won't believe them when they try to inform us these attacks never happened. This is the worst case scenario because eventually, we're going to start a war with eastasia if you get the reference.
2. Someone somewhere in the government is having a bit of fun, making the current administration look stupid and making up attacks.
3. These are potential attacks that were stopped and the Tannen administration is confusing them with actual attacks that did happen.
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