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Ja'k Dawsiin 08-23-2019 11:06 PM

2019 Hong Kong Protests And The Looming Specter Of Another Tiananmen Square

anyone following these massive protests in Hong Kong? the streets are filled with protesters, most of them young or mid 30s, millions in some videos, and yet the puppet governor of Hong Kong says just thousands. drone videos on BBC show wall to wall people filling entire districts of downtown Hong Kong. wow!

Empty Glass 08-24-2019 01:03 AM

I've been following them, albeit not as closely as I could be. I haven't watched much in the way of video coverage like what you've posted here. (For some reason, I can't stand - or bear - to get news coverage through video these days. I typically take in news through reading it.) Nonetheless, if I see a recent development about these protests I'll give it my attention.

I have to say I admire the ingenuity of how the protesters protect each other (using traffic cones to stop tear gas, using green lasers to mess with facial recognition technology, etc.). Their sheer force in numbers and amazing resolve throughout these weeks are something to marvel at as well.

The big question of course is where all of this will lead. Another Tiananmen Square massacre? By Eywa, I hope not. If something like that were to happen though, I imagine photographic and video evidence of such atrocities would be more likely to make their way into the rest of the world this time.

Ja'k Dawsiin 08-25-2019 05:38 AM

the problem is that Xi, leader of the People's Communist Party of China, wants to eat his Communist Mao Cake with Capitalist Wal-mart Icing on it. you can't have two opposing ideologies under the same roof, it doesn't work in the cold light of information freedom, no matter how hard you squeeze google.

so back in April, the Hong Kong governor Lam (who is an approved puppet of Beijing) tried to pass an extradition ordinance in HK, that would have allowed Mainland China to extradite anyone that Beijing deems a criminal or threat to their sovereignty/power to the court/prison/execution system of the mainland. see where this leads? student demonstrators, book writers, dissidents, anyone critical of the communist party, would end up in a mainland prison or worse. Hong Kong citizens saw through the puppetry of Lam, and here we are 12 weeks later.

Lam has temporarily shelved the bill, but she has not rescinded it as the protestors have demanded, and has allowed elements of the Chinese PLA People's Liberation Army, to mass across the river from Hong Kong proper, thousands of vehicles parking in mall and sports arena parking lots.

the protestors have shut down entire districts, occupied the airport, and brought a lot of the island's business to a complete halt. they're not backing down this time, and there is a whole new student movement rallying behind a young woman who lost her eye to police brutality in trying to stop these protests.

there is another mass march scheduled today, August 25th, and more of the human hand-to-hand chain being broadcast on the BBC.

Ja'k Dawsiin 09-01-2019 11:48 PM

Ja'k Dawsiin 12-15-2019 03:44 PM

it's pretty crazy to think 7 months later, the protests are still going on, and the Chinese PLA military hasn't rolled in and murdered everyone, taken the survivors to re-education concentration camps to join the Uighur muslims already there.:shock:

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