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Old 04-14-2010, 06:48 PM
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Default Society Plan: The Clan.

See, in every hierarchized society (just for taking out theoretical communism and anarchism), there's something that makes its individuals being in the different levels of it. In the case of capitalism, is money; in feudalism, it was the birthplace; and in the now emerging information society, it's knowledge.

Each of them have their characteristics: the place feudalism gave you was unchangeable (you cannot change where you had been born), in capitalistic society people tend to keep a determined status according to their families' level (a poor person will have less opportunities than a rich person),...

So I came up with the idea of a difference that fairly could get everyone in their place.

The difference in this society was aging.

Almost everyone gets through the same vital stages: childhood, teens, adulthood, elderhood. And the older you are, the wiser you become. So I thought on a tribal society that went this way:
  • Outsiders: they don't participate in any activity related with the clan
  • Apprentices(up to 5 years): they do schoolwork and prepare themselves for the first hunt (some kind of rite of passage)
  • Hunters (up to 16): after the first hunt and the approval of the Elderly, hunters work in gathering food for the clan, building new shelters and prepare themselves for the next stage
  • Paterfamilias: from the Latin expression "head of family", married people and parents still do food gathering but can as well begin to give approval on the decisions taken by the Leader (they would be doing the Parliament's functions on modern democracy)
  • Elderly (up to 35/40): they are in charge of the alumni education, guiding them on the first hunt; and help the Leader in the clan's government. They can also decide who to accept or reject, using ostracism if necessary.
  • Leader: chosen by the Elderly, takes care of the clan and administers justice with these.

When you're younger, you can easily work on hard tasks and dedicate to feed and build for the clan; as you grow older, you're taken out some of these responsibilities and given government and educational ones instead.

It'd only work on localized and little groups of people, no more than 1000; though.

What do you think about it?
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