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Old 10-09-2010, 07:38 PM
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Default Write a letter

Sometimes it is hard to know what to do when one sees how the environment is degraded and one sees how indigenous peoples around the world are getting opressed and displaced.

But as can be seen in this section of the Forum there are things one can do to help, signing petitions, join the work of different NGO:s or donate to them. One can also do something as basic as writing a letter. The letter can be directed to government officials or to big companies or others. If enough of us wrote letters an let these people know about our opinions it can perhaps make some difference.

One can write a personally formed letter but it is also possible to send already formulated letters that you can get through NGO:s as Survival International. Here are some of their letters:

Write a letter - Survival International

You can modify them if you want a more personal touch or want to add something.

Here is a link to a letter to Brazilian president Lula where you can protest against the Belo Monte dam:
Write a letter for peoples affected by the Belo Monte dam - Survival International

One thing one also can do is to write letters of encouragement to those indigenous peoples that are fighting for their existence against corrupt authorities, miners, oil companies, loggers and other exploiters. It can mean a lot for the indigenous peoples to know that they are not alone, but that there are others out there in the world who support their struggle and their rights. I think Survival and similar NGO:s can perhaps be helpful in forwarding such letters.
Also it can be good and nice for yourself, coming in contact with people who still live a truly human and natural life.
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Old 10-10-2010, 12:42 AM
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Thank you... it's good to be able to do something, even something small...
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