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Old 08-21-2011, 04:38 AM
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Default Spread the word

People might think that you have to get a job or volunteer to make a difference.But I make videos on youtube,educate people,and alot of other things.You don't need to be a certain age to make a difference.take my word for it.
What do I do as a activist:I am the animals voice,I try to help stop war,I educate people on things like banning breeds.
What do think about my activist job:To start off I don't agree with everything like PETA I've been told by people so many times PETA is bad or they only help animals suffer,until I did my reasearch I found out it was all true PETA is bad.I don't like everything but some things in rodeos,I try to educate people on the torture in circuses,zoos,puppy mills,and one thing I do not and I will never disagree on is slaughter.
Why do you help or what inspired you to help animals and people:Ohhh.Thats a trick question I guess its because of Steve Irwin,Michael Jackson,and believe it or not youtube.
How did these people inspire you to help out:Michael Jackson,his songs such as man in the mirror or the earth song really touch the heart.Steve Irwin,He is like the animals spirit he loved animals and he showed that they are not vicious creatures that people think they are its just their protective of their families,food,or themselves.
Here are some links of michael jackson,Steve Irwin on youtube.
Michael Joseph Jackson
Michael Jackson - Man In The Mirror - YouTube
Michael Jackson - Heal The World - YouTube
Michael Jackson - Earth Song - YouTube
Steve Irwin
Steve Irwin Crocodile Show - YouTube
In Loving Memory os Steve Irwin
Steve Irwin "Crocodile Hunter" Killed by stingray - Tribute - YouTube
Steve Irwin Tribute - You will cry - YouTube
How do you feel when someone says you can't do it:I don't feel I only say and what I say is"Say what you want to say but I have to believe you it won't end today or tommorrow making a change takes days months years and if not lives.
Hello my name is Nantang tirea wich means Viperwolf Spirit but you can call me Viper or Spirit either one is ok.I am very loving and compassionate of the forest,seas,and spirits of animals.
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