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Old 02-15-2013, 07:54 PM
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Default Fracking for gas in Germany

Just in case someone missed it, Germany is getting a craving for that natural gas boom that recently started in the US with the invention application of fracking. They already sold lots of leases to exxon and co and are trying to sell it with 2 arguments - local energy independence (same rhethoric they use in the US or Canada) and because it is part of the Energiewende, the turn towards renewable energies instead of coal and nuclear. Sigh. Because they say that natural gas produces less CO2 and it is needed to power gas fired power plants that fill in the gaps when the sund does not shine. Originally they claimed to do this with biogas from agricultural waste fermentation...
Of course there is nothing green about fracking though and since they are having an eye on this land now and even this part of Germany, I guess I will have to join a group to stop it if it is not stopped by politics soon.
The main areas they aim for is the West (Rhineland), the South (Bavaria) and the North. Mostly Rhineland though...

The big worldwide news by the way are claiming that there will be no fracking in Germany - this is a bit early to say - just because the environmental ministry will not make it as easy as in the US does not mean it will not happen. There are also very strict rules to drill for conventional oil and gas and still they are doing it, so I dont see why they should not find a way to get a way to start fracking rather sooner than later. Especially with all the claims about some new "clean" fracking procedure...

So anyone living near where they want to do this, keep an eagles eye on what they are doing there and keep alert, otherwise it will sneak itself in from behind and suddenly they will say "we are operating 1000 wells for 5 years now and all is fine, so now we want to build 100000 more..."
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