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Old 07-08-2013, 05:19 PM
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Default Federal troops used against 1st nations to protect canadian oil interests

So, do you think that the events in Brazil are the only instance of first nations peoples being BRUTALIZED in the name of Profit? Read THIS, When Drones Guard the Pipeline | On First Nation Issues, Jobs, Events, And Environmental Issues On The West Coast And World Events.
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Old 07-08-2013, 06:17 PM
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Ikran Makto
Niri Te Is studying Na'vi REALLY hard
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THIS is something interesting that shows just HOW many of the Rich and Powerful Oil interests feel in North America. Take a look at THIS "Reasoning". The Appalling Quebec Tragedy And Keystone XL Approval - Forbes
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Old 07-09-2013, 06:40 AM
One of the People
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Its important to know there is a Big diffrence in Land rights law in Canada verses Land rights law in the United States ,
In Canada even if you own the land you have no claim to the minerals under
that land you can not say you have no right to drill on this land
They can drill for oil or gas on your own land and you can"t stop them
The british crown asserts the rights to sell those resources "Today"
The Battle "First nation peoples face" lies in the goverments blatent desregard
of treaty rights and is behind the formation of the "Idle No More" movement that is being ignored by orgnised media
so that few here in the general public even know of the movments exsistance or what it stands for.
If one is in Canada there is a documentery viewable on CBC TV's website
called "The Tipping point Age of the oil sands " this has been updated".
James Cameron And Avatar play quite a role in this documentery and he says whats happing there played a big factor in creating
the films message and visuals.
I would love to share this documentery but its only viewable in Canada
there core issues with Xl pipelline reflect upon First Nations Treaty rights and the Canadian
goverements recent use of milltary and police force to protect the pipeline team are a graphic example of this .
To help people here better understand
the true impact of what First nations peoples are realy facing they speak out to try and address the core accountablity of the Canadian goverment leadership in regards to actions that will profoundly effect the "generations to come" The example below shows the deep set "feelings" and frustrations first nations peoples are going through.
James Cameron Tar Sands Press Conference: First Nations Speak Out - YouTube

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Old 07-16-2013, 08:57 PM
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Toruk Makto, Admin
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The whole "train crash being used to justify the pipeline" is stupid precisely because it's assuming demand will stay level or increase, when it shouldn't, or should at least be focused in centralised locations rather than as spread out as it is right now.
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Old 01-06-2014, 04:37 PM
One of the People
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There is an excellent documentary on the underlying issues surrounding the
The Massive Multi-generational core human impact Canadian Alberta Tar sands will bring
and is now having , on First nations peoples and there health this will collectively impact ultimately upon "All of Us". this documentary is backed by some very solid Science data done with accredited labs with very tight legally documented control on there calibrations and procedures ,,
This was necessary for the research teams data results to stand up to intense legal scrutiny by the corporate aganda backed Canadian government legal process.
it was not a simple issue of "We dislike dirty oil and want this project closed"
It was legally proving without a drought the tar sands project possessed a very tangible proven threat to Canadian environment and its peoples health that will deeply impact the collective global environment on many more levels then one first thought,
Finding a core way to bring to the Canadian public a general insight and understanding that First nations peoples and there leaders core accountability are required by cultural and spiritual doctrine to raise there voices on any issue that threatens the well being of "The People" and balance and well being of "all our relations" (The living creatures of the natural world) the core problem is "The Harper Canadian government" simply sees the "Natives" as an "impediment" to the continued growth of the Canadian economy. In Hawaiian native culture the core definition of a stupid person is "The one with no ear hole" or simply one who refuses to listen or "Hear"
So not only do we have the "European mono culture leadership "That can not see" but for all purposes to serve there own underlying agenda "they Can'T hear either" of course this deeply frustrates the native peoples and leads to deep inner multi-generational feelings of mistrust and division that impact upon there own core Sense of self and sense of place causing many deep emotional issues in there community's "our people fail to understand from a common sense human standpoint, these multi-generational issues are said to take seven generations to overcome, when native peoples speak of "Us" and "Them" our leadership who are very skilled at playing the sublime
psylogical population opinion media manipulation game pulls the "They are asking for "special treatment" card from the deck" and push there examples out through the
corporate controlled media , that never gives the natives an open forum to present there
viewpoint, this drives a powerful external influence driven general public "
Sense of separation and this is "exactly what they set out to to achieve"
The only key to beating this to get the general public in mass to realize there
"core opinions and viewpoints are being externally manipulated" in this underlying manor
in all honesty most people here can "see" and relate to this quite personally, especially
if one had a core experience with Avatar , in order to shift this underlying leadership
structure we must put these leaders in a position where they are "shamed" for there moral actions in a way that lays there core accountability out on the table
First nation peoples need to stop banging on the Parliament door and blocking streets
(which deepens the sense of separation they want) and shift gears to public education
and a sharing of voices. finding venues to sit down and share there underlying feelings
and impact upon the public that they are speaking in protection for every one of us
reflect upon issues on a human non political level and reflect on the heartfelt feelings
everyone of us hold inside, bring awareness to the underlying games being played
and express solutions for alternate sources of growth that don't have such high
impacts on our peoples health and the health and ballence of "all our relations".
this of course applies to other dirty energy extraction methods like "fracking"

In this powerful message one can come to better understand the underlying feelings at
hand in this case its the M'ikmaq and there battle to stop fracking on there lands
like the others they have attempted dialog there words feel on "deaf" closed ears
when they tried to block access to the fracking equipment , They where "provoked"
into a violent confrontation with police forces after a elder female was pepper sprayed at point blank range in the face and kicked to the ground , a core fact the media never made the public aware of .
while there is blame on both sides , the true core issue lies in the "core refusal of honest dialog" on the part of the government" leading up to it.
Shale gas protesters clash with RCMP in eastern New Brunswick - YouTube

A message to all humanity by a very strong spoken woman.
that speaks her heartfelt feelings on the underlying and often unseen by our people structure of this influence.
Decolonize Open Letter to AFN Shawn Atleo, Chiefs, Clan Mothers, Elders, Clans and all Nations - YouTube

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Old 01-09-2014, 11:29 AM
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Feels weird that I never knew about this. I guess it shows just how passively I ever kept up with news.

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