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Default Running.

Ok so I've finally decided to do something I've tossed around for awhile. It's a crossover, so sorry if you don't like that sort of thing. It's a Mirror's Edge crossover.

Faith rolled as she hit the ground, recovering immediately as she always did. It was her last delivery of a particularly busy day, and she was ready for a break. The sun was starting to set and she had no intention of running in the dark. The city lights might keep the ground lit, but it did not reach 40 stories up.

“You almost there kiddo?” said a familiar voice over the comm.

“Yah, I can see it Merc,” panted Faith.

“Alright, see you back at base Faith,” said Merc, turning off the comm.

This was not an area Faith went to often, but her area of work had been expanding increasingly as information became more heavily monitored. It made it easier to find work, but that meant working more too. This mattered little to her though, the rooftops were her playground and she thoroughly enjoyed running. The rest of the world was just background noise as far as she was concerned.

She reached the building and stepped inside through a service door near a couple of air conditioners. The hallway was empty apart from some maintenance equipment, another door, and an elevator with a sign that read “out of order.”

“Damn it,” hissed Faith to herself.

The other door opened easily, it was meant to keep people out of the maintenance room, not the other way around. The room numbers and style of the hall indicated that this was an apartment building. Faith could hear a few voices coming from where the hall took a 90 degree turn, but they sounded pedestrian.

“Just keep it cool,” thought Faith to herself, “No one is going to notice you as long as your remain calm.

She stepped out and looked for an elevator. A sign at the end of the hall pointed to one, and she followed it. She passed by two residents on their way to their room, but they payed little attention to her, or so she thought. Reaching the elevator she looked hopefully for a roof button and, to her delight, found one. The doors slid shut and the elevator quietly moved up.

As she waited she glanced idly at the news screen mounted in the elevator. It had one story on it, as did everything right now.

“RDA Preparing to Launch Another Shuttle to Pandora

The Research Development Authority is in the final stages of preparing another trip to Pandora...”

Faith continued to glance through the article with mild interest, then something caught her eye.

“Pirandello Kruger, the second largest security firm, was purchased by the RDA two weeks ago to the concern of many. Rumors have spread about a possible conflict on Pandora, however officials have assured that unobtainium production has been increasing steadily over the past 6 months, and that this will have no affect on the civil police force, which contracts Pirandello Kruger.”

Faith was about to start the next paragraph when the door opened, the sounds of the city and the warm bay air flooded in. She took of the bag and took out a heavy duty envelope. Walking round the exterior of the elevator, she found a good place to put it. Hidden away, but noticeable enough for someone looking for it to find.

“Merc, I’m finished, I’ll be back in an in hour.”

The comm unit came on, “Good work Faith. Don’t stay out to late, we’ve got just as much to deliver tomorrow.”

“You know we really should find some more runners...” started Faith, but was interrupted by a voice behind her.

“Faith?” asked the voice.

Faith turned around sharply to see her sister Kate. Kate had originally been part of the police force, but was forced to join Pirandello Kruger when the city decided to use contracted security instead.

“Kate? What are you doing here?” asked Faith.

“The same reason you’re here, the package is mine.”

“Why do you need me to run information?” asked Faith. She added a bitter tone to her voice, “I thought PKs didn’t have to worry like the rest of us.”

“Faith,” started Kate, “I’m leaving...”

“Leaving what? PK?” asked Faith hopefully. A few imaginations of Kate joining her flitted through her head, she hadn’t wanted to grow apart from her sister but she had.

“No, I’m leaving Earth,” burst out Kate.

“What?” asked Kate, shocked by this last burst.

“Don’t you read the news? PK’s been bought up by the RDA. I’ve been drafted to the Pandora team. Somethings going wrong out there, they’re drafting a huge amount of us to go.”

The information took a minute to sink in on Faith, she hadn’t seen her sister in years but she the idea of her leaving for however long she was shocked Faith.

Faith took a deep breath and asked the question, “How long?”

Kate was reluctant to answer, “It’s a 4 year shift, but it takes 6 years to get between here and Pandora. They’ve got me in the experimental defense division, I’m part of the av...”

“16 years!” said Faith with some exasperation.

They were both 27 now, and some quick mental addition told Faith something she didn’t want to here.

“You’ll be 31 when you’d get back, and I’ll be 43...”

“Faith I know we aren’t the closest, but I’m really sorry it’s turned out this way.”

Faith turned to the side of the elevator and grabbed the envelope, tossing it to Kate.

“Here’s your ****, I’m gone,” said Faith angrily as she started to walk towards the edge of the roof.

“Put your hands behind your head and remain where you are standing!” shouted another voice.

Faith turned around slowly to see one of the residents she had seen earlier. He had a PK badge around his neck and a pistol in is hand. All the color in Kate’s face drained.

The man turned towards Kate, “You too!” he shouted, his gun trembling.

“It’s ok,” started Kate, “I’m with you.”

She started to reach for her badge, but the rookie cop thought she might be reaching for her gun and fired. Faith took this opportunity to charge toward the cop. He turned towards her and fired, but Faith dropped down and slid, kicking him in the groin. She grabbed his gun hand and the back of his head. Bringing her knee up and his head down with force, knocking him out.

Faith turned toward Kate and saw her lying on the ground bleeding. She ran toward her and knelt down by her side.

“Kate, hang in there. I’ll get you to a doctor.”

“No,” said Kate with her few remaining breaths, “You won’t.”

“Kate, don’t act like this,” said Faith, the worry growing in her voice. She looked at the bullet wound and saw Kate was right.

“Faith,” said Kate, now on her last breath, “Take this, don’t let them find it...”

Kate reached for the package, but her life left her at the moment and her hand fell limp.

Faith grabbed the package and tore it open angrily. Inside it was a small, yellow memory card with the name “Max Patel” written on it. She pocketed it and turned back to Kate.

She hit the small button on her comm and reached down to shut Kate’s eyes for the last time.

“Merc,” she said somberly, “Kate’s dead...”

This was followed by a large cracking noise as the butt of something metal and hard hit Faith in the back of her head.

Apparently the rookie had called for backup.
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Nice crossover Grif, I played through Mirrors Edge a while back, can just about remember the characters.
You gonna continue this?

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Lord Duke the Baron
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I'll try to.
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Faith woke up to the muffled sound of activity. She opened her eyes and rubbed the back of her head. She was in a prison cell. After a few seconds the memories of what had happened began to flood in. The people in the hall, running into Kate, what Kate was planning to do, the cop, the gunshot, Kate’s death, and... the memory card. She checked her pocket and at the same time put her hand to her ear to call Merc. The comm was not there, someone must have noticed it when they brought her in, but the memory card was.

Faith pulled it out and looked at it. “Max Patel,” she thought, “who are you?”

Suddenly it occurred to her that Kate had died and she felt emotion sweep over her, at first it was just tears. An unlimited amount of possibilities had just been taken away by the pull of a trigger.

Her mind raced: “I could have gotten her out. I could have taught her how to run. This didn’t have to be this way!”

Eventually she calmed down and began to think about her future.

“I’m caught, ok what can they convict me of? Assault on an officer? Every package I’ve delivered? Not all of them were illegal... A maximum of what? 20 years? 30?”

Her thoughts were interrupted by the door to the cell hallway being opened. A man in a suit and an officer came through. The suit seemed to be angry at the officer. His voice had the faintest bit of a British accent.

“And he just shot her! Do you realize how valuable she was!” yelled the suit.

The officer responded in his politest voice possible, “Yes sir he did, and once he recovers he will be dealt with. And yes I do realize how important Ms. Connors was.”

“Where is she?” asked the suit, his voice calming down.

“Third cell on the right.”

The two walked down and the officer unlocked the door. Faith looked up at them from where she sat. Her eyes were a still a little bloodshot, but mentally she had composed herself.

“Is there anything else I can do for you?” asked the officer.

“No, you’ve done quite enough,” snapped the suit.

The officer turned to leave, glanced back at Faith, then left.

“Ms. Connors, I do not know if you were aware of your sisters... role in our projects on Pandora. Forgive me, my name is Mr. Rider, you can call me Alex if you like. We at the RDA would like to express are most sincere condolences...” his voice suddenly lost the business like tone. Ironically he continued with: “I’m going to get straight to business with you Faith, you don’t want to hear that PR bull. I’ve got a way out of this cell.”

“Oh yah?” asked Faith sarcastically, “And what is that?”

“We need you take your sister’s place,” he said earnestly.

“Take my sister’s place at PK? You do realize what I do, don’t you?”

“I know what you are Faith, but that doesn’t matter at this stage. There are millions of dollars riding on you know,” then a little quieter, “among other things.”

“What makes you think I would give up my lovely little cell here?” she asked.

Alex was starting to lose control of the volume of his voice.

“This cell won’t seem so lovely after 20 years!” he yelled, “and that’s just for the assault.”

“So what is my other option?” asked Faith, finally standing up.

“Your sister was part of the avatar program. We spent months training her for this, and millions on getting her and her other self out there.”

“And you want me to take her place,” said Faith turning her back to Alex. “Fine, but on a few conditions.”

“I don’t think your in a spot to be making demands,” started Alex.

“Oh really? I would think that several million dollars would say differently.”

“I’m giving you your life back, what the hell else do you want!” shouted Alex.

“Relax, all I want is my clothes a couple sizes larger.”


Faith say patiently on her bed. She was in a room the RDA had provided her so that they could brief her on the basics of Pandora. Not that they could do much in the three days be for launch. She was told who she would be reporting to, where she would be staying, and an overview on her role there.

Faith thought back briefly over what she had been told. It had been her and some guy in a wheel chair at the briefing. Given her status she wasn’t allowed to socialize with him.

“You will be providing security for the researches in the Avatar program. You’ll be reporting to Dr. Grace Augustine...”

She hadn’t really listen to the rest. She was thinking about leaving Earth. Everyone she knew wouldn’t know what happened to her. The rest of the runners would be on an edge, they’d expect the capture of a runner to be a big event in the news. And when she did get back they might be in jail or worse. At the least they would have stopped running after 16 year.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Faith grunted for the visitor to come in. An electronic lock clicked and the door opened. It was the Englishmen from the police station.

“What was his name?” thought Faith, “Alex or something.”

He held a bag out to Faith, “Here is everything that you requested.”

Faith took the bag from him and emptied it onto her bed. A black tank top, white cargo pants, a pair gloves, and a pair of shoes.

“You wouldn’t believe what I had to go through to get these,” said Alex.

“What there’s no Na’vi clothing lines?” said Faith sarcastically.

“No, there are only winter clothes in the stores now.”

In addition to the clothes there was a small gun like object and a bottle of black ink.

“I’m going to need these back, along with any other personal belongings you’re taking with you.”

Faith took the memory card out of her pocket and slipped it underneath the sole of her shoe. It was the only thing she had from her sister, and she wasn’t going to lose it. To her surprise there was a small comm unit taped inside the shoe already. She grabbed it when Alex wasn’t looking and pocketed it quickly.

“You’re going to need to change into your cryo outfit, I’ll be back in few minutes to retrieve you and your belongings,” said Alex as he turned to leave.

The door slid shut and the sound of an electronic lock could be heard. Faith grabbed the comm and turned it on.

Warily, Faith hit the talk button and whispered, “Hello?”

A familiar voice came on, “Well it’s about time kiddo.”

Shocked, Faith responded with: “Merc how did you find me?”

“Don’t you mind that, just tell me what’s going on. I know you don’t wear size 20 shoes.”

“They killed Kate,” started Faith, faltering a little. Her voice sobered up, “and then they caught me.”

“Keep going, they might notice activity on this frequency.”

“They cut me a deal, I don’t go to jail if I work for them. On Pandora.”

“Where?” asked Merc incredulously.

“Pandora, apparently they need me to take Kate’s place. She got drafted into the Avatar program when the RDA bought PK.”

“**** Faith, how long are you going to be out there?” asked Merc, a noticeable worry in his voice.

“16 years.” A silence followed this last transmission. “Merc?”

Merc’s voice sounded like he was fighting back tears, “Yah, I’m here Faith. Listen just don’t get yourself killed while you’re out there.”

“Mercury...” started Faith but was stopped by the sound of knocking on the door interpreted her.

“Ready yet? The next shuttle doesn’t leave for another couple of months you know,” said Alex.

“Just give me a minute,” called Faith. She lowered her voice, “Merc, I’ve got to go. I’ll miss you guys.”

Faith took the comm off and slipped it in her pocket. It wouldn’t be any use to her, but she kept it anyway. Quickly she took of her clothes and stuffed everything she had into the bag.

She opened one of the few drawers in the room and took out the white cryo outfit. She pulled the top on as the door slid open. She did a 180 degree turn and faced Alex who tapped his watch to signal it was time to leave. Faith grabbed the bag and tossed it to him.

“Alright,” sighed Faith, “let’s go.”
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Hoo boy, a parkour master in a super-agile Avatar? This will be interesting. BTW, these guys have to be idiots to let a known rebel out in an Avatar. All for their precious investment. Um, I haven't played Mirror's Edge, so are Faith and Kate identical twins?
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Originally Posted by joeylovesgaia View Post
Hoo boy, a parkour master in a super-agile Avatar? This will be interesting. BTW, these guys have to be idiots to let a known rebel out in an Avatar. All for their precious investment. Um, I haven't played Mirror's Edge, so are Faith and Kate identical twins?
No, I don't actually think they were, but for the sake of the story I'm going to say they are. As for runners, technically they have no side on anything.
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Good story so far. I played the Mirrors Edge demo and loved it, been wanting to buy it but keep forgetting. I don't know if you intended this but the guy "Alex Rider". That was main character in Stormbreaker and its sequels. Good books.

Either way, it will be interesting to see how it turns out.
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Originally Posted by Fighter-of-Wars View Post
Good story so far. I played the Mirrors Edge demo and loved it, been wanting to buy it but keep forgetting. I don't know if you intended this but the guy "Alex Rider". That was main character in Stormbreaker and its sequels. Good books.

Either way, it will be interesting to see how it turns out.
I was wondering if anyone had read those books. Yes that is where I got the name and the accent, but he is not Stormbreaker Alex. I think the author is still planning another book. I'm "too old" to read them, but I still do out of nostalgia.
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Alright this is the 3rd chapter, I may get in the fourth before I leave for Australia for a month. Sorry for my painfully slow writing (also known as procrastination).

Faith woke with a start. Drops of water were floating above her. She took a deep breath in and exhaled slowly. The lights in the small tube she was strapped into were glowing faint a faint whitish blue. It reminded Faith of ice, which made sense seeing as she had been virtually frozen for the past six years. Everything was numb and she couldn’t move anything.

Slowly and with great trepidation the feeling in her legs and arms came back. They had had a rough six years with the myriad of fluids that had kept them at bay during the flight to Alpha Centauri. It started with the toes and fingertips coming online, the numbness fading to a slight tingling, which itself faded away completely.

Just as Faith finally finished pulling herself together, the tube made a small noise as it unsealed like that of a refrigerator. It sounded a little out of place in her mind. Weren’t these kind of things supposed to make a depressurizing noise or something? She was sure that if Hollywood had taught her anything, it was the importance of a good sounding seal break. This thought passed quickly as there were more important matters at hand like that of figuring out where the hell she was.

The bed that she was strapped on slid out, and a man dressed like a doctor floated up to her.

“Who are you?” asked Faith to the man dressed like a doctor.

The man dressed like a doctor answered with a thick Australian accent, “I’m a doctor, mate, got to make sure everything is okay with yah.”

“Where... where are we?” asked Faith, who had vague flashes of memory that told her she didn’t want to know.

“We’re on Pandora, well orbiting Pandora, well maybe 5 minutes from orbit.”

Faith’s conscious decided it had had enough and stepped out. The doctor, who was dressed like a doctor, noticed that and frowned.

“Who was this girl,” he thought, “and why is she falling back asleep after 6 years of it?”

He decided that he wasn’t going to stand for it and pushed a small red button on Faith’s bed which pumped in a small amount of peptic salve and adrenaline.

“That should take care of that,” he thought.

Faith’s conscious was in for a nasty shock. It was as if someone who had just finally laid down on the beach was dragged instantly back into their office. A few words flashed through Faith’s mind, “Pandora, Kate, Na’vi.” Her eyes opened as her memory settled back down. She glanced down and saw that the tubes in her arms had been removed, presumably by the doctor. All that was holding her in place was one strap, which Faith removed.

Floating, she found her locker. It took her a little bit of time since she had been looking for F. Connors instead of K. Connors. The lockers seemed to be more by group than any sort of alphabetical order, which is important because it caused her to stumble upon the man looking for the locker labeled T. Sully. She only spoke to him briefly and without real conversation before the Australian man dressed like a doctor told them to go to their respective changing rooms.

Faith grabbed her bag, and with a slight kick propelled herself to the women’s changing area. She had managed to keep her old clothes, although it took some effort to persuade those in charge to let her. She would be damned, however, to wear the military issue camo outfit. She had also managed to keep her yellow runner’s bag along with the standard issue bag she had been forced to use to carry her stuff. It wasn’t that she had brought a lot, it was just that it was more than something the size of a briefcase could carry.

She slipped off her surgical gown, replacing it with a black tank top and white cargo pants. Digging through her bag, she moved the military issued boots away to find her three red items. Two of these were shoes, and the other a glove.

“Just one glove?” she thought. “Oh well, it’s better than nothing.”

She put the glove and shoes on, trying and failing to not think about where the other glove had gotten to. She zipped up the bag, having to shuffle her much larger set of clothing to get it to close. Unfortunately for her she failed to notice the larger left glove float out of the bag and off to go annoy someone else on the ship. Incidentally that someone was the Australian man dressed like a doctor.

She glanced around and saw everyone was heading off in the direction marked “Port 2” and followed them.


On the Valkyrie shuttle Faith found her place next to a man who she thought looked like someone had spent more time inside than out, which happened to be true. His appearance was further emphasized by the marine sitting next to him who looked as if his sole purpose was to show that yes, in fact you can fit that much muscle in a single person.

After everyone locked themselves in for the trip the man looked at Faith, and an expression of confusion spread across his face.

“You think your’e going to get on to the base wearing that?” he asked.

Like everyone else, he was dressed in a selection of military and RDA clothing, and his question was brought up mainly because he hated that fact.

Faith turned her head to look at him, “Yah, what’s going to stop me?”

The man responded, “Just about everyone ranking above you that’s who. You know how tight a ship they run down there, and they’ll turn anyone around who steps out of line.”

“The man must have actually paid attention during the briefings back on Earth,” thought Faith.

“No I don’t think so, they’ve just paid god knows what to fly me out here and probably double that for my twin floating down in the hold,” said Faith.

“Oh my god, you must be Faith, Kate’s sister. I’m sorry I should have recognized you. Can’t say I actually saw much of her... I’m Norm by the way,” he said. “We trained together, not much since she was more on the security side. I’m guessing you are too.”

Norm finished the last sentence in a manner that wasn’t distinctly malevolent, but there was a hint of distaste in the way he spoke about it.

“I’m no mercenary,” said Faith, with feeling, “and neither was Kate. We were both victims of circumstance.”

Gradually the conversation lightened up a bit as the shuttle plunged on through the void and into the upper atmosphere.

“You know,” said Norm, “I couldn’t help but notice that there are two replacement avatar drivers. Have you met Jake Sully?”

“Yah, but only in passing.”

“What are the odds, two twins,” said Norm as he attempted to lean back but was shaken as they hit they touched down.

An officer started drilling them on their masks, and the last thing Faith could hear Norm say was to meet up in the bio lab. Faith locked her mask into place, and seconds later she could see the heat haze flood in as the bay door opened. Grabbing her gear she leapt up and made off toward the loading bay with everyone else. The officer who had drilled everyone about the masks saw her and her not so official outfit. He started to say something, but Faith cut him short with two fingers in the air and marched on.
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I haven't played Mirror's Edge, but I'm really enjoying this fanfiction. :3 Keep it up!
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Your latest chapter was great. I like where it's going. Patiently waits for the next one.

Side note: I bought Mirrors edge and started playing it. Really unique game that is fun to play. It will be interesting to see how a person with abilities like Faith will play into the world of Pandora. Perhaps carrying secret messages between Grace while she is at the hallelujah mountains and avatar drivers at Hells gate? Either way, it will be interesting.
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Thanks for all the love

So this may be the last chapter for a long time unless I get bored on the flight to LA (I would probably get two chapters if I could take my laptop all the way to Australia). If I don't get anything up by next Monday then there will be nothing until mid-August (or late July if that happens by some miracle).

Have a good summer (or winter) everyone!
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Lord Duke the Baron
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Point 4

The walk across the tarmac was both hot and humid, which were an annoying combination. The jungle may provide some shade, but at here there was nothing but the hard black surface looking up at you resolutely making sure that you remained uncomfortable.

Faith walked on, following the others to the cafeteria which was temporarily being used as a meeting hall. As she approached the door she was stopped by a man that Faith could only describe as Duke Nukem.

"Where do you think you're going, little missy?" said the man.

Faith chuckled quietly, "Do you honestly need to ask me?"

"Well, I can't imagine where with you dressed like that," responded the Duke Nukem impersonator in a slowish sort of drawl.

"Oh really? And who are you to care?"

"I'm head of the security on Pandora, and it's my job to keep you safe."

"Well, when I feel threatened I'll be sure not to tell you," answered Faith and let herself get swept on with the crowd.

The head of security wasn't used to this kind of behavior around him. Well, there was always Grace, but it always surprised him that she had the balls to stand up to him. Him of all people, who had taken so much care in making sure that his appearance gave the impression that he was not a man to be trifled with.

"Wouldn't it be just my luck," he thought, "if this chick ended up with Grace."

He couldn't bare to think about the hell that would be. She looked a little familiar though, a bit like that girl he had drafted in as "security" for the Avatar team. She had died or something hadn't she? It didn't matter, apparently a marine was taking the place of someone else, and he would be a fine substitute for whatever her name was.

He walked in and started his usual speech with his favorite line from the Wizard of Oz. Not many people got it, but he had been told the story as a kid and never forgotten it. For those who did get it, well good for them.

His speech continued on with: "You must follow the rules," glancing at Faith, who rolled her eyes, "Pandora rules."

"Well, look what we have hear," he thought as a man rolled in on a wheel chair, "affirmative action strikes again."

The man terminated this thought an instant later because of how awful it seemed to him. To say that he was a kind man would be like saying that penguins live in Florence. Both of these are not true, and if they were true, something would clearly be wrong with the universe. Nevertheless, a part of him had told him to stuff this thought so clearly he wasn't all bad was he. He wasn't sure.

The speech continued on and Faith began to tune it out. The concepts he was relaying were relatively simple and obvious behaviors, but still something must have happened for it to be necessary to spell it out in such detail or maybe perhaps nothing ever did because of it. Her eyes to drifted onto the chair confined marine. She had seen him before in her brief training the week before she left. Hadn't Norm said something about him being a replacement? Well, he must have been if he was stuck in Pandora 101 with her. Faith didn't know this of course, but the subtly irony of the universe had switched the two Avatar bodies' roles to a degree.

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And the second half of this chapter

Eventually the man who bore a striking resemblance to Duke Nukem finished his speech and everyone started to move to their respective areas. Faith stood up, looked around for Norm, failed to see him, dropped her bag by her room stopping to take out one small item just in case the time was right, and set off down a hall marked as the science department. It didn't actually say "Science Department" anywhere in the hall, but it was the only hall that the marines weren't walking in.

Eventually she came to a friendly looking lab technician who, when asked, escorted her to where she needed to be.

"We've just started unloading you're avatar Ms..."

"Connors, Faith Connors. Just call me Faith."

"Alright Faith," said the young lab technician enthusiastically, "let me show you the new you."

The two of them walked up to a large, clear blue tank which housed a single occupant. The occupant was tall, much taller than any human and blue. The look on Faith's face was of amazement and wonder. The lab technician let Faith take it in for awhile, then quietly excused herself, pointing Faith towards the link room for when she was ready to meet with Dr. Augustine.

Eventually she tore herself away from her other self and walked into the link room. When she walked in, the room was quiet but active. She walked into the center and tapped a man on the back the shoulder. He in turn spun around to address her. He was not fat but more on the heavy side. He wore glasses and a beard.

"I'm looking for a Dr. Augustine," said Faith, raising her voice at the end in a question like tone that many people had trouble with distinguishing.

"She's in a link right now, should be out in a few minutes," replied the man. "Are you by chance Faith?"

"Yes..." started Faith, preparing to continue on with more of an introduction.

"I'm Max, and... Hang on, do you know where the other two are?"

Faith shook her head.

"Right, well I need to find them before Grace gets out. Sorry about the brief introduction," yelled Max as he walked out of the room.

The name Max floated through Faith's head, but couldn't find a place to settle into. Obviously today had been a bit taxing on her, what with the whole new planet thing, but a small part of her brain was not at ease. The rest of her brain was also not at ease, but at least it had a chance of calming down at the end of the day.

A minute or two later the lab technician from earlier walked in, glanced at Faith, then at a security monitor. Her expression went to mild calm to abject fear. From the security feeds she could see the Avatar bunker and the several people about to lie down in it.

"Damn it, who has a cigarette?" blurted the lab technician, glancing round the room and at Faith.

"Don't look at me, I just got here," said Faith feeling a bit confused.

The lab technician ran down to the link pods as it opened. Out of it stepped one Doctor Grace Augustine moody and tired. Faith could tell it must be her because of the way the technician had freaked out.

"Where's my cigarette? Guys what's wrong with this picture?"

Faith glanced at a chair and just out of the corner of her eye could see what appeared to be a box inside a lab coat hanging on the back of it. The box did happen to be a cigarette carton, and next to it was a lighter. Grabbing both, Faith whipped round a tossed the carton towards Grace.

"Think fast Doc!"

Grace's hand reached out and caught it. Hoping over the railing Faith flicked the lighter open and held it up for Grace.

After she took a few drags Grace felt it necessary to ask, "And just who might you be sweetheart?"

"Kate's sister"

"And I'm guessing they just asked you to come here," said Grace a little unpleasantly.

"They didn't exactly ask, it was more like choosing between a rock and a hard place," responded Faith.

Grace looked Faith up and down, "you're not a merc (Faith cringed a little because of who the word reminded her of), you're not RDA, you have no history I could read up on. Why?"

"My profession had an unstable relationship with my sister's, let's just stay I stayed out of the books"

As she said this Norm, Max, and the wheelchair bound Jake walked and rolled into the room. This caused Grace to cut the conversation a bit short. Max had a bit of banter with Grace, which was followed by a conversation with Norm in Na'vi, and then turned to the abuse of Jake. After Grace had built up a sufficient rage she stalked out of the room to bring that anger to Selfridge. Max told us to be here tomorrow morning, and to Jake to use big words.

Turning towards Faith he asked, "So how did you're introduction go before we came?"

"Better than his, but it got cut short. If she picks it up again I could give Jake here a run for his money," responded Faith dryly.

Max was called away to help with moving the avatars out, and Norm followed to help leaving Faith and Jake alone. Faith turned to Jake to finally introduce herself to him.

"Faith Connors," said Faith Connors.

"Jake Sully," said Jake, holding his hand out. "Didn't we train together?"

Faith, unlike Grace, did the polite thing and shook his hand and said, "Yes we did, sorry if I wasn't all there. I had a lot on my mind then," she kicked her foot dejectedly on the ground and murmured "still do."

"I know what you mean," said Jake sympathetically. He had been through the same thing at the same time.

An awkward silence attempted to take hold of the conversation, but Norm and Max reemerged from the airlock.

"We've got them all set for tomorrow, just don't sleep in late if you want to take them out. We don't keep them in here, normally they're locked up in the shack. You can come see them if you want. It's probably the only time you'll see them up close without being them," said Max.

"You really should," said Norm, "it's a weird experience."

Jake respectfully declined on the grounds that it might spoil tomorrow and set off to the bunks with Norm. Faith on the other hand was interested in being up close with her other self, very interested if this was the only time she would.

Norm let her in and said, "Take your'e time Faith, I've got other things to do. You'll be alright by yourself won't you?"

"I can open an air lock Max, but thanks for the interest. Really, it's nice to see a smiling face for once."

He left and Faith went up to the window to make sure that no one else was in the room. To her delight no one was, and she slipped out the small device she had managed to get just before she left. The device was vaguely gun shaped, but hand a pointy needle thin tip and a small glass reservoir filled with black ink. Faith found an antiseptic wipe in the expanse of medical supplies in the room.

Wiping around her avatar's eye she thought, "This is going to hurt me more than it hurts me."
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So I'm back from Australia! This means I can actually work on the story this week before I leave for another two weeks. I hope to post some more before I leave, but I doubt I will have much more time to write. Anyway enjoy! Oh and Hitchhiker's fans, enjoy this little reference.


Point 5

Her eyes open in an instant, and she was instantly blinded.

"What the hell is that light," she thought miserably.

Then a shadow moved in front of her and her eyes slowly adjusted to the light of the room. What had happened was this, someone had open the shutters, flooding the room with morning sunlight that, when one is properly adjusted to it, danced like butterflies on a perfect day.

"Sorry," said the figure in response to the moan Faith let out involuntarily when confronted with the light. "My names Trudy, your roommate."

"I'm Faith," said Faith letting out a yawn. "Sorry, I'm not normally like this when I wake up..."

"Don't worry about, everyone feels the effects of 6 years in cryo," said Trudy adding: "You should get up and eat soon, this place runs on a tight schedule."

Meanwhile a scientist of no particular importance, at least not to the monitoring of the avatars walked through the avatar room to find some tea. His name was Arthur Dent, he was tall, English, and always seemed to sort of wander through life. The name was entirely coincidence, in fact his life seemed to be nothing but coincidences. Alpha Centauri was the first place away from Earth he had ever been, and he had flown there on the RDA ship called "Heart of Gold." Someone had once suggested to him that he go ahead and read the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy to see what was in store for him, but he had declined on the fact that he didn't like spoilers.

As Arthur walked by he glanced at the three avatar bodies and noticed something odd about one.

"Oi Frank!" he shouted.

"What Arthur?" responded Frank, another scientist.

"Take a look at this one over here," said Arthur, jerking his thumb back towards the glass separating the avatars from the humans.

"We should get someone" said Frank decisively.

"You ready yet?" asked Trudy, turning around to look at Faith.


"What are you doing?" asked Trudy incredulously.

Faith realized that what she was doing might look a little odd. When she ran she always tied her pant legs down with a thin black rope.

"Sorry old habit," mumbled Faith quietly.

"I don't need to know, anyway I'll show you to the cafeteria, but I need to run diagnostics on my bird."

A few images of helicopters chasing her over rooftops flashed through Faith's mind.

"Thanks Trudy."

Faith had somehow ended up with a glass of orange juice and ham and cheese croissant for breakfast. This wasn't exactly the expected breakfast for someone out so far from Earth, but she decided just to go with it. She was reassured by one of the kitchen staff that the new chef was quite good and had been specially flown in for one Mr. Selfridge. Apparently on the same flight Faith was on. Obviously he had faired better than Faith this morning.

"He's quite a looker too," continued the girl from the kitchen (to the second hand embarrassment of Faith). She added, "you should check him out, might be your type of guy."

"Oh god," thought Faith as she put her palm to her face.

She looked up to see Max and Grace looking at her inquisitively as the walked over.

"Faith," said Max, "when you got your tattoos... was there anything special in the procedure?"

"No, why?"

"Let's just show her," said Grace turning toward the science section.

The three walked swiftly through the corridors and ended up at her avatar. Faith stared in silent awe. The tattoos were still there from last night, just different.

"I only asked because of this," said Max, his voice matching Faith's silence in terms of wonder.

What was different was this, where there had been a black circuit diagram and arrows was now the same design, only glowing a bright bluish white.

"The thing that doesn't make any since is of course that unless someone has now worked out how to genetically encode a tattoo like design into someones DNA this is impossible. Also your sister would have to have had the same design, which according to her picture she didn't," finished Max.

"Care to elaborate?" asked Grace in a manor that wasn't exactly mean or evil, but definitely wasn't on the nice end on the scale of tones.

"So I'm the first," said Faith.

"First that I've seen mate," called Frank from across the room.

Grace gave Frank a look that would make a Siberian tiger shiver.

"It seemed like a good idea at the time," said Faith.

Grace walked up to Faith, "You got lucky this time kiddo."

Flashes of Merc went through her mind.

Grace headed towards the exit then turned, "But the next time you want to inject the multi-million dollar other self of yours with something, run it by me first."
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