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Old 03-16-2010, 01:39 PM
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Default The Mysterious Story of: James Holmes.

The Mysterious Story of: James holmes

For those of you who know, this is a story made popular HERE and I'll try to continue it here as well. The above link is to (what I think is) the acount. The problem is, is stupid and I can't give you a direct link. This story IS in fact on there, but I can't help anything else out.

Along with the do***ent above are my two CFFP submissions, otherwise you can find those HERE.

So.... I'll UPDATE the story here, but please go to one of the two locations posted to read what has happened so far. I'm sorry for the inconvinience. I hope you enjoy it!

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Old 03-18-2010, 11:20 AM
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welcome Comedian i hope to c moar holmes soon.
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Old 03-18-2010, 04:27 PM
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You better update it soon! :p
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Old 03-29-2010, 06:31 PM
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I AM writing the next part now. It WILL be out... I just hope it's soon. I hope this helps. . The update will be posted both here and at Avatar Forums.
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Old 03-30-2010, 12:31 AM
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Originally Posted by comedianmasta
It WILL be out... I just hope it's soon.
so do i...
"Sky People do not See, they do not learn" - Neytiri

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Old 03-31-2010, 12:54 PM
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“So what do you think?” asked Holmes, sitting with his back against the window, hands behind his head.

“I think an alliance with the native population would greatly increase our chances of survival,” answered the Computer, “And I think we have little choice… especially after our close call the other day.”

“Uh-huh,” said Holmes, thinking it over, “You think it’s a trap? The whole… watch you whenever we want and invite you to our home, thing?”

“I think there is little logical reason for the Na’Vi species to trust the human species,” answered the Computer, “But I am not one to co0mplain, since odds are their trust would be quite helpful.”

“Uh-huh,” answered Holmes, again, thinking to himself, “So… I head to this village, say ‘hi’ take a chance. Come back with knowledge of everything else.”

“It’s a possibility you cannot afford to leave out,” answered the Computer.

“Yes, I can,” answered Holmes, standing up, “And don’t you forget it.”

Holmes turned around to look out the window, and jumped back violently into another computer chair. A Na’Vi in the window crouched and jumped, disappearing onto the roof. Holmes grasped his heart, and his eyes furrowed.

“Oh… this is getting old fast,” said Holmes, standing one more and still clutching his chest, “Damn… blue… bastards!”

Nate shook his head more violently, and headed towards his room. When he reached his room, he logged onto the computer, and prepared to make another video log entry.

“I met with them today,” he started out, stroking the stubble on his chin, “They appear to be… searching for something. Some answer within me, some form of logic. The fact is, there is no form of logic within me. I’m afraid years of isolation have begun to take its toll. How I’ve stayed this well together for so long is beyond me… but… I don’t know. I’m wondering if I should stay alone… or whether or not I should take their offer, risk death to allow some blue freaks into my life.”

Holmes leaned back in his seat and let out a sigh.

“Whether or not I accept their offer, these people are now apart of my life. My choices are to adapt, or hold on and most likely die. So… resistance is futile.”

Holmes nodded his head once more, then he leaned forward, preparing to terminate the recording. He stopped and thought for a little bit, then shook his head.

“In short… I have decided it would be beneficial to go to the village. I’ll start some combat training and prepare for it in the morning. Hopefully it won’t be tomorrow when they want me to visit but… I’m ready anytime. Let’s see how this goes.”

He terminated the connection, and nodded. He stayed up a little longer before heading off to bed. He lay in his bed for some time, staring into the roof.

“Did you see the way… they were so… surprised? As if one man wanting nothing but to be alone was such a… bad thing,” said Holmes, finally.

“Logic, and modern psychology, agree,” said the Computer, answering his monologue, “Isolation does strange things to the human psych. I am… confident that if I were to do a full psych scan, I would be surprised to find you in relatively good mental health for the amount of time you’ve been out here.”

“But… I really haven’t been alone,” said Holmes, rolling over in his bed, “I mean, I’ve had you.”

“Lieutenant,” started the Computer, “I am not real people. I am a computer program, and I am not stupid. I am a mistake, a ghost in the program of an RDA Phantom-Class Skeleton Key. Further perfected by you, I have a simulated personality and the illusion of choice or actual thought. Even then, I can accomplish no more then reason, logic, facts, and programming. I cannot truly chose, I cannot truly feel.”

Holmes nodded slowly to himself, allowing the realization to sink in. The Computer was right… that’s all he was… the Computer… he didn’t even have a proper name.

And so, with these thoughts and the realization that he was a freak of nature, Holmes went to bed with the knowledge we was the first person, ever, to truly chose to be alone… for ever… away from everything they have ever known. It was against there very genes of humanity, but he had accomplished it. And the next morning, he would take a frightening step forward in his life.

Ok, sorry for the lateness. Now things should be easier. Character development will come in TIME!
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