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Old 07-17-2010, 05:21 PM
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Default Insurrection. (Short Story)

"When did it happen?!"
"Early morning sir"

Bullets could be heard crushing against the steel walls and making holes on the glasses of the control tower.

"Sh*t! Exopacks, everyone!"

The real thing was that it was too late for Selfridge to do nothing. He had the occasion three days ago, he could have stopped looking for millions under their sacred trees and move his equipment to another place, to another less rich mine; but no.

Time showed him in the end his plans were ridiculously ambitious.

"How many SecOps do we have left in the base?"

He was nervous, his hands shaking, his legs about to fail him. Yelling because it was the only way to demonstrate he still had some authority.

"Just 50, most of them at the watchtowers; the rest are with Quaritch."
"We are f*cked!"

Hometree, he thought. He have seen how that big ass tree fell in flames to the ground, how the people inside run like c*ckroaches to the forest, how some of them were smashed against the ground by the trunk, how some agonized lying on the ground. It was just good business.

"Just good business" he repeated

Suddenly, a man cut in his right arm and bleeding appeared, exhausted, barely breathing. One of the lethal arrows had almost hit him, though unfortunately his time was about to be over; feeling the poison going straight to his heart, he ran to where the manager was.

"Selfridge! I..."

But barely could he pronounce other word when he felt his legs paralyzed and fell to the ground; he was still alive, but not for long.

"What's going on here!? WHAT?!" the executive yelled, desperated
"Selfridge, Patel has brought his boys to the beds. Some are attacking us from the *cough* outside, others brought Na'vis to the complex. They trashed our syss--"

Private Blacksmith couldn't articulate any other word.

"Our what?!"

And his eyes turned cold. The young soldier stopped breathing.

"Sir, no camera is responding. Our communication with the operations running has been aborted." Turning her shaved head to the man whose was about to explode, taking off her microphone; she added slowly "This is an insurrection sir"

Selfridge had no words, his mind flew away from Hell's Gate and his blood had run from his face. He stayed unmoving, quiet, terrified; staring at how the three persons remaining in the room were leaving their places.

Patel, on his side, was making sure nobody got into the link room; so far, the two SecOps who tried to get into the place were laying on the ground with a bullet each, in their legs.

"Don't dare to move or the next will go to your head"

How unnatural of him, a quite pacific person.

He decided it was time to take the plan to the next phase; closing the door and changing the key number, he walked quickly through the corridors and got to the 054 section: vehicles.

Jumpering a small woodcutter, he went out of the place breathing deeply the air his mask could provide him. He found no opposition.

"Time to taste your own medicine, RDA"

And driving the car directly to the control tower, Selfridge stayed still on his place, watching how the blades were getting near and cut out all the cables and air pipes of the base.

Once he reacted and decided to run out of the place, he got the exact amount of time to escape before Patel could reach the gas pipes, producing an explosion that turned the base unusable. The scientist survived to it thanks to the thick protection glass the vehicle had.

It was only a matter of time Norm, Jake and Trudy defeated Quaritch at the Stone Arches; but Patel fulfilled his part of the deal.


No fanfic. That's too long for me.
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Old 07-18-2010, 02:02 AM
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Old 07-18-2010, 10:12 AM
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that was good...
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Old 07-18-2010, 10:40 PM
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That was good. Taking a specific scenario and writing about it. Nice and short. It is still fanfic in my opinion, but just a short one.
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