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Default Kxani Yawne - Alternate Ending

Kxani Yawne
(Alternate Ending)

Author’s Notes: This chapter is not canon in any way to other parts of Kxani Yawne, but makes for more of a 'happy' ending. This is my last ever piece of avatar fanfiction involving La’Ki and Yawne. (Pronounced ‘Lah-Key’, and ‘Yawn’ for those who asked.) I hope this chapter makes up for the other ending!

La’Ki let out a deep sigh, as she stared at the sight of her mate before her. Yawne was lying on the floor the rain drizzling down her body, gently washing away the mud and muck which had since found it’s way onto her body. As the rain thundered, hitting everything in it’s path, Yawne began to hiccup softly, her petite blue body quivering with the unusual cold. She was still unconscious, which La’Ki supposed was for the best, at least for now. What she was about to do was so dangerous it had only been attempted once before in all of Pandora’s history, or so Ku’yah and her mate had said. It was a dangerous task, the chance of surviving wasn’t great... but it was La’Ki’s only hope to bring back Yawne’s memory…Their only chance to be together….

Ku’yah’s mate had explained the process in vivid detail to La’Ki, and tried to give her an idea on what exactly she had to do. Even after the talk, she was still unsure of what exactly she had to do, and no matter how much she thought about the process, she couldn’t understand the process at all. Ku’yah had explained after the talk that her mind would take care of everything, and that Eywa would guide her through the process, if she and Yawne really were meant to be together.

La’Ki proceeded through towards Yawne, whose breathing was becoming more and more desperate with each passing second. Each footstep La’Ki took spluttered water over her legs, causing her to shiver with every step, until she finally managed to stand right next to where Yawne lay. La’Ki let out a deep sob as she took in Yawne’s form and saw the crimson liquid, flowing gently from the wound on Yawne’s head. It dripped from the side of her pale blue head, and fluttered down her face before falling into the cold water below, mixing together to create a disturbing pink solution.

La’Ki slowly dropped to her knees, kneeling next to hr beloved Yawne. La’Ki gently pressed her palm over Yawne’s head, stroking away the stray blood on her face. She then reached down and kissed Yawne’s head gently, almost as a reassurance to herself that it would maybe make the pain a little bit more bearable for the unconscious na’vi. However, it had the opposite effect; Yawne let out a gasp, and then a small howl of pain, her body quivering from the touch. La’Ki let out a sob of her own and cupped Yawne’s face, before bending down and kissing her passionately on the lips. As she slipped her tongue inside Yawne’s mouth, she desperately wanted Yawne to respond, but was met with a lifeless kiss, no movement at all came from Yawne, except for a gasp and another howl.

La’Ki let a tear of her own trickle down her face, and dripped into the water, joining the mix of water and blood. She continued to sob as she reached behind her neck and gently swung her queue round, so she could now see it. She gently felt her queue, and was terrified now. However, she knew she had to do this. She grabbed hold of Yawne’s queue, and then, she reached down and kissed Yawne once again, and gently pushed the two queues together. As the two of them connected, La’Ki like time itself had stopped. And sure enough, La’Ki was sure she felt Yawne kiss her back. But by that time, she would have believed anything. Her body felt like it had died and she had gone somewhere else, somewhere entirely incomprehensible, something no one could ever explain, no matter how much they tried.

As La’Ki came to her senses, she realized that she was no longer in the rain, or even anywhere that looked remotely like Pandora. Her surroundings consisted of pure mist. Ahead of her she saw…Yawne! It was Yawne! La’Ki set off into a jog, her body burning, urging her legs to hurry up. Eventually, after what felt like hours, but was probably only a few seconds. La’Ki reached Yawne, and grabbed her gently from behind, causing a gasp from Yawne. Yawne didn’t dare turn her head to see who had grabbed her, she already knew, but didn’t want to dare imagine it was actually La’Ki. Her mind had spent days tormenting her with memories of La’Ki. She had seen everything her body had seen, and yet she’d been unable to do anything, only watch in vain as her body gave in to what it thought was the best option to her feelings. Yawne eventually turned and finally saw her beloved La’Ki, there, just as beautiful as she remembered… However now tears were staining her cheeks, as happiness flooded her veins.

“It’s… It’s really you?” Yawne managed to stutter out gently, her mind now finally accepting that La’Ki really was actually here.
La’Ki didn’t reply, but instead wrapped her arms around Yawne’s neck and pulled her into a real kiss; one which both responded to, they tongue’s entwining gently massaging each other, connecting them as one. Yawne let out a sob of happiness, and deepened the kiss, holding onto La’Ki, so tight that anyone would have thought she was afraid to let go, when in reality she really was. She was afraid, if she let go would it all have been her mind playing tricks on her? Or was La’Ki really here? Was she really here to save her from this hell?
As La’Ki pulled away from the kiss, she noticed Yawne’s tears and gently brushed them away with her fingers.
As she did so everything began to fade, but La’Ki didn’t care, Yawne was here with her, and together they’d stay that way through anything.

Yawne gently began to stir, her body aching like she was on fire, her head burning like the heat of a thousand suns. She let out a disturbing moan, and then fell backwards and off the hammock, which she must have been laid on.
“Owwwww!” moaned Yawne, who was just coming to her senses. It was now that she realised… She was back on Pandora!
She gently stood up, her long slender blue legs only just supporting her, it was as if she had forgotten how to stand, wobbling everywhere in her vain attempt to find La’Ki. Yawne stopped as she reached the wooden door, before realizing exactly where she was. She knew this place… it was Dr Jude’s healing facilities, or more simply put, her room that was preserved for na’vi with need of help that wanted it. Yawne paused at the door for a second before voices became audible.

“It didn’t work! She’s never going to wake up!” cried a voice from the other side of the door. The voice obviously belonged to La’Ki, who was crying loudly, her sobs breaking Yawne’s heart.
“You can’t give up hope La’Ki, you have to—“
Yawne walked straight through the door, and found herself face to face with her mate. Without uttering a word, Yawne swept La’Ki into her arms, without once stumbling or wobbling, her sense of direction and movement coming back. And with that Yawne kissed La’Ki, and hugged her close. Backing from the kiss, La’Ki smiled, and rubbed Yawne’s cheek, which was still dirty from the mud and rainwater.
“I guess our love was strong enough after all.”

Final Edit: 23:23
Date: 28/08/2010
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Thank you.
That was how I wanted it to end. Much bettah.

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I must admit, I do like a happy ending
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