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Default Pandora Reactions (daemon!AU, ensemble)

TITLE: Pandora Reactions
FANDOM: Avatar
CHARACTERS: Parker Selfridge, Miles Quaritch, Trudy Chacon, Max Patel, Grace Augustine, Lyle Wainfleet, Norm Spellman, Jake Sully, Tom Sully, Neytiri OCs
WORDS: 6057
SUMMARY: If the humans had their souls outside their bodies as dæmons, how would they react to news of Pandora and the dæmonless Na'vi? Ensemble, dæmon AU.
A/N: Many, many thanks to my lovely betas for reading over this and correcting my mistakes <3 <3

For a quick primer on what daemons are, go here (there is a more in-depth article here at wikipedia).

'Kelpies' are formally known as Australian Kelpies, and are a breed of cattle dog.

Pandora Reactions @ DW :: AO3 :: FFn


"-oh, a Pandora thing," Gene said dismissively, lying down next to his younger sister.

"Hey, Pandora is cool," Trudy protested.

"It's boring. Blah, blah, blah, trees, blah, blah, blah, aliens don't have dæmons, blah, blah-"

"They do too have dæmons!"

"Then how come we ain't seen 'em?"

"'Cause they're invisible, dummy."

Gene poked her. "Then how do you know they are there?" In retaliation for the poke, Dexter rolled over and tried to shove Ianthe off him. She yelped and the two dæmons started to scuffle, shifting from form to form.

"The Pandorans are people," Trudy said, ignoring the daemons and not ignoring them, too. It was play and it was a fight for dominance, but her and Gene weren't fighting, so she pretended that it wasn't happening. "They have language and clothes and weapons, so they are people. All people have souls, otherwise they wouldn't be people. So, obviously, the Pandoran souls are just invisible."

"So why's everyone arguin'?"

"Because they are academics," Trudy said with all the scorn that only the child of an academic could muster.
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