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Old 04-30-2012, 08:58 PM
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Default Ateyo te syaksyuk: Tsulfatu

I tried to post oeya vur last month, but I GOTS TOO MANY LETTERS TO FIT HERE.
So here is the link:

I am treating it like a serial novel, so I type a new episode every day or so.
I 'm up to 185 chapters, and the story is demanding to be published each day!


Ateyo's life parallels mine in most respects.
Including the gender issues.
The romance between the Samoan pilot mimics the love shared by oey yawnetu s oe. (my beloved and I) She too is two-spirit, yet served as an Army Helicopter pilot for 20 years, and she lived among the Samoans for two years and was accepted into their family structure. (Which is very tribal, very Na'vi)
My experience with volunteering at the local library revealed that children are drawn to me and enjoy
the craft making sessions I taught. Niri Te (Tai) and I live in a loose knit rural community where we have gained popularity with some for our cook outs and target shooting competitions.
The GiveAway is a long tradition among Native Americans. It is a tradition, where bonds are made between clans and individuals. It is usually accompanied by spontaneous drumming and singing,
hooting and hollering, and lasts for hours. It sometimes conducted like a "roast" with gifts reflecting someone's accomplishments or an embarrassing event. This is where my story begins, it is set 8 years after the attack on the Well of Souls.

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