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Default failed negotiations

Hi this is a quick thing that I've had in my head for a while that I finally got to writing down. I'll probably expand it into something more complete but I wanted to see what people thought of it.

Martin looked pained as he read out the statement. “Due to your attacks on our personnel we here by demand that you sign the proposed treaty and supporting documents and withdraw you peoples to beyond 20km of our base. If you do not we will take the necessary measures to protect ourselves. Failure to sign within 12 hours will be treated as rejection. Any attacks within this time will be treated as rejection” Martin folded the ultimatum back into his pocket.
“Is that you final offer?” asked Jake.
“That is what my orders allow me to say. Please Sully sign the treaty” said Martin.
“I can’t get the clans to honour it. They don’t think its enough.” Sully pointed out.
“I know, but that’s the best I can get from Earth at present. I’m sure we can fix the issue. But if you don’t sign now you’ll … we’ll never get another chance.”
“They want war” declared Neytiri. “They want revenge for what you did.”
“That was over ten years ago. If you don’t stop now it will never end.”

Jake looked at Neytiri, Norm and the others. He knew the clans were ready to fight. He’d been the one to get them up into this frenzy. Perhaps he could talk them down again. “Fine. We’ll sign the treaty and put it to the clans.” Martin almost appeared to deflate in relief. “I can’t promise they’ll all accept it but I’m sure enough will to prevent the attack …”
“Riders!” shouted one of Martin’s guards pulling Martin away from the group. Jake looked to see a group of Na’vi riders galloping across the ruins of the base straight towards them. “Back to the craft!” ordered the guard realising the danger.

“Stop!” Jake shouted, moving to block the riders but it was already too late. Martin and his escort was already fleeing to their craft. One of them turned and fired a warning shot above the approaching riders. One of them readied an arrow and the solider spun as an arrow shattered his chest. A machine gun opened up on the Sampson and the lead rider was killed. As the engines roared to life Martin tripped and fell prone. Without bothering to rescue him the surviving guards jumped into the Sampson as it took off and shot away from them.

“What are you doing?!” Jake screamed at the warriors who had faltered leaderless while Norm ran to Martin.
“You called us here” said one dismounting. “That the skypeople had returned and to meet at their base.”
“Not this one you skxawng the new one.”
“What new one?” replied the warrior.
“Never mind. But you don’t know what you’ve done!” Jake said in frustration. This was a disaster Jake knew but if he could get Martin back to the base quickly enough they might be able to stop this from getting any worse.
“Jake! There is something wrong with Martin” Norm said.

Jake ran over to Norm where Martin lay. He was coughing and breathing heavily. “What wrong?” Jake asked.
“I don’t know. It like he’s breathing the atmosphere but his exo-pack is working” answered Norm.
“Bypass” coughed Martin tapping several open flaps on the pack. “Insurance device… signal from the chopper, out of range.”
“Hold on, we can get a replacement” said Jake signalling to Norm to get a pack while he held Martin.
“Forget it… locked in” said Martin tapping his mask, Sully looked and saw a locking mechanism keeping the mask on. “You’ve got to listen to me ...Sully. It too late. They’ve got orders. No retreat … no surrender.” He grabbed at Sully chest the pain visible now.
“There are people back home that wanted this. That want this … to go … until they…” Whatever Martin said died in his throat as he slipped into unconsciousness. Jake knew Norm could never get that mask quick enough before he died. He looked up at Neytiri.
“What are we going to do?” he asked.

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