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Default [Story] - The Room

The room had never been darker, its shadows had never been larger and the book on the table had never looked scarier. Nobody, as it was called, stared at both from a corner with fear.

Why would they just look like that? Why did he felt so afraid about it? Both questions remained, the same as the shivers which ran all over Nobody's back. It felt completely alone in that room, the old light that used to illuminate it disappeared, just like the few courage and strength Nobody had.

It had waited for the things to change, to the light to come back. It shouted several times out loud expecting anyone to hear his cries, but no one replied. The room in which it had been confined and where it believed to be safe forever turned out to be an obscure well.

"So now what?"

It finally stood up with its weak legs and felt the cold breeze penetrating its ribcage; what made it shake fiercely. However, it tried to stand up as long as he could. That wasn't comfortable or nice for it, but it knew that it was the only way to get out of the room. If not, Nobody would die frozen.

A step. The weakling moved its right leg forward and felt all the weight of its body on it. The soft breeze became stronger, as the book on the table opened slightly. Nobody felt its soul absent at that moment, like if it had left it just not to see what would happen next.

Another step. The gelid wind blew again and the book showed its first sentences, "Ad astra per aspera". Nobody began to doubt if it could ever reach the table at time, there was just one chance to do it. The left leg reached the floor and supported for a moment its body.

On the third step, shadows took form and pointed it out. Nobody could hear the laughter and the nonsense again. They were the outsiders, the ones who it had left apart behind the walls of the room and now came to remind it what it was. Nobody's heart felt hound and contracted itself like a ball of paper. Now it could barely breath.

Step. It was almost there. The book showed a different page now, "Ad augusta per angusta". The voices turned louder, now yelling in unison "Guilty!". Their black fingers were a few inches away from its sad face. And the gale kept blowing, making every single part of Nobody's body shiver. The few warmness he kept within its torn clothes faded away with it.

Last step. The hands of the dark figures now showed stones on their palms, and began to raise them with a malicious smile. Nobody fainted over the table, and felt the pain on its cold back. It looked ghastly, cadaverous; and tried to reach the book, which looked further and further every second that passed.

It finally raised its arm, and touched a page where it was written "Veritas super omnia".

Nobody felt for the last time a warm light beam.

The shadows disappeared.

So did Nobody.
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