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Default Dangerous World - A Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Avatar Crossover

I am making plans to write this crossover. It is an AU set three years after Avatar and three months after "Green With Evil." It shows Rita's minions kidnapping four Na'vi children, which results in Zordon sending the Power Rangers there to help them protect the others. The events of Avatar occurred in 1990 because this crossover is set in the Power Rangers universe. Earth is aware of alien life existing on other worlds. Its technology is also a bit more advanced. Humans have gone to other worlds to explore them, but Pandora was the first to be settled by them. Unlike in the film, the trip to Pandora lasted only a month. Zordon and Rita have a past with the Na'vi that goes back ten thousand years. She invaded Pandora with the intent of conquering it and enslaving the Na'vi, but he and his army formed an alliance with the Na'vi and drove her and her warriors away. Jake and company have no idea about the Power Rangers, but they do know about Zordon's alliance with the Na'vi and their struggle to drive Rita off Pandora. I'd love to hear what you think of this idea.

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