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Default Avatar Fanfiction: "The Verdant Stanger". Chapters 1 -5

Here is the first five chapters to an Avatar story I am writing. It takes place about 1 year after the end of the movie, and is a crossover. I changed the title to "verdant stranger" because I like the word "Verdant" more than the word "Emerald".

Due to the length of this post, I will have to hextuple-post to get it all onto here in one piece, so bear with me.

I also posted the prologue in another thread for those who are interested (The Emerald Stranger: Prologue (WIP)), but I will also be including it in this post.

I have not changed any of the characters that were in the movie, but I have added a crossover character that is a part of an original project that I have been slowly developing for quite some time. That is the only element that is a crossover.

I will be keeping new main characters to a minimum for the sake of purity. There will be one new RDA character and one or two new Na'vi characters aside from my crossover character, and beyond that I do not know.

Anyway, here goes:

__________________________________________________ _________

The Verdant Stranger
An Avatar Crossover





In a massive computer room full of wires and servers, a human sits at a desk, going over spreadsheets of data on a huge computer screen

“Hmmm….that’s all of them. Computer, when is the RDA counterattack scheduled to occur?”


“About twenty days……July twelfth……Can you give me fleet details or weaponry analysis?


“Well, hack ‘em if you’ve got to!”


“Heh heh heh…I knew that old man’s data would come in handy somewhere.”

1x “LEVIATH---->>

“Godammit…….get outta there!”


“Agh! Damn, they’re getting smarter. That’s the third time today…Computer, what is the status of the files that were downloaded? How much of them did we get?”


“Hmmm….see if you can clean them up well enough for me to read them later. I’m going to get ready to go”


“Also, keep those Ikran away while I’m gone too, will ya? I don’t like stepping in lizard crap every time I go outside.”


On a giant floating fortress amidst the clouds, a young man steps out of a mechanized hangar door and steps out onto a runway.

“Nice day for flying…”

“Armor mode on…”

As he speaks his command, he pushes a button on a small device on his wrist. As if out of nowhere, plates of emerald green metal teleport in and cover his body. A helmet forms around his head, with a crest extending back from the crown. Breathing units appeared and affixed themselves to his face, with crest-like exhaust tubes extending back behind his head. Beetle-like wings appear on his back, and his arms and legs become encased in thick armor plating. A horn appears from his helmet and extends out, and tiny jet engines extend from ports around his knees, ankles, and shoulders. His eyes, now covered by shields of bulletproof glass, take on an Azure hue, with piercing vertical pupils peering out of triangular sockets. He now towers at over ten feet tall, an imposing behemoth coated in seemingly impenetrable armor. He claps his metallic, jointed hands with an echoing clang and two transport ducts behind him open. Two small, pentagonal robotic units zoomed out of the ducts and attached to his forearms just behind his wrists, extending opaque blue blades that seemed to shimmer like holograms.
The onboard computer systems rattled out the start-up check in a tiny, digital voice audible only to him:


After a second or two, the emerald warrior slowly walked down the runway as his suit systems began to hum with activity, with puffs of exhaust coming from the crests on his head


The transformed human felt a familiar presence expanding his mind, and spoke mentally

“What’s up Raiden?”

As he felt his greeting go out, he heard another voice respond in his head:

“Oh, it’s you. Not much. When do we ‘getta fight again?”

“Heh, you must be getting bored in there. About twenty days.”


“Yeah. We’ve been assigned to this system because of this moon, and I don’t think the Na’vi can suppress a fleet as big as the one that they’re sending this time. I’ve waited long enough; it’s time we taught those greedy apes a lesson.”

“Sounds like my kind of party. How many ships?”

“About 100, plus terrestrial assault vehicles, AMPs, and infantry. I don’t have exact data yet because the computer keeps getting caught by security AI systems.”

The voice in his head chuckled wryly and said:

“You should let me have a go at it; my AI is much more advanced”

“Yeah, I guess it’s about time you had something to do again”

Six small, winglike aerofoils extended from his elbows and legs, and the boost jets on his legs began to glow blue and give off heat. His wings flipped open and turned vertically. The bottom corner of the end of each wing folded away and cylindrical jet turbines revealed themselves. He ran towards the end of the runway, jumped into the air, and the boost jets covering his body flared blue. He rocketed up into the air, and off of the runway, plummeting out of view. He fell into the clouds, and soon he was past them, falling through the sky against the backdrop of Polyphemus against the hazy blue Pandoran sky.

“Time to pay our subjects another visit…”

“Those blue beanpoles again?”


As he finished the mental conversation, the boost jets roared, and he took off against the horizon, leaving a screaming sonic boom in his wake.
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Chapter 1: Na’vi

It had been nearly one year since the Omaticaya had successfully driven the RDA off of Pandora. Hell’s Gate was used as housing for the remaining members of the science team that were allowed to stay, and they kept a lookout for any attempts by the original owners to retake the base.

Jake Sully had finally gotten used to his role as the Olo’eyktan of the Omaticaya. He had also gained proficiency in speaking their language, although he still tended to slip into English when caught off guard. Neytiri had produced their first child, Ni’melu, and he was growing quickly. Mo’at was in good health, and was getting close to her eightieth birthday.

Everything had been going peacefully. They had found a new hometree and had finally finished moving in, and the scars from the RDA’s mining activities had begun to diminish; grasses had begun to fill in the places where the bulldozers had scraped away the forest, and a vast lake had begun to form in the main mining site. The old hometree had become a massive nursery log, and was already giving birth to a new swath of forest where the old one had burned away. The ruins of the RDA’s old ships had become nothing more than bad memories; rusty iron hulks choked with vines and exotic fungi.

There was something amiss though.

It was rather odd that another RDA ship had not come yet to check on Hell’s Gate. Jake had guards and assassins posted around Hell’s Gate, and several of the scientists had familiarized themselves with the AA guns left behind and kept them trained on the sky in case they were ambushed. Any ships would be shot out of the sky, and any ground forces that attempted to retake the base would succumb to a slow death by poison. So why were they taking so long to come back? Jake knew that the RDA would never leave so much valuable equipment behind; they were far too avaricious for that.

There was also reports coming in of a strange faketuan in their midst. Several times, the radar at Hell’s Gate had picked up a signature moving at near supersonic speeds above them. The AA gun klaxons had sounded several times, and they had even fired a few rounds, but it didn’t make any sense; the guns had been reprogrammed not to fire at biological targets, so it couldn’t be the wildlife, and the RDA had never put anything that fast on Pandora to start with.

Then there were other sightings. Some of the young Taronyu that had returned from Iknimaya recently had reported seeing a shining green figure standing on a nearby mountain, holding a paper thin slate-like object. They pointed him out to the older Taronyu, and when they tried shouting at it, it folded the object away and jumped off of the mountain. Then they watched in amazement as the strange green figure flew off with a flash of blue light. After that, a group of Tsamsiyu had been walking through the area where the majority of the RDA wreckage had been scattered, only to find that it was gone. There were bare patches of ground everywhere , and all of the wreckage from the ships was gone, as well as armor left behind from their ground vehicles and infantry. Even the wrecked shuttle and “Dragon” gunships were missing. Even more startling was that this time, there were tracks. Upon further investigation of these tracks by the other Tsamsiyu and Taronyu, they were able to differentiate between three sets of tracks. One was obviously a large piece of metal being dragged through the vegetation, and the other consisted of a scattering of rusty spent shells in a trail that went towards Iknimaya. The final trail was what had everyone rather disturbed; there was a very clear set of footprints in the disturbed soil. The footprints were clearly not Na’vi in nature; they were long, pointed feet with large heels, and they had no toes; there were mechanical looking depressions inside the heels too; circles and angles and very clear imprints of bolts or screws. These footprints continued on for quite a ways; they stopped at a cliff overlooking the valley underneath Iknimaya, but there was wrecked vegetation and snapped twigs all around this overlook, as if this enigmatic being had been there recently. All three of the trails ended there, and at the bottom of the cliff before the overlook, there was a small pile of metal debris that looked as if it had fallen quite far.

It was the early evening, and Jake was sitting in the top boughs of hometree, deep in thought about all of this when Neytiri approached him from behind and put her hand on his shoulder, causing him to jump a little.

Oel ngati kameie, Neytiri. I guess I was thinking about all of these faketuan sightings…They’re making everyone a little jumpy.” Jake said in English.
“Hmm….they are unsettling, but you are Olo’eyktan now, Jake. The Omaticaya believe in you and they will protect you. Just show your bravery to them.”

“Yeah, I guess…..What does Mo’at think about all of this?”

“She actually sent me to tell you that she wishes to speak to you after Wutso

“Oh. Let’s go eat”

The two Na’vi descended from the boughs of hometree to join their brethren at dinner, but the strange circumstances continued to weigh heavily on Jake’s mind.

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Chapter 2: Signs

The next morning, Jake decided that he was going to go hunting with the other Taronyu to help him relax a bit and to hide his growing sense of fear.

To Jake’s disdain, they decided that they were going to hunt in the area where the wreckage had vanished. Many of the younger hunters were bragging about fighting this intruding faketuan, describing elaborate traps and the methods they would use to capture and defeat it.

Finally, they arrived at the plateaus where strange tracks had been spotted. They forgot about them as they came across the tracks of what appeared to be a small herd of Yerik. The hunters whooped in excitement as they began to carefully follow the tracks. Jake was soon lost in the hunt and had forgotten his fears.

About one hour later, the hunting party had two Yerik carcasses in tow and they were heading back to where they had left their Pa’li. They had hitched the horses near a small clearing by the cliffs looking out at Iknimaya were slinging the dead Yerik onto the saddles, when they suddenly became very frightened and reared up on their hind legs. Suddenly, a terrible shriek rocked the small clearing. The Taronyu screamed “Toruk!” and ran under the safety of the trees. Seconds later, the issuer of the shriek came into view; it was indeed a Toruk; a massive saurian aerial predator with scarlet and black wings and a hatchet like jaw that could easily shear the wings off a Samson helicopter. But Jake noticed something else; it was chasing prey. He looked closer, and he could see what it was chasing, but he couldn’t believe his eyes. It was hard to see it clearly, but if fit all of the descriptions of the faketuan they had been hearing about. It was a green human-shaped creature, and as it somehow flew about, blue streaks could be seen coming from its legs, elbows, and back.

Jake realized what he was seeing and shouted “nin tsat!”
All of the Taronyu came out from under the tree and whooped as the battle unfolded before them. The Toruk gnashed at the smaller invader and it just barely missed as it rolled out of the way, seeming to defy gravity itself. It then twisted behind it’s draconic pursuer and with a flash, produced a large blue shield centered around it’s wrist; just in time to avoid another crushing snap of the creature’s jaws, which clashed against the strange, luminescent shield, sending a shower of azure sparks into the valley below them. The hunters below whooped and hollered in excitement, and some of them got their weapons ready in case the predator was unable to finish off its victim. The Toruk again gnashed at the shield, but it was to no avail. The two were now over the clearing, and Jake got out of the way as the tumbling flurry of claws and metal neared him.

The Toruk, getting frustrated, tried ripping away the shield with its claws. Finally, the strange flying being counterattacked; his left fist glowed electric blue and he switched the shield off, causing the Toruk to lose its balance. Then, to the surprise of the Na’vi watching the battle from under the tree, the being lurched forward with flash of light and delivered a crushing uppercut into the creature’s jaw, leaving behind a trail of verdant afterimages. The massive pterosaur shrieked in pain and anger and fell to the ground, and slid towards the cliff. It’s opponent dropped out of flight and dashed at it, producing a huge double-ended spear, ending in blue blades made of what seemed to be solid lightning.

The Na’vi under the tree bellowed with surprise and shock, and ran out to flank this otherworldly being. Jake was too stunned to move at first, but soon he followed, readying his knife in case things got messy.

The green warrior was nearly upon the momentarily stunned Toruk when one end of the blade he was carrying suddenly grew enormous, almost bigger than the beast itself. The Na’vi yelled in shock, not wanting to see such a revered animal be slain by a faketuan, when the creature holding the blade made a quick downward slash just to the right of where the Toruk laid, struggling to get up and recover its balance. The blade cut straight through the plateau itself and the running, yelling Na’vi stopped as the ground trembled. The entire tip of the plateau had been sheared off of the cliff face, and the Toruk tumbled down with it, taking flight and retreating with a sorry, yelping scream before the titanic chunk of rock fell to the bottom of the valley.

The hunting party, once again silent, ran backwards as the cliff face continued to crumble. As the dust cleared, they readied their bows; Jake ordered them to hold their fire. The emerald stranger now stood at the edge of the cliff facing the vast chasm between the plateau and Iknimaya. He made a small motion with his fingers on the handle of the halberd he was carrying and it closed up into a small, handle-like hilt of cobalt metal. He sheathed it in a holster on his waist and turned around.

The dust had cleared, and now Jake could now see the strange invader’s features. It was about as tall as him, and it was indeed covered with shining green metal, with thin yellow and black accents and borders, like a hornet. A helm covered its forehead, with a pair of chin guards wrapping around his jaw. Its face did not have a mouth, and its eyes were a piercing electric blue, with sharp, black, almost reptilian pupils. It’s head had a singular, insectoid horn on it that pointed straight up and ended in a sharp hook shape. When it realized it was being watched, it scowled, and got into a defensive posture.

Jake yelled to it in English from across the small clearing: “What are you?!”
Without answering, it relaxed its stance, turned its back to Jake, and two wings, previously folded, flipped up from his back like a beetle taking flight. Two cylindrical jets revealed themselves, and before anyone had a chance to act, he dove off the edge of the cliff. Jake and the group of hunters ran to the edge to see what had happened, and to their amazement, they could see the strange figure flying off towards Iknimaya.

The taronyu looked back at Jake; his face was etched with uncertainty. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, he spoke: “We should go back…”
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Chapter 3: Enigma

After Jake had told Mo’at and Neytiri what had happened, they decided to have a clan meeting. After all of the Omaticaya had gathered, he spoke, in Na’vi:

“I have heard all of the stories about a faketuan in our midst, and I have seen the tracks. Now, I have seen the face of this invader”

He took a breath and continued:

“I went hunting with the other Taronyu yesterday to calm my nerves. We decided to hunt in the area where the kunsip disappeared, hoping that Yerik would be attracted to the new grass in the clearings”

“We killed two Yerik and we were coming back when we heard a Toruk fighting something. I soon realized that it was fighting the faketuan that we have been seeing”
The crowd murmured with excitement and anticipation

“After a brief struggle, the Toruk was defeated. We thought the faketuan was going to kill it, and we almost intervened, but he merely forced it’s retreat. He escaped without injury, and the injury he inflicted on the Toruk forced it to flee.”

The murmurs stopped, and silence fell over the meeting. Some of the Na’vi looked on disbelief, and others became very serious-looking.

“After it was over, I asked it what it was. It did not respond”

The people now whispered about sky people, but Jake continued:

“I do not know why he is here, but I think that we should be cautious. He was using technology that I have never seen before, even when I was a human, and I am not sure if he is friend or foe.”

An older taronyu spoke up: “He is probably one of the Sky People! Why didn’t you kill him?!”

The huge assembly of Na’vi now began to talk to one another openly.

Jake began again, loudly: “We do not know if he is a tawtute, and we do not know where he is hiding, where he is from, or what his intentions are. After he defeated the Toruk he used his strange technology to fly to Iknimaya. We do not know where he is hiding, and I believe that we would be wise to keep our guard up just in case”

Mo’at then approached the platform Jake was speaking on and said:

“I support this decision. Eywa has been speaking to me in my dreams, and warns of coming danger. We would be wise to be cautious.”

The meeting finished, and the clan disassembled. Over the next two weeks, the Na’vi set up extra guards around Hometree, Hell’s Gate, and the Tree of Souls. The scientists at Hell’s Gate were told about what had happened and were warned as well. They even commandeered some leftover AMP suits to help keep the perimeter secure. The tsamsiyu and their Ikran patrolled the skies around these areas relentlessly, on guard of any kind of attack by the RDA or otherwise.


High above the forest, in a large computer room, someone was preparing for battle.

“Ugh, that didn’t go as expected.”

“I told you that there was something big approaching on the radar……I think that thing thought we were an appetizer or something”

“Yeah, I know. I was trying to get readings on the ion channel activity at the Tree of Souls.”

“From so far away?”

“Yeah. You wouldn’t believe it, but most of the trees in this huge forest are connected to that big one. Anyway, we survived, I got my message across, and you got to fight a little.”



“Hey computer, so how about those files? I remember asking you clean them up…”

<<% RECOVERED: 50.235%>>

“Dammit, that’s not enough for me to make a battle plan out of…”

“Hmmm…..Computer, open the external AI media port”


“Looks like you got your wish, pal….”


“Ah, much better. Hey, thanks for letting me tackle this.”

The new voice coming from the speakers sounded highly intelligent, and nearly human.

“No problem! You’re more suited for hacking than my default computer AI anyway”

“Alright, so I need you to go and steal this file….”

“Okay, so this is the file that lists the weapon systems, ship specifications, and tactical plans…got it.”

The young man sat in a chair, cracking his knuckles. “I’ll send you to their
network now…”

He tapped a few buttons on his keyboard and said:

“Try not to get caught, but if you do, don’t hesitate to spit out a few viruses or damage their security AIs.”

“Gotcha.” The synthetic voice buzzed, emanating from the speakers.


The sentient computer program marveled at the disorganization of the RDA fileshare:

“Wow, they didn’t do a very good job of hiding these.”


Suddenly, he could sense other semi-intelligent presences surrounding him


The rogue AI started sending out viruses and Trojans to the other presences, and their thought processes became jumbled and full of illogical speech. One of them started spitting out advertisements, shouting “B—B—BUY STIM—IM—ULOL TODAY—AY—AY! NEVER RUN OUT OF —OF” as it trailed off into computerized insanity.


The download finished and the AI left the network, with a trail of dying security software in his wake.


The bridge of the RDA’s U.S.S. Annihilator Battle Carrier was on red alert; this had been the twentieth computer security breach that week, and they still weren’t able to get the address of the hacker.

Commander McStanton was furious. They were supposed to be planning their counterattack on the Na’vi, not playing mind games with bored computer nerds. He barged into the computer room and yelled “What the hell is going on in here!? You guys are supposed to be finding a solution!” One of the computer workers meekly replied: “But sir, this hacker is using highly advanced software! We don’t have anything like this!”

“Ugh…just work harder then!” The commander slammed the door and stormed out of the computer room and back to the bridge. The alarms turned off again and the ship quieted down.

“How much longer until we get there? I need to let out some aggression already!”

“About 23 hours, sir.”

“Alright. I guess I’ll go catch some real sleep…all of those cryo cycles really make you feel groggy”

Pandora was a speck in the windows of the Annihilator, a tiny green-white pecil dot.

McStanton stood silently in his quarters, watching the speck very slowly grow bigger as they crept closer.

“Soon, I will be the head of this mining operation, and I’ll show the administrative board how I do business; those blue monkeys don’t stand a chance!”


“Finally…..how did it go?”

“Well, I got the file, but they are quite aware that they are being hacked. ”
“Eh, oh well. They won’t last long in battle against us tomorrow anyway”


“ Oh wow, good job Raiden. You got all of it.”

“No prob. I think I’m gonna call it quits for tonight though.”

“That’s okay. Goodnight”


“I guess I’ll skim over these files a bit so that I can understand their basic strategy”

The young man sat at his desk, sipping coffee until the early morning hours, reading the documents. He stood up for a moment to take a break and look at his CC-TV bots that he previously sent out. The forests of Pandora were aglow as usual. One of the cameras showed a pack of Viperwolves stalking a herd of Hexapedes, and other showed clouds of luminous insects dancing around glowing flowers. Finally, the robot he had placed outside of hometree showed Jake and Neytiri talking to some warriors about something.

He thought to himself “Man, it’s lonely here without anyone like me to talk to. Oh well; I’ll have time to introduce myself after I take down those gunships.”

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Chapter 4: Violent Battle! (Part 1)

It was 10:00 AM, July twelfth, year 2155. The young man was sitting down at a counter, munching some toast.

“All right, I guess it’s time to go. Raiden, did you finish with those strategies I requested?”

“Yeah. The enemy forces will be attacking the Hometree by air and land. They hope to destroy the Hometree and back any Na’vi at the Tree of Souls into a corner, forcing them to either give up the tree or be destroyed along with it.”

“Geez……that’s pretty cruel. Intelligent, but cruel.”

“Yeah…….but we can take ‘em. Ten minutes tops at full throttle.”

“Alright. What time are the air forces supposed to arrive at the Hometree? I’m thinking that if we take them down first, the other Na’vi will be able to attack the ground forces from the back while we attack them from the front. They won’t have anywhere to go. Oh, and what about Hell’s Gate?”

“As far as I can tell, they don’t plan on going anywhere near it. They know that it could be rigged with any number of traps or explosives, and charging in headfirst could result in heavy tactical losses. They want to attack the Na’vi first and then the scientists; they know that the scientists aren’t nearly as good at fighting as the Na’vi are, and that they aren’t very strong without Na’vi backup, so they plan on taking Hell’s Gate by force after the main threat has been neutralized.”

“I see; I guess they aren’t as stupid as they seem. Well, when I go into armor mode, could you upload images of the fleet organization so that I can use it as a map? We’re probably going to be using the Storm Halberd a lot here, so I could get lost in the chaos, which could give them an edge.”

“Okay, gotcha.”

“I’m gonna go and get some equipment from the armory. Be right back.”

He made his way to the door of the kitchen, which opened into a seemingly endless steel hallway. He claps his hands and the platform he is standing on rises, extends railings, and shoots down the hallway until it reaches a large door labeled “Armory”. He steps out, and into a massive warehouse full of shining metal. Guns, Grenades, Lasers, Mech Suits, and many more exotic weapons lined the massive room. He left with a steel cart; the bottom was filled with warlike gadgets. “Good thing I decided to take part in that closeout sale last time” he chuckled to himself as he whizzed back down the steel corridor.

Now in the hangar, he unloaded the cart, and Raiden, connected to the fortress computer, looked at the contents:

Five EMP discs and an Emergency Battery? You aren’t fooling around with this, are you?”

“Nope. I’m gonna use the disks to keep the RDA from firing at Hometree and the battery is just in case I wind up using too much power”

“We should get going; they are scheduled to arrive in twenty minutes, and the Na’vi have no idea.”

“Okay, let’s get outta here” replied the human, a stern look wrapping itself across his brow.

Minutes later, and the young man was again transformed into a green behemoth of war. He descended from the clouds, and departed for Hometree.

Sure enough, there were many Na’vi about; he could pick out Jake, Neytiri, and Mo’at near the roots of the tree, talking to everyone. The RDA would begin their approach in about 5 minutes; it was crucial that he intercept them before they got close enough to fire.

“So far so good. Let’s go take it to the next level!”

“I hear ya!”

Before he could be seen by the Na’vi below, he was off again like a flash of lightning, ascending high above the RDA ships that were closing in on Hometree.


The bridge of the Annihilator bustled with activity; communications experts coordinated the final attack formation with the other ships and the ground forces approaching the tree, while weapons operators readied the rail guns and loaded the missile launchers. Soon, they were within sight of the Na’vi, and were preparing their targets…..

Meanwhile, at hometree, everyone was in a state of panic. They were having another meeting, when Jake noticed the huge fleet of ships on the horizon. He stopped mid-speech and yelled “kunsip!”, pointing at the massive fleet that has suddenly appeared on the horizon. Everyone was remembering when the first hometree was destroyed, and they were running around like scared ants. The ships loomed closer every second, and the Na’vi feared that their doom was at hand. They began ushering the women and children away from the tree while the Tsamsiyu prepared an ambush with the Ikran.

Meanwhile, on the bridge of the Annihilator, the Commander continued to bark orders. The massive laser cannon at the ship’s bow began to glow red, and the other ships got into firing position. Just then, when all seemed lost, three tiny red disks flew like frisbees in between the ships. They lingered in the air for a moment and exploded, producing a yellowish shockwave accompanied by an intense whining sound.

The laser stopped charging, and the ships idled in the air. “What the hell was that?!” barked McStanton to the others on the bridge. They responded with frantic disbelief: “It was an EMP sir! We can’t move or fire anything!”

Suddenly, a sonic boom ripped through the air, and what could only be described as a shining blue spark descended from the sky at supersonic speeds. It was heading straight for the Dragon Gunships. The crew of the Annihilator panicked and scrambled as they watched the blue meteor draw closer to their fleet, unable to fire or communicate with the other ships.

Then, to the astonishment of everyone, the spark spoke, bellowing “THUNNNDER CRAASH!” It shone like the sun as it crashed into the first dragon gunship, punching straight through to the next one, punching through that one and crashing into the one after that, bouncing off of it and stopping in front of them. The ship’s engines began to function again, but it was too late.

The glowing blue creature reached for a holster at his side and produced an angled, semi-cylindrical handle. In milliseconds, a rod extended from both sides of it, and from small fixtures at each end of the rod shot out identical blue energy blades. The energy blades on the massive halberd blazed blue, like lightning, and one of the blades grew enormous while the opposite one vanished. He then laughed mercilessly as he lashed it against the massive gunships, cutting them into car-sized chunks of burning metal. The intercoms went to static as the ships fell, exploding and burning, into the forest below.

The rest of the ships, seeing their opening, fired at the tree with their incendiaries, but the strange spark had moved. It was now apparent that it wasn’t a spark at all, but some kind of warrior, clad in green armor. The strange warrior put his arms out, and the missiles were caught by an invisible shield, like a magnet. More and more missiles were fired, but they all became ensnared in this strange magnetic field, tumbling about like bathtub toys.

Soon, the strange being had hundreds of missiles in front of him in a burgeoning cloud, and the gunships finally stopped firing. “My turn.” said the figure, and the missiles changed direction, flying back at the attackers. The foremost ships were overtaken by a massive cloud of explosions, and one more of the dragon gunships went down, along with a great number of the scorpion fighters. During the confusion, he saw his chance and changed direction, rocketing towards the Samsons like quicksilver.

McStanton, outraged by this destructive interruption, screamed “OPEN FIRE! TAKE THAT GODDAMN THING DOWN!”

Suddenly, all of the guns on the ships focused on Raiden. He ducked, weaved and rolled, avoiding every bullet. When he was in reach of the Samsons, he whipped out the double bladed halberd again. He said “Take this! Slicing Wind! ZAI-EN-KENNNN!” and with three quick swings, produced a crescent wave of what appeared to be solid blue wind. This crescent shockwave then flew through a whole row of Samsons, making a grating vibrating sound as it cleaved through each one. Seconds later, the helicopters split in half and exploded. Now the other half of the fleet was trained on him; they opened fire; but were too slow, and now he put out his hands, and two more triangular blue blades appeared at his wrists. He chuckled playfully, and launched the blades; they flew out, each attached to a long chain held together by high-tech magnets. Each anchor-like chain buried itself in the remaining dragon gunships, and the creature yelled “You’re mine! Shockchain…..WHIPLANCE!!!! The two energy blades flared out uncontrollably, and the thing yanked them out, shredding huge portions of the gunships and releasing them; the resulting force made the ships spin rapidly on their sides like tops, crashing into each other and the carrier above them, shearing the laser cannon off and scraping away part of the hull in the process.

The last ships trained their guns on Raiden, but it was in vain; he was already behind them. He produced the halberd again, pushing a few buttons on the center handle. The two blades, still attached to their fixtures, shot off of the halberd and began flying around with a will of their own. They were soon upon the Samsons and were ripping through propellers and pilots like killer fireflies. When Raiden pushed another button, each side of the bare handle of the halberd opened up and two more energy blades came out. He continued his barrage of relentless attacks as he threw the blade like a boomerang, shouting “shrieking gale! HURRICANE SLASH!!” The blue and green boomerang spun like a buzzsaw and flew in a half circle, cutting the remaining Samsons and Scorpions to ribbons.

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Chapter 4: Violent Battle! (Part 2)

Soon, the only ship that was left was the Annihilator. The commander managed to get onto the external broadcast system and say, in an awed and shattered tone “What…who ARE you?!”

Collossal torm clouds had gathered above them during the battle, and they were now pulsating with thunder and lightning. Raiden laughed, and responded “Who am I?!” The blue light in his eyes intensified, and he said in a deep, steely voice:

“I am the wind that cuts through steel! I am the storm that shines in the heavens! I am……RAAAIIIDEEENN!!!!!!”

At the last word, Raiden raised his hands up high. His entire body glowed blue, and as the Annihilator also began to glow, it was struck by lightning bolts the size of a small skyscrapers. The Commander yelled as the intercom gave way to static and the ship was struck. Portions of the ship were vaporized by the bolts, and it was wracked with explosions. The propulsion systems failed and the ship fell to the surface of the planet with a deafening explosion. The fleet was destroyed, and moments later the clouds released a torrential rain, quenching the growing fires that the battle had caused.

But it was not over; Raiden could see rows of infantry and AMP suits marching towards Hometree; he had forgotten about the ground forces!

“#$@%….Raiden, you got any ideas?” He asked mentally, as his Halberd returned to its normal shape.

“Yeah; the soil here has high concentration of Unobtainium; you could use the magnetic fields to relay electric currents to the drenched infantry and electrocute them.”

"Sounds good!"

The green fighter roared like a hurricane to the ground below; the Na’vi had already begun exchanging fire with the RDA forces; he had to hurry or else they could still lose the battle.

He kept going at top speed and used his control of magnetics to propel an EMP disc at the ground forces. The red disc exploded with a flash, and the ground forces panicked, blinded by the explosion while the Na’vi looked up at the sky.

Raiden made a tremendous impact in the mud in front of Hometree and was charging at the RDA forces before the mud even had a chance to splash to the ground.

He made a fist with his left hand which glowed blue with electricity, and punched the ground. A blue shockwave of lightning taller than him spewed forth, frying the machinery it hit and cooking the drivers where they sat. The wave continued through the wet, magnetic mud and crippled the first half of the ground force. Raiden then outstretched his hand at the nearest AMP; a blue arc of electricity contacted it, and suddenly he was being whisked towards it. In a flash he unholstered his halberd, and held it out like a javelin. The AMP fired at him, but the bullets we deflected by the magnetic field wrapped around his body. He made contact with the AMP, and it was gutted by the Halberd. He yanked it out, cut the AMP in half with it, and then moved on to the next one. He bounced between enemies like a ping pong ball, cutting them to ribbons. Soon, the RDA forces were attempting a retreat. Raiden stood for a moment, and then outstretched his open palm; a small circle in the center of it opened up like a tiny shutter, and a short gun barrel revealed itself.

It glowed blue, and he roared against the flashing lightning and booming thunder; “You! You greedy apes have committed great crimes against humanity and against the Na’vi! NOW YOU MUST PAY THE PRICE!” Everyone was silent, the storm raged, and the RDA, damaged beyond recovery, was trying to drag themselves away from their imminent doom.

A huge ball of indigo-colored plasma appeared in front of Raiden’s hand, and he yelled “PREPARE TO TASTE DEATH! THUNDDDDDDER NOOOOVAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!” The ball became a great flare of bright blue energy, larger than a freight train, and the RDA ground forces withered and vaporized beneath it, crumbling into dusty ashes.

The massive flare of energy died down to a thin stream, and the cannon retracted into Raiden’s arm. He clapped his hands and his weapon systems powered down. The storm was waning now, and the clouds were breaking up. Rays of sunshine shone down onto the drenched, smoldering wreckage that now littered the shallow valley.

The Na’vi that were hiding inside Hometree began to peer back out to see what had happened.

The green figure stood tall against the swath of shredded metal. He stood silent for a moment and then said, rather out of place; “Ahaha! You got owned!” while making a thumbs down gesture towards the defeated RDA fleet.

Then he turned around and saw all of the Na’vi that were eyeing him suspiciously. He looked at them for a moment and said, rather jovially:

“Oh, yeah, you guys. Did you enjoy the show?”

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Chapter 5: Enter Raiden

The otherworldly faketuan approached Jake with a regal, striding gait. One of the Tsamsiyu, paranoid about this strange creature, fired an arrow at it. As the arrow flung from the bow, he raised a hand in the direction of the Na’vi that fired the arrow and the arrow stopped in mid air, suspended by a shimmering magnetic field. The faketuan made a shooing gesture with his hand and the arrow floated slowly back to the hands of the one who fired it.

Before he came any closer to Jake, he said. “It’s nice to finally make your acquaintance, Mr. Sully. I am not your enemy; I came to your aid when I realized that the RDA was sending another fleet after you. Those pigs got what they deserved.”

Jake was speechless. He was talking to a ten foot tall mechanized green beetle-man that spoke English.

The faketuan continued: “Well? I know you haven’t forgotten how to speak English, Mr. Sully.”

Jake finally replied “Please, call me Jake. Who are you? What are you? How do you know my name!?”

“Aha, so many questions. My name is Raiden. I am a warrior from another dimension – another reality. I come from Earth, but not your Earth. My Earth solved it’s energy issues some time ago, and this planet doesn’t even exist in my version of this system. I came here using a gate that allows the user to visit different dimensions. I was assigned to your syste-“

“Wait, another reality?” said Jake, rather dumbfounded.

“Yes, but that is a story for another time. There are more pressing matters to attend to; namely, did anyone get hurt?”

Jake looked back at the other Omaticaya. They were stepping closer now, not as afraid of the emerald stranger as they were before, and Neytiri and Mo’at stepped forward to view this stranger as well.

“No……you managed to keep us quite safe. Thank you very much. Those were some moves up there….how did you do all of that?”

“Eh heh heh. This isn’t my real body.”

“Then are you like an Avatar?”

“Oh, no. I use a high tech armor system that fuses with my physiology. It grants me superhuman strength and abilities, enhanced memory and mental skills, ultra high tech weaponry, and most importantly, the ability to fly. It also gives me the ability to control electricity and fuses my mind with the mind that normally inhabits this armor; a powerful artificial intelligence named Raiden. When I combine with him like this, we think and act as one and I can use his abilities freely. I suppose it’s a bit like Tsaheylu, but me and Raiden become physically intertwined when I use it.”

“You know about Tsaheylu?” Jake asked, surprised.

“Yes. The truth is that I have been watching this planet for almost two years, studying it and it’s inhabitants. I made a base here about fourteen months ago and that is where I conduct most of my operations. I have been following you and the Omaticaya very closely, Jake. You are a very interesting subject of study; a human that has been given a most unique opportunity to transcend his original state of being and become a member of another intelligent species.”

Jake thought for a moment, and Neytiri chimed in “But if you were here during the time of great sorrow, couldn’t you have driven the sky people away a long time ago? You would have saved many lives……”

“That is true. Sadly, I was not aware of the RDA’s habits until after I was established; around the time that they destroyed your original Hometree and killed your father. I could see the smoke from far away and my suit instruments could sense the shockwaves form the explosions, but by the time I arrived, it was over already.”

He continued: “Of course, you must also think about where you would be without the pressure of the RDA. Jake would never have gotten the courage to tame the Toruk and become Toruk Makto, and lead you to victory against the RDA. To be honest, I almost did intervene during that battle. I was hiding underneath the stone arches under the Tree of Souls, and if the RDA had gotten too close, I was going to stop them cold by using a magnetic forcefield to shield the tree.”

He paused for a moment, to take a breath, and then continued: “But Jake stopped the shuttle from making it there, and that huge stampede of animals was more than the RDA could handle. This time though, you didn’t know that they were coming, and you do not have another Toruk on your side. If I hadn’t come, you would have been burnt to a crisp by the laser on that carrier.”

Jake said: “Wow…..thanks again.”

Raiden replied: “Hey! No problem! You guys are the only other intelligent species on the planet; I’d be lonely without ya!”

There was a moment of silence as the most of the other Na’vi began cleaning up the mess that was made when they panicked. Raiden walked over to the edge of the cliff overlooking the downed ships.

Then he walked back over to Jake and said: “You look like you could use some help cleaning up, and I did damage some of your forest with those ships I destroyed…..I can get rid of all that scrap metal if you’d like me to.”
Jake turned away from his conversation and replied: “But how? That carrier alone is half as big as Hometree”

Raiden gave him a wistful look and said “In this form, As well as being able to control electricity, I have control over magnetism. The unique magnetic fields surrounding Pandora strengthen those abilities. I can pick these ships up using those abilities and take them back to my base, where I will recycle them and salvage the parts.”

A light bulb went on in Jake’s mind: “So YOU were the one who dragged away all of those other ships from the clearing?”

“Yes. The parts I needed were still intact and I was able to use it to help maintain my base.”

“Well, sure. Have at it I guess.” And Jake continued his conversation with the
other Na’vi

Raiden zoomed out across the scorched field where he defeated the infantry forces. He put his arms up and his hands began to glow blue; seconds later, the air above the ground shimmered as the chunks of metal and discarded weapons left over from the attack levitated form the ground.

Raiden made a hand motion like someone crumpling up a ball of paper, and the metal coalesced into a ball. He reached into his a holster on his waist and pulled out a paper thin holographic computer slate. He tapped some buttons, and the ball of metal floated in place as some of the Na’vi watched him go about his work. Then, he made another hand motion, and the ball followed him back down the cliff.

Over the next ten minutes, Raiden had gotten all of the wrecked ships and broken chunks of metal up in a huge ball held together by magnetism. He pulled out the slate again and the ball floated in place, but then he typed in another command. A couple of minutes later, about ten human-sized flying robots shaped like fighter jets came and attached to the ball, carrying it away.

Raiden turned around and walked back over to Jake. “Well, that’s that” he said, sounding accomplished. I guess I’m outta here. I’ll see you around.”

Wait! Said Jake. Raiden turned around, surprised that the Na’vi leader would want him around any longer than he had to.

“We can’t thank you enough for what you did; you single handedly saved us from certain death and even cleaned up afterwards. You clearly a powerful ally to us and we feel that we should thank you properly. Would you like to join us for dinner?”

Raiden looked surprised, but honored. After thinking it over, he responded:
“That is very kind of you, and to be honest, I am surprised that you are showing such hospitality to an alien like me. However, in this form, I do not eat. I don’t even have a stomach; I run on batteries and nano-electrochemical engines. I also do not possess a body that can survive in the atmosphere on this planet. Under this intimidating façade, I am comparatively weak.”

The sun was setting, and Neytiri came out from between the roots of Hometree to find Jake.

Jake replied: “Oh…well, would you at least stay for a little while? I have many questions to ask you.”

Raiden mulled it over for a moment and finally said: “I suppose, but only if it’s okay with her and the others. I may be a highly advanced fighting machine, but I insist on being polite and I do not wish to intrude”

Neytiri came within earshot when Raiden was finished talking, and asked:

“What is it, my Olo’eyktan?”

Jake and Neytiri spoke to each other in Na’vi: “He is a good person. I have many questions to ask him, and I have invited him to stay with us for a few hours so that we may speak”

“Are you sure? When I try to see him, it is as if there is a wall between me and his true self. What if there is an evil person hiding behind that emotionless face?”

“No, I suppose I am not sure yet. But he has shown great empathy and kindness towards us, and I believe we should return the favor.”

“I suppose.” Neytiri turned to Raiden and said, somewhat aggressively:

“You; what are you called?”

“Oh, you can call me Raiden.”


The green warrior stammered a little and said “Err, almost. Rai-den. It means ‘thunder and lightning’ in one of Earth’s dead languages.”

“Very well, Rai-den. You may come with us for a time if you wish. We have many questions for you…”

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Whew...that was a lot of text to post.

Anyway, if you could let me know what you think about my writing, that would be great. Feel free to give me suggestions about where I should take it next, ways to improve, etc.....

All Na'vi words were gotten from the Avatar Wiki. If any of them are incorrect in any way, it would cool if you could let me know. If you decide to post this somewhere else, you'd better give me credit.
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that was great.
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Very good, if a little Marty Stu-ish. Just like a Saturday morning superhero show. Karmic justice-- let's see how those corporate greedballs and bloodthirsty mercenaries like being on the wrong end of superior technology!

On the other hand, the Na'vi still can't defend themselves, and that's kind of a let down. There's a story, post-movie, where Jake arms the Na'vi. It's part of a series by Zura on FanFiction.Net
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Originally Posted by joeylovesgaia View Post
Very good, if a little Marty Stu-ish. Just like a Saturday morning superhero show. Karmic justice-- let's see how those corporate greedballs and bloodthirsty mercenaries like being on the wrong end of superior technology!

On the other hand, the Na'vi still can't defend themselves, and that's kind of a let down. There's a story, post-movie, where Jake arms the Na'vi. It's part of a series by Zura on FanFiction.Net

Zombie thread!

Thanks for the thoughts, but I've all but canned this one. Raiden, truth be told, is a character from a very different project I have been working on. One day I imagined how it would be if he intervened in one of the battles in Avatar, and I eventually decided to write a fanfic about what might happen if there was some sort of crossover.

I had the plot all set up, but I would have had to do something to fix the power gap between Raiden and the other characters, which would ultimately be impossible.

Raiden, as a character, has also changed a lot. I was mainly writing this to get a feel for what Raiden should be like in a combat/espionage situation, and in his world, he has much, much more to worry about than a few hundred white-bread mercenaries.

I am actually working out the kinks in a plot for a new Avatar fanfic, and this time, I'm going keep things more or less like they were in the movie technology-wise and character-wise.
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