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Mika 12-25-2011 03:09 AM

Alter Reality
When I was twenty and a half
I became religious
And the first thing that i gave up
Because I thought I had too,
Becoming responsible,
Was my flights of fancy,
My imagination!
I lived the next twenty seven years
Believing righteously so,
That I had made the right decision,
For did not the ‘Holy Writ’ tell me so?
The price i payed,
For the sake of Salvation,
And supposed promise of Heavenly Bliss?
Twenty seven years of suffering, pain, misery,
Toil and trouble of hardship,
Lots lot, of having everything
And ending up with nothing!
Then along came something
Beyond fantastical, unreal,
Yet more longingly wanted
To be believable.
Resultant unexpected,
In a world, time and space
Where faith, hope, belief
Had long since departed,
Voided out of my existence
Any part of them,
It was the imaginative fictional
That returned them,
Embued once again with Spirit
More stronger, more powerful!
Imagination, Dreams, Fantasy,
These are the things
That give our Soul wings,
Teach us to fly,
And help us ‘see’ again!
Now the more ‘reality’ construed
Tries to creep back in,
The more I fragment the illusion,
By delving deeper into the
Mysterious, Marvellous, Mischievous,
Merriment, Mystical, Magic, Map,
Embracing, the Enchanted within!
Strange, crazy, insane as it sounds,
The only way out, is to go further in!

Welcome to the wisdom
of every Sage, Poet, Mystic and Madman!


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