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Old 08-28-2014, 02:22 PM
Blue Wolf is ready for change
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Default some new things

"divine infinity"

As I staple, trample down;
Towards that river softly binds.
I see thy soul as so divine:
Killing softly there said twine.

"rose on a grave remains"

beauty nature seeded growth and then I find a cane in rose-
towards where everlasting change; adapt my sight through endless ways-
oh as 't I could find my rose; where lies upon the seeded grave-
upon my fathers whispered froze; an’ winter came around my door-
when and how I whisper ‘d time; it follows me through where I go-
I go and go and on and on;
find no thing; unlock the door-
but time it froze upon my knees; the grave is seeded still by 'd rose,

I unlock the doors of time an’ find nothing but end 'less blight;
crying as 't I ever was through what we see is just a farce-
and now I tride upon thy hill: through endless ways I trample time-

found my rose.

"Grass that was too green"

where I sit upon the grassy hill
there flowers lie in spite of hope
toward where I can fly in Erewhon
in thou seed of nature's growth,
but dreams they carry me to hope
my dreamland, wonderland is my throne
and now I cane my sin in crime
t'was my ended whisper time,
over all I can't escape
the Shangri-La upon my mind
to where I tread I took along
that route escape of whom I come,
wandered in the ever mind
can’t escape
ever kind
literal despite of fears
trending topic of my days,
relentless fighting in thine host
twines and sticks as made my cage
grass that was too green for me
brass it was the key to break,
flittermice and one horned deer’s
twittered birds and candy streams
likelihood hood inside a mirror
flickered winds and rising years,
brightly coloured stars and suns
overtaking mind in stun
thereby losing grasp on ledge
grass that was too green to stash,
can’t escape my mind in pain
where the birds they fly in vain
toward the flowers on that grave
inside a motionless embrace,
lost in crime and spent my time
killing birds in all their prime
leaving is no option longer
grass too green to still my hunger.
So many things to say, so little space.

Just trust in nature and yourself.

Last edited by Blue Wolf; 08-30-2014 at 10:22 PM.
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