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Old 03-19-2010, 11:46 AM
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Default Single Story Game - Alone On Pandora.

Rules are simple, keep the story going by writing three paragraphs.

The first one has to begin with the last sentence the previous user wrote.
The second one can be as long as you want.
And the third one is meant to be a linker for the next user to continue the story.

And what's the story about?

Robert Biden survived to the battle on the Stone Arches, because of a malfunction on his AMP suit, which went out of control, he eventually got into the swamps. Fortunately, he got out the machine before it sunk, and found an abandoned shack in which he hid for two days. He tried to contact the rest of the group, but nobody answered.

Alone on Pandora, that's how he felt then. With an exopack and all the courage he could gather up, he went out and found that there was a clan near his settlement; although he knew that if they found him it would be game over.

But if he didn't seek for help, he would die soon too.
This is like a single-character RP, kind of. So please keep Rob as the main character.
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Old 03-22-2010, 09:26 PM
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Forgetting to think about the threatenings of the clan, he started to look around, and to like the nature and to meditate on how we lost our green back on Earth. So, he tried to get a little far from the territory of the clan enjoying the surroundings.

Suddenly, a signal came on the GPS, Robert not knowing what it's about cause he's faraway from every source of signal. Thinking it ain't nothing to lose he decides to follow the sign on the map rendered right there...

Eventhough the signal kept him attracted he wanted to take a break and look at a magnificent shaped gold with red giant rose-like flower and he touches it...
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