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Old 08-17-2010, 10:48 PM
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Default The Na'vi/Avatar Dream Thread.

Okay, so I know there is another thread like this somewhere around here, but it sorta died.

The starting post is going to be quite long - over the character limit - but it's full of good stuff and hopefully the awesome mods here won't mind the fact that I require a double post to accomodate it all......

In addition, I have noticed a number of threads pop up about other people having Avatar or Na'vi dreams, and with the re-release coming out very soon, there are bound to be many more of these fantastic dreams.

The intent of the this thread is to be a place to post your lucid dreams about Avatar, the Na'vi, or other elements of the movie, and a place where people can find tips for inducing lucid dreams (Without drugs. Period. If you really want to play around with hazardous chemicals and develop addictions, be my guest. But do not bring it up here.) if they would like to attempt to have them themselves. Not everybody can do it easily, and some just don't retain theirs very well, and there are ways to remedy both of those problems, sometimes by simply changing your daily routine or even what/when you eat meals or snacks.

Anyway, I thought I would get this started by sharing my own lucid dreams regarding Avatar. I have had quite a few of them, and many of them were almost disturbingly realistic. And the best part? I was a Na'vi in all of them.

Here they are, in semi-story form, because I like writing stories and they are easier to write this way:

So, about four months ago, I decided I wanted to go see a movie. It was raining, I was stressed out, and I felt like getting away from everything for a few hours.

When I arrived at the movie theater, I wasn't sure what movie I wanted to see. I like science fiction, and I remembered that "Avatar", which had been in theaters for months, was about to leave theaters. My friends said it was pretty good and it had gotten good reviews from critics and moviegoers, so I decided to see it. As I purchased my ticket and walked inside I noticed several posters for the movie; deep blue faces with rich yellow eyes and white star-like freckles stared back at me. Somehow, I found them strangely attractive.

The first few minutes of the movie rolled by as I sat in my seat. As the scene with the mining pit went by I became angry; I am an avid naturalist, and I have witnessed the destruction of several of my favorite natural places by the metallic greed of large corporations. I watched on, not noticing that I had already been hooked on the plot.

By the end of the movie, I was spellbound. "Am I still on Earth, in a movie theater? Damn, I am....." I thought to myself as I left. I couldn't believe it, and I somehow felt very sad about it as I walked out onto the dirty asphault, surrounded by the sounds of departing cars and looming, dreary buildings.

The movie, needless to say, was absolutely fantastic. It was very unexpected. Not once until then had a movie made me feel this way, and it was the only movie that had ever made me cry; something even the most intense dramas/tragedies had been unable to do.

I spent the next six hours or so thinking deeply about the movie while going about my daily tasks. I am a biology/environmental sciences student, so the movie appealed to me greatly in a natural way, but no matter which aspect of the movie I thought about, my thoughts always wound up being about the Na'vi. I soon swept the thoughts from my mind as I sat down to do some homework that night before going to bed.

Then the dreams started.

I was in my bathroom, shirtless, and I was washing my face, having just shaved it. It was dead silent. I was going about my business, when I suddenly got very close to the mirror, and for some reason began to focus intently on my right eye. As I looked at it, it began to change. It got bigger; at least three times as big as normal, and it took on an almost animalistic look. Then my iris began to expand, and the color changed; it went from my slate blue/green to a green, then green-yellow, and finally settled on a rich yellow, with just a hint of green. I was freaking out in front of the mirror, but I couldn't move; no matter how much I willed myself to step back from the mirror, my feet would not budge, and I could not move my face or my upper body away from the mirror. Finally, the change completed, and I began to step away from the mirror, but then the dream faded into darkness, and I woke up.

I went back to sleep, and I forgot about the dream until between classes the next day. When I remembered it, shivers went down my spine as I suddenly understood what the dream was about. I was a little weirded out; why was dreaming about that?

I decided I was going to take a break from thinking about Avatar for a while to avoid any more strange dreams.

It didn't work. Not by a longshot.

The next dream was one of the most vivid and palpable dreams I have ever had. I woke up lying in what felt like a pile of wet dirt and leaves. I could hear hushed whispers all around me. I tried to open my eyes, but the sun was shining in them, and I couldn't see. I finally regained my vision, and I realized that I was lying face-down in leaf litter and dirt. I was somewhere in a huge forest, and there was a large deciduous tree in front of me. I sat up on my knees, and turned around to try and find the source of the disembodied voices. To my great surprise, I was surrounded by ten Na'vi, standing in a half circle. They were mumbling something and pointing at me . I turned back around and tried to, putting my hands on my knees to support myself. I gasped and fell back down on my knees as I came to the shocking discovery that my hands were blue. I moved them out of the way in panic and realized that my knees and legs were blue too, with light cobalt stripes. I stood up in a panic and turned around; somehow I stood at eye level with the Na'vi that now approached me. One of them lent their hand to me and mumbled something at me. Before I could respond, everything faded and I woke up.
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Old 08-17-2010, 10:50 PM
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Default Na'vi/Avatar Dream Thread - Part II

The next night, I had yet another dream. It was the same as the last, but it was longer. The other key difference was that I was able to see my entire body; my blue face was studded with tiny white freckles in delicate, lace-like patterns, and my eyes were the same color as they were in the first dream I had. Long ears rested behind my high cheekbones, and black hair adorned my head, replacing my thick, messy, brown hair and resting in thin locks around my face. I was very tall, and a tail protruded from behind me, the tip with a tiny tuft of hair at the end, like a worn-out paintbrush. The part that really stood out was the face; it was exactly like my face, but different; the nose was broader and catlike, and it was longer. This time, I got a good look at the other Na'vi; they were obviously all experienced hunters; they wore dozens of decorative bracelets and various pieces of ornamental clothing. This time, at the end of the the dream, the female Na'vi that lent her hand to me in the last dream grabbed my elbow and motioned for me to follow them deeper into the forest. I followed them, and the dream faded away and ended as I disappeared into the forest.

And it didn't stop there; A few nights later, I had another dream. I was walking through an area with many large roots hanging down and touching the ground. I soon realized that I was in the hometree of another clan. I was supposed to be finding someone to show me how to do something; what exactly, I can't remember, nor can I remember the name of the person I was looking for. I made my way through the small village, and I finally found the person I was looking for. She was a very beautiful female Na'vi; as I approache dher, I said "Uh, excuse me.....". She turned around to face me, and scowled when she realized who she was talking to. It was not a scowl of disgust; it was a the scowl of a person who wishes to test another person's abilites. That is the best way I can describe it. She began telling me something, but the dream faded away and I was unable to understand her.

The dreams stopped for a while following this one. At first I felt uncomfortable about them, but by this point I loved them and eagerly awaited more. Of course, I also eagerly awaited the DVD release, and while counting down the days until it came out, I watched scenes from the movie on youtube and listened to the soundtrack.

So, after I got the DVD the dreams came back, in full force.

In the next one, I and another Avatar driver (in all of these I was a Na'vi/Avatar and I waas very much aware of it) were exploring a swampy area of the jungle while searching for a tribe that lived there. We had to cross the swamp using floating plant remains, because the water was rather deep in most places. I also remember a feeling of forboding regarding what might be living in the murky water and whether it might think of us as it's afternoon snack. Eventually, we reached the village. These Na'vi didn't live in a hometree; rather, they lived on top of giant, floating plants that were shaped like water lilies. They were spread out over a lake-like area, and some of them were almost 100 feet across. They lived in huts made of reeds on top of these giant lilies. We visited them, and they were very nice to us. I remember eating with them and talking to them for a while, and then leaving with some things they gave us. In regards to what these things were, it is getting harder and harder to recall this particular dream, and I don't want to start making things up, so I'll just leave it at that. One thing that I started noticing though, is that after each of these dreams, I felt happy after I remembered it, like a wave of euphoria for a few minutes.

The remaining dreams are as follows; they are in order of occurrence:

1) This dream started with me walking through the middle of a Na'vi village with two Na'vi. This village was unique too, because it was at a very high altitude; I could see mountaintops and Iknimaya in the distance, and there were clouds floating in the distance and sticking to the sides of the plateau where this tribe lived. One thing about this dream that was very cool was that I was able to look around freely. I looked down at my body, and for some reason, I wasn't wearing human clothes anymore. I was wearing a plain loincloth, and I had various bracelets and things, as well as a bow and arrow. I soon realized that I walking through the village to meet the Olo'eyktan, and I eventually found her waiting at the front fo the village. She had facepaint sort of like the nameless leader of the Eastern sea clan from the movie, but it was black and was painted in sharp, angled lines under her eyes and across her cheeks, like inky, menacing fangs. She was facing away from me, and another Na'vi got her attention. I can't remember what I was supposed to be doing there, I just remember that we were going somewhere in the mountains to do something important, and it was going to entail a challenging hike/climb up the mountains. She turned to us, and said something to the other two, and looked directly at me. Her face became a fierce scowl, as she inspected me visually. I returned her scowl with a fierce glare of determination. Finally, after she looked at me for another second or two, she seemed to approve of me, and we left for our destination. When the dream ended, I was very very happy. It took me some time to remember it the next day, and when I did, a wave of ectstasy washed over my mind, and I got the shivers.

2) This one was severly damaged by several other dreams that intersected with it and sort of screwed it up, but there is one key part that I remember.

Again, as a Na'vi, I was walking through a watery section of the forest. This time, it was night, and everything was aglow, of course. For some reason, I was following a very attractive Na'vi woman deeper into the forest. The funny thing was, I felt like I recognized her, but her face was not one I immediately remembered. I was going somewhere with her for her to show me something. There was about six inches of water on the forest floor, and it ran over a bed of small pebbles, like a very wide, shallow stream. There were lots of bioluminescent plants on the forest floor, and they were making the water glow a little too, and tiny fish darted around in the shallows. I finally asked in english: "Where are we going?". She turned to me and came closer, and smiled childishly, saying "follow me" in heavily accented english. We kept walking, and then the dream sort of fell apart and transformed into a dream about something completely different.

3) The most recent one, this occurred just after the last one:

I was at the (new?) hometree that belonged to the Omaticaya. These was some sort of festive occasion that I had been invited to, and there was a party involved with it. Everybody was eating, dancing and having fun, and I could see many of the characters from the movie. I was mainly just mingling with the crowd and enjoying myself. One of the things I really remember well is how everything was glowing, including me, and how the huge bonfire shadows were playing on people's faces, and mixing with the yellow eyes and glowing freckles. I also remember looking at the sky and how strange it was to be looking at a gas giant instead of a tiny white crescent.

Unfortunately, this dream also got sort of garbled, but it was still really interesting.

I haven't had any others recently. I have been trying to avoid watching the DVD or listening to the soundtrack purposely so that the re-release has the maximum possible effect on me and so that it will (hopefully) produce some cool new dreams.

Anyway, if you want to try to have lucid dreams too, there are some easy ways to do it without meditation or exertion. For example, on all of the nights when I had the most realistic lucid dreams, I did not go to bed late (11:00 PM - 1:00 AM versus 2:00 - 3:00 AM) and I woke up a little on the later side (9:00 AM - 11:00 AM). I was also not too fatigued when I went to sleep, I had not eaten any midnight snacks (many of the compounds that result from the digestion of certain foods can and will alter your sleep patterns, such as milk, coffee, and chocolate.) and I had not spent a long time playing videogames or typing anything on my computer.

Also, be aware that lucid dreaming does not necessarily mean deep sleep due to tiredness; it actually means that your are very mentally active while in deep sleep (or REM sleep, as it is called) and as I mentioned, being fatigued/stressed out by things such a family/work issues or travel will often keep you from having them.

Finally, the part where most people seem to have issues is not having the dreams, but remembering them. This part can be a little harder to modify; you often just have to tell yourself (it may sound silly, but there is evidence that saying this aloud may help) "I will remember my dreams!" before you go to bed. I don't know a lot about improving memory, but pursuing those goals may also help you retain your own dreams more often and more accurately.

As with most things, researching these topics yourself is more likely to yield better results. Just try to avoid the meditiation tends to be ambiguous in regards to actually helping, and may stress out the practitioner more than help them relax. There is also more scientific information pointing towards simple changes in habit be more effective than meditation. You might try starting here: Dream - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and then following the links to the sources to find more trustworthy information.

Well, that's all I have to say. If you guys have more dreams or have other tips that work for you in regards to remembering dreams, post 'em here!
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