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Human No More 11-12-2010 09:35 PM

Special Edition Discussion Thread (SPOILERS)
Please use this thread for discussion of new content in the Special Edition for the time shortly after its release to give other people a chance to avoid them if they haven't seen it yet :)

Warning: Unmarked spoilers! Do not read if you haven't watched the SE yet and want to keep it a surprise :)

Do not go further if you don't want spoilers :)

LOVEavatar 11-12-2010 10:00 PM

Great thanks for this HNM :) Now I can feel safe the coming week, thx to you ;) :D


Vauktu 11-12-2010 10:03 PM

Only 4 more days... Must... not... read thread... :P

Layzie 11-12-2010 10:12 PM

I DID pre-order a copy and have not seen the aditional scenes yet. But I accidently read some things that I shouldn't have a few times, now it's not much of suprise.

I'm not any less excited though. :D

joeylovesgaia 11-13-2010 09:43 PM

How do you think the Na'vi attack on that convoy affects the story? In this version the RDA would feel more justified in the attack on Hometree. They don't understand the importance of what they bulldozed: the Tree of Voices. They basically committed an act of war without realizing it. But they don't know that, even after Grace tries to explain. So the attack on the convoy looks unprovoked. Ah, the misunderstandings that lead to war...

SaphirJD 11-13-2010 10:23 PM

so.. i only have to wait until mine is arriving, already sent from amazon uk with my new bluray external player :D

Human No More 11-14-2010 11:17 PM

Well, I watched it tonight (meant to last night but forgot about a gig that was on then until that evening :P )


It's great to have so much more, and the opening scene is good, as is hearing about Grace and Neytiri's backstory (but so sad :'()

But I'm disappointed, no uniltaron OR attack on Hell's Gate in the actual finished footage :'(

Overall though... it was great, and I'm hugely feeling PAD right now. I didn't even really notice the extra length at all (just about exactly 3 hours with the credits, it uses the long credits from the original cinema release rather than the shortened ones from the SE)

Vauktu 11-17-2010 10:15 AM

The Collector's Edition of Avatar is amazing, to put it simply. Not just the movie and the new scenes, but all the bonus features and extra content. Heck, even the packaging is awesome. :)

The opening Earth scene explained a lot about Jake's life and how he ended up on Pandora. It's hard to believe this scene was cut from both theatrical releases. :(

I thought the scene where Jake provoked Norm by saying he had a date with both Neytiri and her sister was great. I couldn't help but laugh. What caught me by surprise was when Grace said her sister was dead. Talk about a total mood killer. :'(

After watching the extended cut, I decided to watch all the deleted scenes next. Most were pretty cool, but three scenes in particular caught my attention:
  • 1.) Tsu'Tey's drinking party: This scene had me smiling the whole time. I thought it was great. I'm actually quite curious as to why Jim decided to leave it out.
  • 2.) The dream hunt: Just imagine how cool this scene would have looked fully rendered. :)
  • 3.) Attack on Hell's Gate: Just like the dream hunt, I would have loved to see this scene rendered entirely.

Human No More 11-17-2010 11:27 AM

So true, they're great... really should have been finished... I would have loved to see them with full detail :(

Helicoradian 11-17-2010 12:41 PM

I tried to watch the +16 minute extended cut, but only made it a half hour into it until I had to cut it off :(

Jake's situation prior being sent to Pandora was depressing. Being paralyzed on a polluted and overpopulated planet while living in a crap apartment by himself, He didn't have anything to live for really :(

Taronyu Eywa 11-17-2010 07:59 PM

I just wish that they'd finish all those deleted scenes, stick them all together and have a 4 hour long Avatar epic.

What really stood out for me in the deleted scenes was the attack on the gate, but more suprisingly Selfridge (spelt right?) and how he is explored more as being less of a killer and seemingly reluctant. Like when he is smacking the explosives in a fit of protest, forgetting they were explosives. He just seemed so victimised by Quaritch :(

I must admit, seeing that dance after the Hunt in full HD and rendered would have been amazing, it looked really really epic.

Not to mention the whole "Jake interupts Trudy and Norm moment" which caught me a little off guard at first :P

I havent even sifted through anything else yet, but this set is giving me so much. This is simply an abselout must by, I can't imagine now my Avatar experience being complete without this Blu-Ray.

Patrice Maire 11-17-2010 08:56 PM

Just remember folks, there is a novel coming supposedly that includes allllll the material he left out. So we'll get to explore the little things like Norm and Trudy's relationship... and come to think of it...
High Points for me:
I seem to recall imagining that Norm put the war paint on Trudy's chopper or I read it in the '880' scriptment.
Anywho... that was a surprise to see Norm and Trudy in the sack if you didn't see the whole chopper cockpit scene.

Max uses one of the machines to rip open the control tower... giving Selfridge the bird... fantastic!
I think given the addition of the opening scenes on Earth, the drinking scene at the hunt ceremony would have made a great connection.
I was also happy to see that Norm was brought in with Grace..which is why he was able to be there with her at the Tree of Souls. And Mo'at commenting on his good manners. hehe.
Did not want to watch the Wainfleet killing Norm alternate scene....

I watched the entire Capturing Avatar documentary..... all of it .... I love behind the scenes stuff! But seeing the unfinished scenes was good as well.
So much great stuff!

Hunter of the Glade 11-17-2010 09:14 PM

Hunter's Review of the CE
The CE is just beautiful. I came home from school yesterday after a perfect day, to find the package on my doorstep. You could only imagine how excited I was.

The box itself is amazing! A beautiful cover and back, along with the book-like dvd casing decorated with elaborate pictures and quotes on the inside...just...well done. As soon as I slid off the cover to see that outstanding picture of Jake's eyes with "Oel ngati kameie" above, I smiled and knew this was the real deal.

Of course I went all out and watched the full 3 hour cut and was blown away. The beginning scene with Jake opening his eyes with the big bass drum in the background was epic, followed by the view of all those people walking in the city. Earth looks absolutely disgusting in the future...those people wearing masks and all of the technology in the background made me feel rather uneasy.

The bar fight was awesome and I loved how before the fight it showed Jake balancing a shot over his forehead :xD:

One of the scenes that really struck me emotionally was when Jake asked Grace what really happened at the school. Seeing Grace in a different light, explaining sadness and troubles that happened in the past, made me feel extremely sorry for Neytiri losing her sister. I'm very glad they explained thoroughly what happened at the school, as it cleared up much confusion for me. Honestly though, this scene was deep. I haven't been able to stop thinking about it all day. It may be imo the best scene added to the CE.

The deleted scenes were amazing also...
The Na'vi dance party would have been awesome if finished. :(

Lol @ Trudy and Norm ;)

And that scene where Jake had to eat that sacred worm was weird...even weirder when he saw his future right before his eyes. The downed and burned trees and toruk. Very creepy...did not ever think that that was going on in the depths of Hometree before Jake became One of The People.

Lol @ when Max hit the guard over the head with a thermos. :xD:

Also, when the Na'vi were trying to heal Grace at the Tree of Souls...the camera pans upward to view the well from a bird's eye view. What surprised me was that this small circular hole in the ground with the tree in the center, surrounded by vainy strands of bioluninescent vines on the ground...MADE THE TREE OF SOULS LOOK LIKE AN EYE. The eye of Eywa...did anyone else notice this?

The scene when Quaritch picked up Selfridge kinda scared me...he was such a tyrant when he took over.

I WISH, that scene of Max in the slash cutter was kept in, along with the Avatar's overrunning Hell's Gate...come on James that woulda been perfect. :P

Seeing the Tsu'tey death scene again was refreshing. Seeing Ney cry was tough, but it all contributed to the end result: PAD

I haven't felt this way since the SE to be exact. The collector's edition certainly had after-effects on me just like the SE did. Seeing new footage that adds to the storyline most certainly lights up the potential for PAD to rear it's head. This also gets me thinking ahead to what the Avatar sequels will do to my emotions.

Aside from that, I'll wrap up my thoughts with saying that the Cabinet Edition is everything I expected it to be. Mind-blowing. :D Like HNM said...this is something that I will always keep for the rest of my life, to remind myself of the amazing feelings that this film has given me, how I SEE, and how my life has been changed forever...:)

Cameron, you've done it again! :D

Vauktu 11-18-2010 02:18 AM

Is it just me, or has the sound and picture quality on the CE been improved over the bare bones edition? There's something about the extended cut that seems different.

Human No More 11-18-2010 06:28 AM

hmm, I didn't notice anything really... but I guess it certainly could have been :)

and yeah, I wish they had finished some more of the film... the attack on Hell's Gate or the uniltaron would have gone perfectly :(

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