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Old 12-22-2010, 10:12 PM
Pamtseo Vitra
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Default If you could cut Avatar...? (Probably SE/CE spoilers.)

Given all the extra bit and pieces being added to Avatar seemingly all the time, I got to thinking...

"If I could cut Avatar any way I wanted to, how would I do it?"

For me, the order of the film is pretty much right, except for a few changes. I, personally liked the 'Earth 2154' bit at the beginning, but I thought it changed the feel of the film's opening somewhat. I really loved the impact of the original fly-over that was the original & SE cuts. They had a lot more impact for me. So that intro sequence is a difficult one for me.

Pretty much everything is right for most of it then...
(Might I say, as i've not really discussed it much, having only seen the CE the other night, that the (even more) added things in the CE are really, really great. The dialogue between Grace and Jake about his new Na'vi lifestyle and what happened at the school really tugged hard on my heartstrings. )

The only thing I would do - controversially. - is to put Tsu'tey's death before the final Jake/Quaritch faceoff. This was, again, another really brilliant scene that really did the great warrior he was justice and for me personally, it really had no effect on the 'I see you.' scene. However, I get this sense that had it been before the final fight, the fight itself would have had that little bit more gravity and drive behind it. Chased up by the 'I see you' scene, it would have been even more touching than it already is. That said, now i've seen it in the order it is - as they say on the internet - "What is seen cannot be unseen" so watching it in any other order now would seem a little weird.

Anyway, how would all of you cut it?

(Oh, also bearing in mind, you can include deleted scenes... which I haven't watched yet.)
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Old 12-22-2010, 10:47 PM
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Haha yeah I was thinking about it myself lately, well I would definitely include the new opening, the original opening seemed too fast/rushed for me when I first watched it and it didn't really get me interested in the movie before I saw pandora, so I think the new intro elaborates Jake's situation better and would probably catch my attention better.

As for the other scenes, I would definitely include the school scene with the same order of dialogue. When Grace said "I'm sure they're watching us right now", in the original it didn't make all that sense since they were in the middle of the rainforest, I would be surprised if they bumped into a na'vi like that, but in the CE she said it when they arrived to the abandoned school, so that makes more sense imo, as it's not just a random place in a forest.

The additional shot where Jake follows Neytiri through the night forest, examining the purple lighting up ground under his feet, is nice so I would keep it in.

I would probably exclude the scene where Neytiri tells Jake her name and the additional jumping on the root bridge in climbing up the iknimaya (or however you spell it) where you can see Neytiri flying by, as it imho interrupts the flow of the scenes with the soundtrack (in the jumping scene) and they are both not essential - Grace could tell Jake the name when showing him pictures of Neytiri Tsu'tey etc. But these scenes are obviously valuable for a dedicated fan, so I would include them in a director's cut.

Hunt scene, awesome, obviously included.

The bit where Jake "explains" why floating mountains float sounded a bit dumb imo, instead they should have made Grace quickly explain it to Jake while he would made his "ummmm... okay", would be funny at least. I didn't like this scene so I wouldn't include it.

Dialogue between Grace and Jake about what happened in school is essential part of the story, included.

Connecting braids... I wouldn't include it because it just seemed unnecessary, the original scene was more beautiful.

Tsu'tey's death... I would probably move it before the final fight with Quaritch as you suggested, obviously there would be only Jake and Tsu'tey, since Neytiri's presence wouldn't make sense.

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Old 12-22-2010, 11:58 PM
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I really want to make my own version of the film, like a fan's cut or something. I love the CE bar the Earth scene. It does not flow well with the rest of the movie, is a bit unnecessary and the CG isn't as impressive as the rest of the movie.

I personally would replace the Earth scene with the original opening and then add the rest of the CE to that.
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Old 12-23-2010, 12:08 AM
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Assuming we mean for IMAX, I'd use the SE, with a few changes. I'd cut more of the bits with skypeople talking, maybe reduce part with Jake being offered the job a bit if I needed to, and have the dreamhunt and attack on Hell's Gate in there instead

If length wasn't an issue, I'd use the CE cut and add the hunt festival, dream hunt and attack on Hell's Gate
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Old 12-31-2010, 08:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Human No More View Post

I'd use the CE cut and add the hunt festival, dream hunt and attack on Hell's Gate
this...plus i'd include the golf scene with Grace,Jake,and Selfridge,as it totally sums up the attitude of the Col.Q/RDA skypeople towards the Na'vi,and the futility of Jake's 'carrot mission'. it is still shocking to me and makes my total disgust at the humans complete,that Selfridge gives not a damn,that Hometree is older than human history. typical human arrogance. grrrr
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