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Old 12-30-2012, 03:55 PM
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Default My post-industrial reading of Avatar

Since I watched Avatar, I've heard this idea that has fascinated me since and I need to share it before it gets invalidated by the sequels or the books. (I'm pretty sure James Cameron has a quite different vision about his world, but who knows... )

We view the Na'vi as a primitive pre-industrial culture that relies on the most simple to live their lives. They are defenceless against the elements, and survive only through their strength and tenacity. They are far behind us and with a lot way to yet go. They have not seen the wonders that science and technology can bring, past the most simple tools, which is why they never accept our kind offers of roads, nor our kind offers of medicine. People like Quaritch and Selfridge easily dismiss them as savages and laugh at them. In their eyes, any fascination with the world of Pandora is purely emotional one. There's nothing in it that humanity hasn't been through. Everything there is backwards.

But what never crosses their mind is that it might be just the opposite. You can wonder how the primitive Pandora catches them all by surprise and chases away the all-powerful humans so easily. What if, indeed, the Na'vi are a post-industrial society, one that has gone far and beyond, one that grew way more advanced than we ever were? What if they discovered new meanings of the word technology by creating something we would never recognize as such, something far beyond our own imagination? It has been said that any sufficiently advanced technology would be indistinguishable from magic, and Pandora is the walking and talking definition of magic.

Take a close look at Pandora. "There's nothing we have that they want," is how Jake saw it. I say that he was wrong, and that in fact there is nothing we have that they haven't got already. The Na'vi have their houses, buildings, and even skyscrapers that grow out of the ground and heal with time, all in the comfort of their lush forest. And I can bet these buildings provide much greater comfort than your air conditioned room and your manufactured bed. The Na'vi also walk on their roads that spread through the wild on their own and have cars and planes with a mind of their own, who not only serve as transport but double as your friend and companion. They have their kind of internet where they can share and record their thoughts and memories freely, just by thinking about it.

They also have an army of creatures not machines, but creatures that they can summon in a time of great sorrow. It will be there for them and it will serve them like nothing we humans ever had on our side. The Na'vi can make creatures the creatures listen and follow them through tsaheylu, or from a distance through Eywa like Jake did. They have an entire thinking moon like the one that we're trying to create through artificial intelligence and supercomputers, only much, much better.

So when one is confronted with this wonder, one might ask where did it all come from? And there is an easy answer. The Na'vi people are ancient. A very long time ago they went through a history similar to ours. Maybe they faced a challenge similar to the one that now sent us there looking for unobtainium. Maybe they too were close to their own destruction. But one day they mastered the art of controlling and changing nature. And they took this great gift, and used it to create their paradise on Pandora as a way to escape their dystopian past. They created all this wealth of their world that we now fail to see. But as time passed, for some reason they forgot. They forgot where their wonders came from, they forgot many of their secrets, like the one that Jake discovered. And perhaps they did it deliberately, to avoid going back to their darker days.

I also speculate that they could have been a space-faring people, one that have visited Earth being their closest neighbour in the past, many thousands if not million years ago. It could be even that the prehistorical jungles of Earth inspired them to move away from their technological hell. But most importantly, perhaps something happened here on Earth which was the cause for their striking resemblance to us. And the reason we can link with the avatars and Eywa can link with us. And perhaps that is also the reason why Eywa recognizes us as a threat, but also as someone close, and perhaps there's a lingering feeling of guilt inside those memories, maybe something about what happened then, or maybe something about what she saw in Grace's memories happening with us right now.

If such a secret lies hidden somewhere within Eywa, under the ground, in the ocean or one of the other moons, there's no telling how the brains of the likes of Selfridge would explode, and how their arrogance will suddenly be poetically destroyed once they are faced with it. Especially if there's something to the secret that also gives another way of the Na'vi to protect themselves from the next wave of arrogant humans.

P.S. I think I have posted this thought here before, but I watched Avatar today and the interaction between Grace, Quaritch, and Selfridge and the stubborness and arrogance of the last two just inspired me to expand on it a little bit. I cherish anything that can highlight the blindness of those two. The snarky smile of the female officer in the background inspired me even more.

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