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Old 09-09-2016, 01:58 AM
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Default Similarities between Avatar and Titanic

It's crazy how a work can influence the other one.
Here are some similarities between Avatar and Titanic. The ancestor of Avatar was manuscripted not long after Titanic's release, so it may have contributed. Of course, both movies have lots of differences but let's notice the influence of art on a person's thinking.

1. The protagonists meet in a life threatening situation
In Titanic, Jack (omg similar to Jake) notices Rose trying to jump off the boat.
In Avatar, Jake is attacked by Viperwolves and Neytiri comes to save him.
Not the same elements, but the same context.

2. They are caught by ''guards''.
In Titanic, the screams of Rose have alerted the guards. In Avatar, they have simply met Tsu'tey's gang. Of course, there is less similarity, but in both cases they are stopped and the man is brought by the gang to the girl's family.

3. Learning manners
Not very similar, but the man protagonist in both movies have to learn the manners of the higher class. Forget about the rest.

4. The mating
Pretty obvious, even though it's not in the same context and place. It's the element that counts.

5. Destruction
There's more symbolism in the one. In Titanic, the boat is broken by the iceberg and it sinks. As a metaphor, the Hometree is the sinking boat and the skypeople are the iceberg. There are lots of deaths and rescues.

We can see the Tree of Souls as the second boat that rescues the Titanic passengers.

6. Punishment
Jack is attached to a pole by people (to keep him away from Rose) while the boat is sinking. In Avatar, Jake is, during a certain time, attached to something (with Doctor Grace) while the Hometree is being attacked. The rest is out of similarity.
Remember the 2010s...

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Old 09-19-2016, 06:50 PM
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It's a James Cameroon movie so you can aspect that.
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