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Old 04-30-2010, 04:06 PM
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Default Society, re-imagined

There's been a lot of talk lately of people who are sick of the rat race. Sick of the 9-5, the cars, the debt. What if we redesigned society? How would you set it up? Our society today is focused on profits, not people. How about a localized economy, rather than a global economy? A system where the individual actually mattered, and you felt connected to the people and products you've chosen to include in your life. Think this is just talk? This is happening! You can start now!

Want to live in a world without cars and oil?
Get rid of your car and ride your bike or walk. Move to a car-free city, or a bike-friendly city.

Want to start eating natural, wholesome foods, that don't rape the Earth in their production; free of pesticides, and genetic modification?
Start a community garden, join a CSA, go to the farmer's market, eat less or no meat.

Want to spend your time creating something important to you, or something that could change the world?
Get rid of the TV, spend less time online, stop buying more DVDs and video games that result in you slumped in front of a screen. Go out there and start building your legacy!

Set an example. Others will follow! They will see how the changes you've made have made you a better person, and they'll want to do the same.

If we just sit back and whine, "Man, I hate how life is, I wish it was different," we're never going to change anything. We'll continue to consume, go to work, be unhappy and unhealthy. If we don't make the changes we want to see, how will they ever happen? It has to start somewhere. Someone must be the catalyst. Any limits you've imposed upon yourself are simply excuses, based on old ways of thinking. Change requires energy. A leader can do nothing alone, they require a follower to start a movement, to create momentum.

Join the conversation! Get your voice out there! What would you change?

» society, reimagined :mnmlist
» society, reimagined: how to make it reality :mnmlist
Putting Leo Babauta’s ‘Society, Reimagined’ into Practice
"I shut my eyes in order to see"
-Paul Gauguin
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