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Old 08-10-2010, 11:32 PM
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Default Information warfare...

By request of Thorinair. This is a chat log of me, flirting with a War Target in EVE. This is why you do not make me angry, or I'll start hitting on YOU.

Gothic Novel > )))0
Aiwha > just getting in some practice
Aiwha > I hope you dont mind
Aiwha > Quite a challenge actually. So many vectors and warp ins that can be used....
Aiwha > Gothic, can we not cross blades with words as well as weapons?
Gothic Novel > if i sit on bc u undock?
Aiwha > Oh fine... I'll grab a real ship...
Gothic Novel > i see u have wolf
Gothic Novel > 1x1 of noob?
Gothic Novel > or*

pure dirtyness > you're perceptive indeed
Aiwha > idk, thats his call
Aiwha > I'm a hopeless BC freak. And not a very good one.
Gothic Novel > 1x1
Gothic Novel > ?

pure dirtyness > i just want snuggle with you
Aiwha > you two can go at it if you wish
pure dirtyness > i'll be the big spoon
Aiwha > I wont intervene if the sgt wants to
Gothic Novel > lol)))))))
Aiwha > I can play games too

Lyanca > orly
Gothic Novel > tamagochi?
Aiwha > yarly
Aiwha > no, too complicated

Mademoiselle Cake > tamagochi ftw
Aiwha > I always killed mine :,(
Mademoiselle Cake > i let mine smother in its own crap
Aiwha > your going to want to go about 12k more out
Aiwha > keep going
Gothic Novel > )
Aiwha > ECM's a bitch aint it?
Gothic Novel > falof
Gothic Novel > )
Aiwha > keep going
Aiwha > bai
Aiwha > till next we meet.
Aiwha > Again, appearing alight on her feet. Returning to my view for but a seccond, before vanishing into the empy reaches of the void...

Lyanca > WAT?
Lyanca > PORN?
Lyanca > IN MY EVE?
Gothic Novel > gay porn by marine academy
Lyanca > perfect
Aiwha > ah, not porn, perhaps love. Found amongst the vast spaces between worlds...
pure dirtyness >
Gothic Novel > cta to 1 red star in local
Gothic Novel > funni
Gothic Novel >

Lyanca > I'm a red -
Lyanca > right?
pure dirtyness > more like a timezone you ran across
Gothic Novel > -
Gothic Novel > )

Motoko petrova > I will soo get you back one day gothic ....
pure dirtyness > no
pure dirtyness > you'll do something better
Motoko petrova > xD And that is?
Gothic Novel > хуй проссыш че пиздите
pure dirtyness > like go to 0.0 and forget about these hgih-sec games
Pastaboi > Why the russian ? :/
Aiwha > I find russian accents sexy...
Motoko petrova > Because I'm russian?
Mademoiselle Cake > is this fun for you gothic?
Motoko petrova > Half russian at least
Gothic Novel > у каждого свой фан. кому то копать нравится....
Gothic Novel > use google

Motoko petrova > Can't read it though....So the jokes on you! mwahahah!
Gothic Novel > )
Aiwha > I am saddend, I cannot understand that which the idol of my eye speaks...

Lorkada > anyone want to go to minmatarr space?
Lorkada > I found a wormhole that leads directly to minmatarr
Mademoiselle Cake > omg gank me in a wormhole yes please
Lorkada > idiot
Lorkada > I said directly
Lorkada > empire-> empire
Mademoiselle Cake > ahh my bad
Gothic Novel > trolls
Lorkada > yea :/
Mademoiselle Cake > still, -5 in minmatar i think.
Lorkada > well i'm going in now, so if noone wants a ride
Lorkada > its 4 from Hek
Lorkada > \o
Aiwha > My target lock is broken, but my heart remains strong...
Aiwha > wait for me..
Gothic Novel > i stay in permajamed and u think that im take agro and u 9 war's in local kill me?
Gothic Novel > funni
Gothic Novel > )

Mademoiselle Cake > yayyyy i <3 highsec
Gothic Novel > u loce dock
Gothic Novel > not high sec
Aiwha > Who am I to second guess your motives. One cannot predict you anymore than one can predict the eddies and currents of a twisting stream of the soul....

Mademoiselle Cake > what is loce
Pastaboi > I have no idea what u just meant.
Pastaboi > Gothic that is
Mademoiselle Cake > i'm gonna go forum lurk
Aiwha > I can feel the thrill of your hunt. Stalking, watching, waiting. Glimmering eyes from the darkness. Livid pools allowing a glimpse to the huntress heart within...
Aiwha > god damn it she left
Aiwha > ^@$&$&@

Pastaboi > Thats good actually. now i can go finish my mission without sittign here looking at local. have fun :p
Aiwha > I could keep reciting prose?
Pastaboi > Why. No that won't be necessary.
Aiwha > awww...
Pastaboi > /emote runs as fast as heis ship warp can
Aiwha > People dont realise what a tender heart I have...
Mademoiselle Cake > your poetry blows
Aiwha > sad faiz
Aiwha > Not even shot down by the recipient. ouch.

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