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Old 08-15-2010, 06:19 PM
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Default A solution to the environmental issue

Copypasta'd from my notebook.


Do I really need to remind you the waste we produce? Do I really need to remind you how much energy we throw away every single day in unnecessary services? Do I really need to remind you how much have we abused the resources of this planet? I feel certain that the answer to these questions is an obvious "no". However, do I need to remind you the only persons on whom the change and solution of this situation relies are you? Yes.

Not do I try to make you feel bad for lighting up your houses or switching on your PCs, nor do I attempt to make you "go green" or get into any of those ridiculous, incongruent and hypocrite ecological programs. I do want, anyhow, make you realize not an opinion but a fact: that the change of direction is in your hands and it is still possible. I won't make you feel responsible for the damage already done but will do my best at showing you what *you*, average citizen, can do for this place.

First of all, why do we have this problem? Though I could blame the evil corporations, the rotting system or the selfish apathy; the answer is very much simple: because we wanted it to happen, and want it to keep going. "Why would we want it to happen? I am the fist person opposing to the pollution and waste effects, and for sure am doing and will do all I am able to stop it."

Sadly, dear friend, you may have opposed to it but you're doing actually nothing to stop it. The reason is -actually, the two reasons are first of all, that this effect cannot be stopped but slowed down unless we turn off every factory of this planet, because every single fire lit up damages the environment and throws smoke and ashes to it; and the second one is, that you pay for it.

Or haven't you paid for your car, your fridge, your TV, your microwave system or even this PC? Don't you pay your light and gas bills? Don't you pay for the oil for your car?

Perhaps not directly; but indirectly, by paying for all of this you're paying to the people who produced it, thrown waste with their processes and throws your waste away to your surroundings. Perhaps not directly, but indirectly, you're asking for more of this.

As I said before, the damage is already done and we won't change the past. However, we still have time to fix it; though you won't like the solution. It's not cheap, it's not easy and it's not painless. I know that these three words will make every single person of the modern Western world be scared the hell of it and will oppose to it to happen at all costs. I know that if I try to show you the consequences of keeping this enormous shallowing machine on, I will be called catastrophist. I know this is not what you want to hear.

However, I would like to remind you that this is a needed sacrifice.

The Chinese say, "you'll go where you're headed to"; a simple and obvious statement yet something we forget in this matter -where are we headed to right now; where will we go, where will our species and our planet's go?

Now: the solution.

I want to purpose you, apart from all that (useless) advice that will save electricity and water and slow down the pace on which the problem goes, to start by doing a simple thing: avoid screens as much as possible -unless needed, don't ever touch the "on" button. That's the motto: screenless! Why, you'll say? Those eat up most of the energy of your home and save you most of yours. Those make you forget what you're able to do, so you stay in your cozy home for hours. Shut them down and meet the outside: I'd rather let you discover why I'm telling you to act this way, just let me say it's completely beneficial.

Wondering about the second step? Associate: exercise your right to organize or join an association that -actually- works for cleaning the trash thrown away, plants trees or makes pressure on the local government and collects signatures to avoid harmful environmental changes. In my opinion, though it's much easier to join a volunteering program where to find people alike; it will be interesting to see what you and your friends can do and work together.

From this point on, I let it up to you -give it some time and let you see yourself how far you can go with it. I could give you some more advice like, convincing your neighborhood to follow this scheme or reducing your bought goods (and therefore waste) to the bare necessary. After all, as Diogenes said, "Richer is not who has more but needs less".

That's all you can do -that's all I can think you can do.

Ignore this or follow it, the choice is yours because, all in all, I'm just a wall of text.
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Old 08-17-2010, 12:08 AM
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Interesting, but I don't think it's entirely right... The main uses of resources are not consumer based, but industrial... Which is one of my issues with government, they want the individuals to pay for things that the companies who actually do it should.
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