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Old 09-17-2010, 08:33 PM
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Default Trickster Reflection

It is interesting that on today, when I wrote my Nine Months Later poem, that after this is the meditation card that I pulled!

15 Trickster

Number and Meaning: 15, Realization of bondage begets liberation
Traditional Name: The Devil
Medicine Woman Energy: Captivated by the Trickster

Affirmation: “The primal Will-to-Heal within me is stronger than any thought, thing, person, disease, habit, or practice that attempts to rule my life. I do now fully realize my power to change all that appears to oppress me.”

The Card Speaks: “I am the force given power when one assumes the attitude that the material world rules hir. I am given power when you look only backward to that which has been your experience, and when you allow those previous apparent failures to rule your walking. ‘Devil’ is ‘lived’ spelled backward. It is living and looking only to what has been. In other worlds, it is really the opposite of living, which is a moving forward. You are chained by the point of view that what I ‘out there’ limits you. You can transmute this Devil by realizing that the past can be transcended.”

“The sorcerer Don Juan spoke of a ‘warrior’ as one having no personal history. By this he meant that to be a person of power one must let go of the ‘memory’ of one’s own failures. You must re-evaluate. You must re-value. You must live and go forward.”

“All that appears to have limited you on the material plane, whether laws or people or situations, must be made into your benefactors by your own mental processes. The Devil then becomes merely the Trickster, causing you to look at yourself and discover where you are caught by the world. You may want to rebel against outside forces that appear to harm you, but the only true revolution is evolution of consciousness. Material experience follows mental experience.”

“The Devil is faulty observation, superficial reasoning that gives physicality more power that spirituality. This stage of growth means moving beyond appearances, experiencing beyond the senses. Sexuality is more than sensation. Life is more than the material plane. The Devil dies to life. You have lifted the chains when you understand this.”

“As you come to know me as the Trickster, you will discover that I capture your compassion. By leading you into situations where you experience the inequities of the world, you are drawn to change them. As you see that others suffer with you, your heart takes a spiritual step. When you have moved beyond blame, beyond the idea of Devil and the expression of rage at an unfair world, your open heart begins to transform the energy of anger into the action of love. I have tricked you into becoming a compassionate being. Only now are you able truly to help the world. Your heart will reach for the Spirit.”

Self-questioning: Whom do I blame when something goes wrong? Do I look to myself? Do I check out my own beliefs to see how they brought the situation to me? Am I called to anger or to action that might make correction?

Astrological Sign: Capricorn


It is easy to feel trapped, limited by circumstances. There seem to be endless restraints on us in the ‘vale of tears’ as life is sometimes called.

Indeed, for all practical purposes, life can be a struggle, full of sorrow and pains. Why is this so? Play with the word ‘evil’ and transpose the first two letters, creating ‘veil’, These worldly evils are a veil that hangs over our eyes while our consciousness clings to the belief that is through material means that our liberation comes.

We struggle to make more money, believing money will wipe out the feeling of poverty. We struggle to combat disease at its symptomatic end, rather than to create conditions of health in self and Earth through proper living. We cry for the suffering, hungry victims of societal abuse, but do little to create a new society. We give our days to society’s jobs, our children to be taught in their schools the very values whose results we see and abhor. We suffer through relationships that stifle creativity and spirituality, so that we don’t have to risk being our greatest Self. Oh, the ills of the world are great indeed, and love to feel victimized and abused.

But there is another part of us that emerges as we rise above any of these conditions. And from our liberated view we see that we pulled ourselves up by our very own bootstraps, whether from our own determination or the help of God as we allowed it to work through us; and we want to show others the way. This is a big step, a good step, but not the last step.

We must also rise above the struggles of others. It is a blessing to get beyond one’s own limitations, but, lo and behold, you are then confronted by an entire world of suffering beings.

Anyone who works in the field of social services knows what a burnout it can be to try to help others by material mans. Admittedly, help can be given. Money, food, medicine, and shelter are immediate satisfiers. But the problem is eternal. It can be completely solved only by changes in consciousness, just like the awakenings you made when you realized you could do something for yourself.

This does not mean you must not offer material help if the opportunity is before you. You must follow your conscience. That is your spiritual growth. And as you awaken, your greater spiritual power will have more effect on the world.

It is your love, kindness, and generosity that help the world. Your offerings are simply the material representations of your inner growth. Consequently, you must not seek the material offering to solve your problems, but those spiritual qualities higher than your own. This way the Trickster is foiled. You are freed. The veil is lifted. The Devil is no more!

from The Medicine Woman Inner Guidebook by Carol Bridges
It was impossible not to have, It's impossible not to be, It's impossible not to still ...!

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"Its only 'here' that we lose perspective, out at the Cosmic Consciousness Level things get a lot clearer. For example, there is an actual star pattern that is traced in the shape of a Willow Tree, across the breadth of the Milky Way! And no wonder Indigenous peoples refer to the 'here after' as the Happy Hunting Grounds! Has it ever occured to anyone why the bioluminescence dots, on the Na'vi!"
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