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Old 09-27-2010, 04:01 PM
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Default A world of heirs

Suddenly everything lost any original sense -syndicates for example, thought to ease the conditions of the workers now tax them; politicians whose main end was speaking for the people now speak for their ideas and their party's ideology; artists don't make art their lives but want to live (and get known) through their art; any discovery, invention or new technology is not made in behalf of mankind, but their owner.

Nobody dares to know why everything is done, why they work or why they even exist or let injustices happen. Most of are just content with carrying on with their existence, of just working without knowing where their work comes from or what consequences their efforts will have apart from their salaries. If they feel bad about any job they are doing -they won't leave them because they have an unasked duty towards society, and rather place that over their feelings.

And for those who know and dare to question, and realize things are bad -they'd rather ignore the situation, so they can be happy. People rather ignore what people in China do to bring your computer home. People rather not know what it takes for you to have electricity, water, constant food supply. People would rather ignore what happens beyond our frontiers ("it's not my business").

For ignorance, in helplessness times, is a bliss.

The world we have, the world we put our feet on, is not ours -it's our fathers', our grandfathers'. It's them who have given their blood for the making of this country, of this system; and not us- we just keep their business going making no questions about it.

That heritage is simply good. Going against it is crimethink, an offense to those who fought for it. Thus their methods, their habits, their culture and values remain untouched, as they're used out, deformed and eventually lose any meaning they could have had.

But perhaps, if we are to follow our fathers, we should take from them something we have forgotten.

People like George Washington and Maximilien Robespierre had to stand against centuries of monarchic rule.

People like Einstein or the Wright brothers had to sort out the disbelief they caused as they shook the pillars of everything that was taken as true to the moment.

We have forgotten that the future is not predictable. The future is, and remains, unwritten. The future is, and remains in our hands. Waiting for us to write on its white pages.

And it's up to us to question and change our world, or keep it going as our fathers left it.
I love Plato, but I love Truth more - Aristotle
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Old 09-27-2010, 04:56 PM
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Humans accept the normal because they fear the unknown. What they have always done has worked and they are afraid to try new things because the cost of failing would be too great. If a worker quits his job and attempts to find another, he may not be able to find a new job or go back to his old one.

On a basic genetic level, we are hardwired to accept the norm in certain instances. From a young age we develop brand loyalty. If a person is taking a medication for a blue pill but a red pill comes out on the market that has the exact same effects for a much cheaper price, quite often the person still prefers to take the blue pill. This has always baffled me. Lots of humans are willing to pay dozens or even hundreds of dollars for a drug that has a certain brand name when a cheap generic medication exists for a few bucks. We somehow associate that blue pill as being superior and, to the delight of companies and corporations, pay higher prices. The same is true for almost any other goods. Studies have been done with blind food taste tests. A person may say that a particular kind of peanut butter is the best in a blind taste test but when presented with the same options, his/her results change to prefer the best known brand names. Clothing is another good example. Who needs to buy $100 dollar sneakers? Some basketball player endorses a brand of sneaker and then all of sudden everyone wants it. Very often the sneakers are the exact same as any other, look almost the same, and are of the same quality (or in many cases inferior). The list is endless. We are just hardwired to associate qualities to categories.

In some cases apathy does govern our willingness to know. Like you said, some humans are simply not interested in what happens. My own bias bleeding into this post: People who do not care about the world have always irked me greatly. To my disbelief there are those who who are satisfied with their black and white interpretation of things and are not interested in digging deeper or considering the circumstances.

"Knowing" can feel like a burden. When everyone says that the world is so terrible today, they forget that we have always had these problems from the beginning. Brother has always killed brother, wars have been fought ever since primal times, etc. The difference is that we are aware that these things exist today.

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