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Old 01-30-2011, 01:00 PM
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Default General Motivation

I feel like we forget about who we are as human beings, kind of like Alzheimer's patients. We also forget about our abilities as one of them.

Our potential vses our thresholds, limits, flaws, etc...

I will take you on a journey that we all can relate to, our reasoning. The simple things that conquer our lifes, those things that are essential to our decision making. These are very complicated that can have the simplest of remedies.
  • When we want to work on something, or get something done, we don't 'actually' do it.
We reason with ourselves about the flaws that made us NOT do that something and we have this whole fabricated reality where our insecurities control certain boundaries of our decisions that we would never dare oversee, henceforth severely limiting your options. Or just maybe you are very 'compassionate' to the people around you and let that effect your actions, and judgment. In the end, regardless of what reason, that thing you wanted to do ends up not happening because you let something get through to you. The longer you wait or sit on something, the more difficult it is to lift it up again. Or, as the saying goes,"See how far the rabbit hole goes...".
You may be asking yourself,"Insecurities? I've heard of the term but I don't know what it exactly means." Insecurities are illogical (non-fact driven) certainties that occur in our mind, body language, communication, and even well-known shards in our state of minds. Let me convey one to you now: My voice, in it's automatic (effortless) tone, sounds rather rough and young. Whenever I wake up, look in the mirror, or just pacing, I'm reminded that my voice imitates a weak character; a person with a bad personality. This effects my decisions, converting me into a complete wimp and a mule for carrying out someone else's decisions. When this happens, I don't even know that it's happening, that I 'accepted' this is how things are meant to turn out. This typically lasts for 2 to 3 days before I remind myself that I'm much more than this and than return to this character whos speaking before you now. The whole point for why insecurities are such a bad thing is because we can't notice them until it's too late, or we catch ourselves JUST barely before starting them up again.
Again, it might not be insecurities making the problem, perhaps something else entirely; there is one thing that the real cause and the insecurities have in common: The delay in your want. If your a thinker, and it's a good bet that you are, you need to STOP thinking. For thinkers, plotting ideas and connecting dots is a luxury and we exploit it ever so often. By listening more to your impulses instead of informed decisions, you can make many good things happen. If your looking into self restraining yourself, do the thinking prior to the action and than listen to impulse. This works because you don't question yourself, or give yourself reasons to not do what your going to do.
  • Love is the biggest deal to us all; my elegant explanation

Love is the most powerful thing in the known universe, holding onto what it gives is a gift from the divines. The trust, companionship, a life mate, something you could never have with a complete stranger. I'm a pratictioner of Polygamy, having more than 1 partner at a time, because I believe a human being should not be mutually exclusive to 1 person in all things. However, you do not need 'Love' if your looking for sex. If your thinking about how special it is or how eventful it is, you are overestimating it's value greatly. We hold it in such high esteem because it's in our nature, but the more you have it, the sooner you start to see that it is as much as a 'stress' reliever than an actual event that demands respect. I'm quite sure everyone can understand this to it's fullest extent, mind me sparing the details of the experiment. Our desire for love will never be quenched, and our lust for men/women will never die down, but try to get as much of both as you can. Anyone 'reserving' themselves either just want a good first time experience or are paranoid about strangers in general, in a variety of ways. Always practice safe sex, the bodily fluids carry the STDs so if you practice restraint and are confident about it, have unprotected sex with caution (for whatever reason you want to). Here's a neutral tip: Always stay 'open' to others. Be approachable (clean yourself every so often). You'd be amazed how a small bit of maintenance can go; ladies, take it easy on the makeup.

  • To the socially challenged: Always remain calm.
For those who have a social impairment or neurological disability towards communication, you should always trust in the good will of others (that can go for everyone). To the impaired, you'll be uncomfortable with looking into a person's eyes, but you can get the hang of it after about a week's worth of exposure to it. People are nice and open to conversation, even if they don't know it. If they tell you to **** off, take the hint. People go on about their business of the day, but it's rare they meet a complete stranger who could very well turn into a friend. It might be hard for autistic persons here, but try to look into the other person's pair of eyes. Your intentions for the conversation are irrelevant unless if he/she is curious about you, which means your doing a good job in expressing your interest into him/her. The whole game changes when your approaching someone with the intention of making them a special friend. If you want tips on how to deal with this as an already challenged person, just ask me on this thread or PM.

What we learned:
  1. The definition of Insecurity, and over thinking is a cause made from thinkers.
  2. Love and Lust are ever lasting. They'll never die.
  3. People are Nice and Open. Communicating with eyes can make a very big difference.

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