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Old 04-07-2011, 01:46 AM
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Default Join Project Tribal!

Kaltx frapo (hello everyone)!

I copy and pasted this post from Uriujiin over at and figured a few people here may find it of interest. I also modified the post to make sure it's as relevant and up-to-date as possible. I realize this is a very unusual project and most here won't be in the least interested. But any comments you may have are welcome! So without further ado, here's the original post:

Kaltx! If you are reading this, then you have shown so some sort of interest in joining our Tribe, be it temporarily or for a longer period of time, and we are glad to have you. After having read this, you should read the rules for the Tribe Forum here.

Here at the Na'vi Tribe, we are moving towards a dual goal- the creation of a tribe of people who will be brothers and sisters to each other and to dramatically reduce our negative impact on our planet, either for only a part of the year or permanently living close to our Earth Mother. (To get a better idea of who we are, read our mission statement here)

So far, our list of goals to accomplish are thus:
  • [li]The determination of a location for our Tribe[/li]
    [li]The determination of job allocation for the Tribe[/li]
    [li]The determination of the relations between Permanent and Temporary Tribe members[/li]
    [li]The debate of what stays and what is allowed[/li]
    [li]The institution of [desc=used to read "punishment"]governement[/desc][/li]
    [li]The source of income for such things as upkeep and medicine[/li]

There are many other things that are not listed here that are very important to the existence of the Tribe as a whole, of course, and more will be added as time goes on. So feel free to post in the forums, and ask questions of those who are already here ^_^

[size=12pt]Looking to sign up?[/size] Post your profile in one of these two stickied topics here.

Irayo frapo, ulte Eywa s Gaia ayngahu, ma oey smuke s smukan.

Co-author of the Real Life Tribe mission statement!
Join the real life Na'vi tribe here (And yes, it will be a real tribe in the real world, NOT a role play tribe!) Feel free to PM me about it!
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