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Old 10-06-2011, 11:29 AM
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Default Vent about your Boss(es) Here!

I'm making this thread to vent about bosses in general. Here goes

There's no consistency in what my two bosses want. One wants things done slow and right, while one wants things done fast and half-assed, cause one lives on the golf course, while one works there. But sometimes it's the other way around, and then it's really wtf. So I have no idea how to please them.

And then, the other day, I went to the bathroom. #2. Took about 4mins. My boss yelled at me to stop wasting time. Well, I think that is rediculous. When nature calls, you pick up the phone. And it's bad enough as is, but I've had absolutely nothing but diarrhea for over 7 weeks now, and sometimes I'm in great deal of pain if I don't find a bathroom, and sometimes my body relieves itself of its pains, so yeah... kinda pissed me off there.

And then yesterday, the guy I was working with and I were eating lunch. So we parked our car where it needed to be parked so we could start raking leaves right when we finished lunch. (This is normal, we always park our cars off the path when we work, so they don't block the path.) We were probaly about 15 feet off the path where we were parked. Then one of my bosses came by and yelled at us and said "If you're eating lunch you have to be on the path." Which not only have we never been told that, but we are told not to park on the cart path because it blocks the path, and we always park in the grass a little when we do work. So we're both just like wtf? that was random.

Just annoys me sometimes. I try and do a good job but it always seems to make one of my bosses mad.
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