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Old 11-28-2011, 07:58 AM
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Default A dream dilemma - what would you do?

Hello guys, I haven't been here for a while, so just popping in to say hi and ALSO ask you a question about a little dilemma I just had in a dream. (Just woke up so some of it might not make sense lol.)

So your situation is following: You're a 35-year-old army sergeant on a vacation with your wife in a beach hotel. You're about to go into a whirlpool while suddenly, you hear an extremely loud noise followed by screams from outside of your view. You run out in the open and you can't believe what your seeing - monsters! Basically, they all look like godzilla and there is a lot of them, you see them coming out of the sea in the distance, killing everything they see and destroying the city. Panic breaks out and everyone starts running around aimlessly, you find your wife and start running into the city, away from the shore, but the beasts are advancing fast and there is no sure direction where to run, everything in the city is falling apart. Long story short - you lose your wife in the chaos, under a collapsing building.
Then you manage to get an abandoned car and drive out of the city (mosters are advancing slower than you can drive), you take a highway and soon you manage to regroup with your platoon and the rest of the armed forces from the region (they are setting up a temporary camp on a highway intersection, about 30 km away from the frontline). Soon you realize (at least that's how it was in the dream lol) that stacking numbers on 1 spot won't help you as you're just making yourself an easier target, so you take a car with a radio and head back to the destroyed zone. A few observations: you don't see any jets or aircraft trying to fight them and also you can't contact your HQ/military base, the only people you can get in contact with over a radio are the ones on the highway (about 500 people, mainly light and transport vehicles a few APCs at best, though they have high explosives and heavy weapons lol).

So you make it to the edge of the destroyed city you were in before (the whole city is wiped out, the creatures seem to be still advancing, but much slower, they seem to be sort of patrolling the area). A (white) moving car is easy to spot, so once you see the view I just described, you turn agressively to get out of sight and you end up under a rooftop of a nearby gas station, get out of your car, take the keys and hide in a garage of a building that's connected to the rooftop. A monster passes above you and now you think to yourself - you have a mobile vehicle with a radio and you're behind enemy lines, what now?). As you're wondering, suddenly you hear some noise coming from the outside of the garage and a small girl (about 10-12 years) appears out of nowhere desparately asking you for help. You grab her and take her inside the garage for cover. (then I woke up)

Now what are you going to do?

- you can take her and get her back to the military HQ you left about an hour ago, but you'll likely still have to use a car, seeing as the monsters are (althought slower) still advancing into the mainland. Also, there is a high chance of getting yourselves killed if you do that.

- you can take her with you (I guess the original plan was to get as far in as possible without being detected, collect intel about the monsters - they look sort of organized in their actions - and radio it back to the army as you are able to detach the radio from the car), but keep in mind that a child, even though you'd be able to keep both out of sight fairly easily, in a dangerous situation she can freak out and give away your position, killing you both.

- she survived here until now and there seems to be enough food in the gas station to last a few weeks if not longer, so you could stay here hiding inside the buildings and take care of her, though you'd be limited in your goal of helping out the armed forces with intel, as you'd be able to venture out only so far and then you'd have to get back to her

(keep in mind that since you didn't see much resistance from the army yet, it's possible that all the key bases have been wiped out, so all the remaining forces might be weak and your intel might play a larger role in the outcome of the battle than you think now - it looks like you're all going to die anyway)

- you can tell her some basic instructions like not to leave the house, get supplies from the gas station and leave her to her fate while keeping your eyes on your original objective

- any other suggestions?

at least that's what I came up with 5 minutes after I woke up lol

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Old 11-28-2011, 10:35 PM
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I'd go with the fourth option, going back to her later. Thousands of civilian lives at risk are more important then that of a single child, as innocent as they may be.
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Old 11-29-2011, 02:24 PM
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I would go with suggestion 4, assuming you're fairly sure you can sneak behind enemy lines. Because she has survived up to this point hiding, so if you can hide her well, and get her food and water, you can go get your job done.
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