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Old 12-29-2011, 03:53 PM
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Default "I think and feel in layers, and talk in spirals~"

Ok .. first, I'm not even sure what to title this thread, and I'm going to muddle through trying as best i can to describe what I'm wanting to have a discussion with others, to see if any of you, have had similar thought or feeling processes.

I have a quote to decribe myself, (my own quote) .. "I think and feel in layers, and talk in spirals~"

And that's what I'm wanting to know, is what other's experiences are regarding that way of thinking/feeling and conversing!

K .. so what do i mean when i say i think and feel in layers? I guess one way of describing it, would be to use parallel universes as a analogy, but all those parallel universes are inside of me, so when i think or feel about something, pretty much a lot of things, i find that its like i'm 'processing' a range of different perspectives on a situation, circumstance, or experience, and therefore end up seeing it as though through a multi-lens and each of those lens shows me (as in generates different thoughts and feelings) something different, and therefore I have a whole range of different emotions, conclusions, analysis', etc, all of which have equal validity, but literally can range the full spectrum of 180 degrees of duality opposites), and expand out in all directions, some divergent, some converging, merging.

So for example when i'm faced with a situation, whether postive, neutral, or negative, but its easier to use a 'negative example' to explain, So like a disagreement or arguement with someone, I end up having this huge infux of processing, everything from what i call the 'surface tension' and typical responses, of anger and hurt, to deeper layers, that are about forgiveness, tolerance, acceptance, understanding; but then even deeper than that, is the immersion into transcendent layers that 'see' beyond even those above layers, that become more like a symphony of discordants and harmonics, on a universal scale, that go beyond the black/white, greys of the surface tension, go beyond the rainbow of the color spectrum, in those abstract layers, neither anger/hurt, nor compassion emptathy, have any relevance, because in those dimensions such constrictions or labels aren't relevant. Rather the 'experience' that just happened has no thoughts or emotions attached to it, it simply just is, for whatever reason it was!~

So after ^ all of that as thinking and feeling, when i go to have discussion, essentially, i'm trying to converse .. about all those layers, albeit, depending on whom i talking to, i'm only able to reference usually the surface and top layers, rarely do i find others able to reference the deeper abstract ones. But either way, i notice that in trying to share, converse, dicuss, i talk in spirals, which by anaology i guess would be like a 'spiral' staircase, or more like those Artists whose mazes and steps goes off if all directions twisting in around each other.

Idk if that's going to make sense to anyone, but its the best i can do to try and explain, but I'm hoping others have had similar experiences and together we can share and elaborate.

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