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Aketuan 01-14-2011 06:48 PM

Backpacking: Spring Break Colorado
I know a few people here have been interested in going backpacking during spring break. We haven't set an exact date or place, but probably somewhere in Colorado.

My spring break is March 12th through March 20th, however I could easily miss a day or two of school to go another week... :P

Trip Ideas: Probably 2-3 nights backpacking through Colorado mountains.
Gear: If anyone needs backpacking gear, I have a couple extra sets of tents/pads/stoves/packs.....ect

Anyone is welcome to join!

Grif 01-15-2011 02:20 AM

I wish I could come, I've got all the gear necessary, but I'm afraid I'll be in Costa Rica for the majority of that week.

Empty Glass 01-15-2011 03:30 AM

I've thought for so long that a ToS camping/backpacking trip would be so awesome, but I'll already be busy during that week doing non-outdoorsy stuff I'm afraid. :( I don't have much of a spring break this year.

Aketuan 01-15-2011 03:39 AM

If you guys have a better week that works, I don't mind missing a day or two of school...

Empty Glass 01-15-2011 08:34 AM

If you're referring to me, then don't worry about picking another week just so I can come along. :P I'm pretty much booked solid with school stuff from now 'til the end of June. That said, I hope that everyone who goes on this trip has a ton of fun. :)

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