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  1. Empty Glass
    03-02-2017 06:33 AM - permalink
    Empty Glass
    Ah yeah, I saw that too...that one's probably it
  2. Empty Glass
    02-13-2017 11:32 PM - permalink
    Empty Glass
    Nice one, though from the comments I don't know if he's singing about tamales or about drugs!

    And thank you I had been feeling the need to change it and I thought that painting (Pilgrim in a Rocky Valley by Carl Gustav Carus) was a cool one too when I first saw it.
  3. Empty Glass
    12-15-2016 06:49 AM - permalink
    Empty Glass
    Gettin' into the ol' blues I see, eh? [Sorry for not responding as speedily as usual!]
  4. Jake_Daniels
    12-10-2016 12:01 AM - permalink
    Oh yea Twisted Sister is okay, my favorite band (not from the 80's) is Steel Panther, they are hilarious and kick ass ��
  5. discounthobo159
    11-18-2016 10:06 PM - permalink
    'I posted this message on my own page first by mistake' yup i've done that before aswell yeeeeeh thnx for introducing me to Epidemic - i've checked out quite a bit of their music! whaaaaat you've only just heard of nujabes
    wooo i like Atlas - never heard of them before
    i dont know why but the music vid for tomcbumpz - again was dramatic af
    hmmmmmm - unfortunately i haven't really had time lately to check out new artists so i dont have much to link (sozzzz) buuuuuuuuuuuuut i have some more nujabes:
    and some J-Dilla (this tracks a *bit* depressing) but hes the master of instrumentals:
  6. discounthobo159
    11-08-2016 04:59 PM - permalink
    woooooooo sorry for the slow reply - but i assure you, i've listened to the tracks you sent............soooooooooooooo chill their all really good
    awwwwwwwwwwww man 'Albert's Blue Sky' vid is unavailable
    and ass always i got some links: - thought i'd link a bit of rap
  7. discounthobo159
    11-04-2016 05:07 PM - permalink
    oh nooooooooooo thats happened to me before aswell and i've had to hunt back for the links and everything
    omgggggggggg ALL THE SONGS YOU LINKED werre dope
    yeh i saw lots of comments on that song saying joji stole/sampled it but you can enjoy them individually because they both have different takes on the beat.
    that gif O_o the word 'acid trip' comes to mind its really cool this song is sooooooooooooo stupid, its only until you listen to the lyrics that you wish there was an instrumental
    ohhhhhhhhhh and *incase* you was wondering about the fabulous guy that made this music: hes crazzzzzzzzzzzy
  8. discounthobo159
    11-03-2016 06:07 PM - permalink
    OMGGG THE RAPP HIT THE SPOT!!!!!! ayyyy liking the new 'trippy' profile pic i found this song purely by accident:
    btw have you ever listened to joji?
    (p.s. hes filthyfrank) hes got some other good tunes although he doesnt do music fulltime
  9. discounthobo159
    11-02-2016 04:22 PM - permalink
    WOOOOOOOO nice tracks what can i say, i do love a bit of chili moose every once in a while ayyy self taught? must've been tricky - guitar hero came to the rescue im glad you liked the songs i sent - i didnt know if you'd be keen on the rapping. ass always some chillliiiii:
    annnnnnnnnd some Jdilla *although this song is an instrumental so may get a little repetitive* but its good to have in the background
  10. discounthobo159
    10-31-2016 07:24 PM - permalink
    hehe hes good - hes got them skillz maaaan i wish i could be half decent at playing an instrument - i tried self teaching how to play the guitar........... lets just say..... it wasnt for me i get what you mean about metal nowadays being the 'heaviest/fastest/scariest' - although i dont explore/listen to this genre much at all OMG just read it again 'ass always some CHI-L-I didnt see that at first and ass always some chill:
    those tracks should keep you busy keep 'em coming!!
    EDIT: this is some serious head banging (p.s wait till the bass drops)


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