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Conversation Between Grif and Uk Tsamsiyu
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  1. Uk Tsamsiyu
    04-05-2011 04:32 AM - permalink
    Uk Tsamsiyu
    I'm sorry if my answer freaks/freaked you out.
  2. Uk Tsamsiyu
    04-05-2011 04:13 AM - permalink
    Uk Tsamsiyu
    I'm sorry I've confused you. I'm usually better at talking in person than over keyboard. You're current status says you wish you had a gif as your avatar. I was wondering what you meant by gif. Don't worry, I didn't think you thought I was gay or something, I just wanted to clear that b/c I made it sound like you might think that. I'll just pm the answer to your last question, okay?
  3. Grif
    04-05-2011 04:08 AM - permalink
    What you mean a gif as my avatar?
    Wait so I'm now a little confused, do you find this slightly erotic or not? I never meant to say you were gay if you thought I did. Out of curiosity are you a girl or guy?
  4. Uk Tsamsiyu
    04-05-2011 03:55 AM - permalink
    Uk Tsamsiyu
    yeah, you talked about gif or something. But yeah, I can tell you tried to make it like that. Don't get me misunderstood when I said this would be erotic or ecchi if I wasn't the way I was. I'm not gay or nothing.
  5. Grif
    04-05-2011 03:05 AM - permalink
    Gif? Oh and yah I meant for this to be slightly erotic you know like kind of ecchi.
  6. Uk Tsamsiyu
    04-05-2011 01:32 AM - permalink
    Uk Tsamsiyu
    btw, what's a gif that you keep referring to in your signature?
  7. Uk Tsamsiyu
    04-05-2011 01:30 AM - permalink
    Uk Tsamsiyu
    yeah, but to me personally, this would be very..."erotic?" I guess is the word, if I was not like the way I am.
  8. Grif
    04-05-2011 12:57 AM - permalink
    I know, it's just the outrage he displayed that caught me off guard. When I don't like something I try to be a little cool about it.
  9. Uk Tsamsiyu
    04-05-2011 12:44 AM - permalink
    Uk Tsamsiyu
    well, not everyone think alike. What some might find as neat, others simply find offensive.
  10. Grif
    04-05-2011 12:42 AM - permalink
    It's just that some guy found it offensive once on Avatar Forums, so I'm always worried that people my hate seeing Neytiri (all though she doesn't look exactly like her) fooling around with someone other than Jake, particularly someone of the same gender.

    This was the guy:
    Avifaith and Neytiri

    I mean I can sort of get why this guy wouldn't like it, but the response was just so harsh.

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