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Conversation Between neytiri1107 and apache_blanca
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  1. apache_blanca
    09-27-2012 05:31 PM - permalink
    *sticking out like a sore thumb* status.
    I say *sticking out like a lamp-post in a field*
  2. neytiri1107
    09-26-2012 09:57 PM - permalink
    which status
  3. apache_blanca
    09-26-2012 07:23 PM - permalink
    what do you mean by your status?? i am intrigued...
  4. apache_blanca
    08-18-2012 10:40 AM - permalink
    yay Dreamwalker keep posting (following the forum rules of course ) I See HNM (Admin) here!
    so, heh, you're ready for your second day of school? meh I don't think I am ready for my first day of work! I would like a couple of more weeks of vacations please but sooner or later you have to wake up ah well.
  5. neytiri1107
    08-11-2012 02:30 PM - permalink
    i am now a skyperson yay still better than ketuwong
  6. apache_blanca
    08-08-2012 05:21 PM - permalink
    Hehe we all (newcomers) started as Ketuwong cos this is what we are when we just 'arrive to Pandora'. But then 'everything changed'

    Two options: 1. Start giving donations (see the bar above your name? User CP, All Albums, FAQ... Donate!) - if you do that you can change your, erm, Ketuwong to something more to your liking (like I changed mine for Dream Hunter cos that's my specialty of course donations are not obligatory!!). 2. Make as many posts as possible & it will slowly change to Avatar Driver, then to Numeyu (student) and eventually maybe even to Toruk Makto!

    Anyways, it's best to ask the Admins (forum administrators) this sort of questions, and any question that has to do with the forum, your profile, albums, and long etcetera. And simply checking the Forum Rules will answer many questions without asking & will give you lots of useful info.

  7. neytiri1107
    08-06-2012 11:12 PM - permalink
    excactly and its fine about the 2 messages i read them both
  8. apache_blanca
    08-03-2012 10:00 PM - permalink
    kaltxi (hi) and irayo (thanks) for the friend's request!
    Normal??? what's normal? let normal people define 'normal'...

    sorry I sent you two similar visitor messages - the inet was playing up & I was not sure whether you got the first one so I rewrote it & made it longer hope it's no bother! arrgh bummar the inet is playing up again, hope you get This VM! (visitor message)
  9. neytiri1107
    07-30-2012 06:30 PM - permalink
    irayo and your right we're not weird we're just two fans and normal people don't understand & by the way normal is boring
  10. apache_blanca
    07-25-2012 10:50 AM - permalink
    kaltxi there if you like my Pandora Blueskins T-shirt (so do I hehe ) - you can try to write to Miss Tammie on my Friends list, or, even faster, click on her picture in the comments to that T-shirt photo, her comments is the very first one. She got that T-shirt for me. She even sent me the link to that website but it was a long time ago, I don't think I'll find it now.

    hehe sorry it might look like eavesdropping but about being called weird... hehe I had been called weird so many times in my 42 years on this planet that I developed an immunity to that! and... even got to like being my weird self! We can call it differently: I am not weird, I am ... special and unique! Like you, like any other person is unique & special & 'one-off' - a whole world as such. And if you want talk Avatar - stick to Avatar fans (not to skypeople: they don't See and they don't learn anything).

    good luck with the T-shirt & everything else,

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