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Txon Rolyu Frapo a mì soaia leUniltìrantokx lom lu oeru


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  1. Stanley_9875
    09-19-2013 06:05 AM - permalink
    Hey you ;3
  2. Helicoradian
    05-23-2012 08:28 AM - permalink
    I'm on the east side of the state in Spokane
  3. Ateyo leSyaksyuk
  4. Ateyo leSyaksyuk
    02-15-2012 03:41 AM - permalink
    Ateyo leSyaksyuk
    Did you get a chance to see me?
    I'm FAMOUS!
  5. Txon Rolyu
    12-28-2011 10:39 AM - permalink
    Txon Rolyu
    Kaltx ma Ateyo te Syaksyuk I really wish I had the time for 1 on 1. My Christmas carols are here:
  6. Ateyo leSyaksyuk
    12-17-2011 07:32 AM - permalink
    Ateyo leSyaksyuk
    Where did you post your Christmas Carols?
  7. Ateyo leSyaksyuk
    12-17-2011 07:30 AM - permalink
    Ateyo leSyaksyuk
    It is very sad, only that you haven't the time for one on one. But it is true, Niri Te si Oe tsun tskxeheng throughout the day. Irayo ngahu for correcting my sentence. I will study that. All of Niri Te's sailboats were named Dream Weaver. She will be delighted to learn that phrase mi Na'vi. She is trying to say Cloud Dancer (she is also an aerobatic stunt pilot) but Piwopx Srewyu just looks WRONG tengkrr palmir, like its missing the C (!!!) HIYALOVAY! ATEYO LE(?) NE(?) TE(?)ni'SyakSyuk!
  8. Ateyo leSyaksyuk
    12-16-2011 05:59 PM - permalink
    Ateyo leSyaksyuk
    Pivll ngaru tsolan 'upxareti. (Ng tsun pivlltxe nltsan ntam sl pamrelfyari ayl'u lu hola kxeyey. ) I am certain that my writing is confusing. I can't always remember how to use tense, or conjugate verbs. If you read a full sentence from me, I probably copied it from somewhere)
    I will ask Tirea Aean about his pamrelsiyuti. He is karyu for NiriTe. I spent many hours, yesterday, translating your messages, as best I could.
    aysuaomumit? Oel tsa'uti ke tsolam. Fi'u ral?
    Moe ke tswaywaonta'li fngap yalo ni Siatll. Moe zayera'u ta'li Greyhound bus, skxakep.
    We will not fly by means of steel bird to Seattle. We will come by Greyhound Bus probably.
    Oeru syaw Atryo Le Syaksyuk, sla should my name be:
    Ateyo Ni'Syaksyuk
    Ateyo Le Syaksyuk
    Ateyo Ne I am not (born) of the Lemurs, or moving towards, but I am like them (kinda cute in an odd way!)
    Oel new futa nga ngeya eltu tingoeru! Rutxe, will you be oeya keyru?
    Affectionately, Ateyo Ni'Syaksyuk
  9. Ateyo leSyaksyuk
    12-15-2011 10:59 PM - permalink
    Ateyo leSyaksyuk
    Kaltxi ma Txona Rolyu! Orl ngati Kame. Tsun oe ngahu pivangko a fi'u oeruprrte lolu.
    Oerhu nikong tinan mevommra 'opare. Le'aw nikong. Yirin ayiwastengyem Avatar Meet-Up 2012 mi Seattle. Ma Niri Te si oe za'u . Srane tiawn, srane hotel pxey aytrr, si hiking. Rutxre, hitxo'a. oe yaymak pxilltxe. Ni Na'vi le'aw pxey aytrr! Oe 'upxaret fpive mi July! Ateyo le Syaksyuk
    Hello my Forgiven Sinder (?) I see you. I am glad to talk with you. Soon I will be joining AvatarrMeet 2012. My Niri Te and I will come. Yes camping, yes Hotel three days, yes hiking. Please forgive confused talk. In Navi way three days only. I will see you in July!
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~
    Niri Te and I have committed to attending the Avatar meet in July. I need to get in shape for backpacking, though. Oe pxillte ni'Eveng ska oe koalte. My brain has reached overload for now!
    Kiyavame! Ateyo
  10. Txon Rolyu
    10-13-2011 06:38 PM - permalink
    Txon Rolyu
    Ghaziya why would I ever not want to be friends with you? Lol

About Me

  • About Txon Rolyu
    Lu oe karyu l'fyay leNa'vi! Oeru pivawm ulte oe ngaru srung sasyi :)
    Portland, OR Pacific Northwest
    Teaching/learning Na'vi, singing, and traveling, writing, being a furry and brony
    Learn Na'vi username
    Txon Unil St'nyu Rolyus
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    Update your profile now to register for Na'vi lessons at the meet up!

    Fpl na Na'vi. Plltxe na Na'vi. Tran na Na'vi. Kame na Na'vi.
    Think like the Na'vi. Talk like the Na'vi. Walk like the Na'vi. See like the Na'vi.

    Tokx alu tawtute, tirea leNa'vi
    Human body, Na'vi spirit

    Uniltrantokxl oeri txe'lanit n'aw takeiuk n'ul txa' fralo
    Avatar only strikes my heart harder every time

    Tsaye'a ngal fra'ut a krr tse'a ngal ke'ut
    When you see nothing, you will see everything

    L'fyari leNa'vi: Rutxe fmivi. Zene fko tskxekeng sivi fte nivume. Txopu r' si fwa lu keyawr.
    Regarding the Na'vi language: Please try. One must practice in order to learn. Don't fear being wrong


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