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Default Lesson 9 - Nouns: Case - Genitive.

After the tough ACC-ERG lesson it's time for something easy and useful, eh?

Genitive - sounds difficult - it isn't difficult.
The Genitive Case means simply "possession".
So, when a noun has another noun, you mark it with a suffix - as in: when something belongs to you, you want to mention it.

Genitive: -ä, -yä

Oeyä tsmukan
Oe-yä tsmuk-an
I-Genitive "sibling"-MALE
My brother

The sentence above doesn't say much, it just mentions "a brother of mine" -
you have a borhter in that sentence
Works the same with other nouns, let's try 2nd person.

Ngayä kelku
Nga-yä kelku
You-Genitive "home"
Your home

The Genitive can be easily explained like this:
-yä suffix does the same to a noun that in english 's does.
Garry's hand. John's leg. Neytiri's queue.

New words:
kelku - home

Quick-link To Lesson 10- Lesson 10 - Nouns: Case - Dative.
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