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Old 04-04-2010, 01:18 AM
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Default Comparing RDA aerial weapons to modern weapons

I'm a weapons freak. A part of that is derived from my love of technology and science. Now, I don't condone mindless and irrational killing, but military hardware always seem really cool because of their capabilities. I've decided to compare some of the RDA's weaponry with today's weaponry. There are some who insist that the humans could've won if they used our current hardware, and here's what I think would be the result.

Scorpion gunship
Contemporary equivalent: AH-64D Apache
Analysis: I have to say, the Scorpion sh!ts all over the Apache. Compared with the Apache, the Scorpion can carry much more ordinance. Consider a mix of weaponry on both helicopters. Both gunships can carry 8 Hellfire missiles, but compared to the 38 rockets in 2 M261 launchers on the Apache, the Scorpion can carry 190 on 10 launchers of the same capacity. In addition, the Scorpion has two duct-fan style coaxial rotors for propulsion instead of a single rotor. The Scorpion would also be safe from tail rotor damage, unlike contemporary helicopters today.

Samson helicopter
Contemporary equivalent: UH-60M Black Hawk (my favorite helicopter)
Analysis: Similar to my previous comparison, the Samson would have many of the same advantages over the Black Hawk as the Scorpion does over the Apache. The tilt rotor design is much more efficient than the robot/tailrotor system found in today's VTOL airframes. They appear to be equivalent in terms of size and payload capacity.

Dragon gunship
Contemporary equivalent: None that I can think of.
Analysis: Difficult comparison. For one, we never know what the Dragon's overlying mission is. It just seems to be a huge bomb truck, and there isn't contemporary weapon system that's directly comparable to it. It seems to be a buffed up attack helicopter with some serious firepower and armor. From the movie and from the Survival Guide, this thing is quite maneuverable and decently fast. In fact, it's mobility can be compared with that of a modern CH-47 Chinook.

Valkyrie TAV
Contemporary equivalent: C-130H with jury-rigged BLU-82 "Daisy Cutters" (I'm comparing it's role as a makeshift bomber)
Analysis: Using the Valkyrie for the final battle is somewhat pointless to me. All that explosive is overkill, when they could do the same thing with the missiles. In any case, as a bomber, the Valkyrie would fare worse than a C-130 due to its size and lack of maneuverability compared to a dedicated airframe. However, it's VTOL capability would come in handy if it needed to land, and it's enormous size and engines make it invulnerable from outside Pandoran attacks.

I believe that contemporary military force of a size similar to RDA's SecOps would be completely decimated. Our current weapons pack less firepower while lacking the mobility of the hardware shown in Avatar.

A little digression: ironically, the AC-130 isn't my favorite aircraft.

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Old 04-04-2010, 10:02 AM
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IIRC, the Samson is better armed than the current equivalents, as it has missiles as well as door guns.
Also, the Scorpion/Samson are apparently faster than an AH-64.

There really isn't an equivalent to the Dragon at the moment, it's a kind of combination of attack helicopter and transport.

As for the Valkyrie, yeah, it's no good as a bomber really, but isn't really intended as a military vehicle, while the C-130 was always intended for that, even normally as a cargo plane.
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Old 04-04-2010, 04:43 PM
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The Valkyrie wasn't intended as a bomber, but rather as a cargo ship... they just improvised it into a bomber
It wouldn't really be easy to justify bringing a bomber to Pandora, heh. I mean, scorpions and such could be "self-defence", but when it comes to bombing the fk outta something... hard to make that self-defence.

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