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Old 06-26-2010, 11:12 AM
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Default Feedback Needed. :)

I was wondering if a patient user could watch this video and give what they think of it.

Oh and let me know how the AVATAR trailer soundtrack works in it.

Oh and at 7:28 you'll see a word very familiar to us.

If you don't have the time to watch the entire thing, letting me know what you think of the first and last 2 minutes of the video will suffice.

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Old 06-26-2010, 01:57 PM
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The beginning scene is really epic and awe-inspiring. I love it.

Same goes for the wonderful ending scene (7:48 and forward) - the last words... wonderfully done.

As for the middle, it keeps the interest up - however, I do think that the The Island soundtrack tend to be a little repetetive in the long run.

What I would do to improve it:
- Make the captions more readable (can be hard to read when the background is white at times)

- Use music that is a little more dynamic

- Make the video a little faster and shorter

All in all - greatly done, you are really good at making these videos!
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Old 06-26-2010, 07:24 PM
Dreaming Of Pandora's Avatar
Dreaming Of Pandora Nostalgia++
Join Date: May 2010
Location: Ireland
Posts: 1,381

Hey Eltu thanks for the feedback!

Im guessing it starts to become repetitive at around 2:32 and 4:00. It's true that I've used only two or three songs from the soundtrack and does lack a certain diversity near the middle. I'll try something new around these areas, let's hope youtube won't freak out on me over copyright! I had to battle for the copyright the first time I uploaded this video.

The text is an unavoidable issue. I did my best to avoid bright areas that make seeing the text difficult and I can't put a shadow behind the text in this video editor. I could use Premiere Elements for the text but options are limited on it and it takes FOREVER to get anything large done on with Elements.

This video has been sped up by 5% to shorten it but any faster would make reading difficult if not impossible. There may be sections of the video that I could cut out but a lot of it is necessary.

I appreciate the feedbacl a LOT. Thank you and I'll working on fixing the video. ^_^
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