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Old 05-11-2011, 02:46 AM
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Question Odd little error message

I was going to look up something on youtube, and I received this rather unusual error message when it loaded:
500 Internal Server Error

Sorry, something went wrong.

A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation.
If you see them, show them this information:

mGqHSbez6NyFWHinTuT_zxd381ULA1L_bI14xsIOQyb6qF3TLu 9fHP_--yKZ
f16w0BOmblnhNti7AsCjq_54sP8zYtV63w0o65kfxt1sSz1gqY rs5mhrokIt
fFKKLTFHZIiR0WzNY6_yW6LSnbinW_oh_eBI7kk8TteK5AuuZG 6X_jfqL2B3
JzEGh6p5s5Dh6o3jFfq3M6xc4AA1g00l6jmGlGtRDQvzaeTOcV TT3fpZELIU
ODVisAqw5BHWybMWsFtuEA2yVVWmDjjtmpbpsJuwxtjfth6dPL 9PO1yQyOtG
Yx1Qk-XzeCHeocVbmIFjsjfJEMxTOOdEXiawaIp57dq2rUuJ3ZK_2ZvP b6hS
p4Af1tnEJI75fFOMHTXQ72KDkNB0PHGH5Nz4PIWyAlMnpwh0BA loBS58-kR_
tAeVEVmhEhnVSAV6vl59yEVsenx257UHMkp2mAQFt5fGkil96L hkNRv6L-P7
-njmAkkTLK7OOusA6_n2pTxGsgABlqRsAXxvq8kbC2F5O6VdHvn N3u3Oia1O
FBHcnyVRqhoo7dUt5EUH9us0sB0_nmNJdRzledQe6cTa2dQOwc LWJ58zWNI2
chLsEFxxVd0weNSgE3FMNjUcFdYv_5407CMqfTC_dTC3PZBr_j nCbs3DbYcY
BrFgJLI4c2hxl1RtjlGYK6yssXpkZ4Siz_XfI_YnyiJovLqjx5 nnXAZTdiR4
pCjD1J3042J8ncge5lhdx23S9Njk__MIhxZH2GMDp8DB9vY96_ J-ZxMG4zBr
dRzwVbDo7qpmN1WDWOtfMdYWdt2r7exvKZCPNo0Laa_7LfHck_ adSgzE6ls-
O2Gafo1WA1N2x0aRODzO3FpmqqoL95G7LjFpNCa8jusyuTdzc6 vwDegYPjO5
XKFu48W_M2djae7fpM6tnTRfNYNI1918gEJG56UXwZfAgaJ2Pp m-X8JoEZWF
Not the average error message you'd get from a website.
Any thoughts?
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Old 05-11-2011, 03:12 AM
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Yeah, I've seen these errors from YouTube before. Rather than simply show the error details like many sites do, YouTube encodes them as a big blob of junk. Hackers can often gain insight into how a site works by studying failure details, so encoding them like this is probably self-defense.

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Old 05-11-2011, 11:23 PM
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Google use a custom server architecture which is not publicly available, it would make sense not to reveal details - while 99% of the time, an unencoded message would still be seen by someone who has no idea of the significance, the other 1% of the time would be giving out information about their systems' design.

On the other hand, the 'if you see them...' suggests to me that it might just be a total red herring, and any actual reporting is one internally and autonomously.
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