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Old 01-21-2012, 04:07 AM
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Default Interconnectedness - why many deny the concept

I came across an interesting comment today, from a blog, about the Avatar movie, way back when it first came out.

The blogger considers the reasons of why the human psyche of so many, need to deny and decry the concepts of oneness, connectedness, and interconnectedness. Starting her point from a scientific perspective, she emphasises that this denial or minimization of the idea that everything is connected, is a deliberate avoidance, because then individuals would have to honestly face their conscious, guilt and shame, for their past actions of slaughter, mistreatment, misuse, etc. of their 'brothers and sisters', the animals, plants, and the Earth herself. The 'psyche' would rather remain locked in its insanity, than to have to experiece the remorse of 'feeling' the truth.

note: i'm typing on a Wii, so can't copy and paste, but will cite the actual quote when i get to a computer

Not that this isn't something most of us here don't already know, i just thought it was another way of understanding it.
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Old 01-21-2012, 01:44 PM
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Very true I think. Separation is a constant theme in this culture. Agriculture separated humans from "the environment" , organized religion - especially monotheism - separated the sacred from the worldly and science continues these trands by specifically looking only at small parts (the "cogs of the world machine") of the whole that have to behave reproducably when subjected to certain conditions. (Derrick Jensen writes, that this makes about as much sense as holding a gun to a persons head and ask him to sit down and then call sitting down a normal behaviour for a person). Now In our days the thinking of being separate is the norm and I think indeed it would fill us not only with amazement but also with a deep sadness and pain to accept that everything is connected. If we are aware on an emotional level that we ARE connected to the seals and the plankton and the trees and the rivers and all the other people, then we will have to weep over what we did to them by ignoring this. This would negate our ideology that we are doing well, that our way of living is beneficial to us and makes us happy. It can only do so, if we keep separating us from these others - the people who sit in factories, hand-assembling the technological gadgets we use in our lives, the people that are loosing their farmland to corporations that mass-produce food for the booming cities of China in order to create progress and cheap goods, the nonhuman people who die as a result of all this. We in Europe and the US also separated ourselves from the damages of industrial production - there are few smokestacks and clearcuts here - they have been "externalized". Only when we ignore the connectedness can we convince ourselves that we are happier now than ever. It pretty much is a delusion and at least in some cases it starts to crumble. Most likely in the cases in which we undeniably see the connectedness - because our climate changes, our houses are underwater, the food prices rise or we get sick from pollution or we face large groups of people who want to enter our countries because conditions in theirs have become unbearable.
I think there will be a day when most people will "get it" again - either because they actively seek for it or eventually because it is slapped into peoples faces. I just hope that the day is not too far away, so that the pain is not getting even larger because the damage is even worse.

Some indigenous people have means to maintain the concept of connectedness in their culture. They are wise to do so, knowing that if that concept is lost, one starts to live by ignoring a debt that is piling up. Even the natural world provides us with tools to keep this concept in our heads. Simply observing the connectedness is one thing, but also ceremonial drugs and hallucinogens do cause people to feel the connectedness again, to "see me though your eyes". And even within humans, that molecule dubbed DMT seems to exist that can cause that awareness. I think it is part of human nature to know that this connectedness exists and it is literally insane, out of touch with reality, to ignore that and pretend that we can dig up the soil, burn coal and oil, put radioactive stuff and mercury in the oceans, ship the crabs we catch in the north sea to marocco to have them peeled and then ship them back - and do all of this expecting that this does not in the end come back to us. The world is all all aspects a closed system.
i am a earth systems scientist and it is always true - what goes in has to come out - one way or another.
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"Humans are storytellers. These stories then can become our reality. Only when we loose ourselves in the stories they have the power to control us. Our culture got lost in the wrong story, a story of death and defeat, of opression and control, of separation and competition. We need a new story!"
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