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Old 03-25-2010, 01:14 AM
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Default OOC: Roads To The Dead Land.

Pandora, Eywa’s planet. Luminescent forests, wide steppes, steep cliffs by a greenish sea, woods made of glass, deep blue lakes, and floating mountains of solid stone: Pandora.
Eywa protects. Eywa maintances the balance. Eywa creates, Eywa destroys. Eywa takes everything back again, melts the souls, the life, back into herself.

The place taken by the skypeople long ago, this place where they dug into Eywa’s body, took Eywa's trees, and killed Eywa’s creatures: the place they called “Hell’s gate”, the place where they planned to take so much more of Eywa, and even the things sleeping in her, even this place was reclaimed by Eywa. It took a long time, but the roots broke the fence, mighty plant overgrew the concrete and the steel. Nobody walked into the rooms anymore.
Now Hell’s Gate sleeps in Eywa’s forests, whispering of a story from a time far away and long ago; a story told by The People for generations.

The skypeople who stayed, went from dreamwalkers to Na’vi, receiving Eywa’s gifts with open hands and open minds. Now there are only myths and stories told about the dreamwalkers. Their blood now flows in the blood of the Na’vi, their histories and memories became part of Eywa: whispered stories of the earth, stories of dreams and hopes, about things and happenings alien to the Na’vi. They’re still here, like everything Eywa takes. And the Na’vi are listening. Always.

But the skypeople don’t forget either. They don’t forget what’s in this planet; they don’t forget the wealth brought by the Unobtanium, they don’t forget the possibilities. They watch and they know about the danger, even before Eywa knows.
“Sir, impact calculated in section 34.” An asking gaze behind a computer.
“Go on, Smith.”
Smith followed the flight path of the comet on his screen. Small blinking columns of numbers appeared next to the stylized picture of the boulder shooting with amazing speed in the outer space.
"Temperature increase 176%, radioactivity level constant. Flight path 3-8-4, as calculated. Impact T minus 40.”
Smith examined the data column on his screen, then he pressed a button.
“Camera 4, Fullscreen.”
On the wall a picture appeared. A planet, and in front of that a moon. And a huge lump of rock, glowing in a yellowish color from the heat, leaving a glowing white trail behind it.
As it hit Pandora, Smith couldn’t hear the quiet beeping of his computer anymore, which showed long displays of vectors, measurements and determinations. The joy of the people working at the central in Washington was far too loud. It was a new chance, a big chance. If the calculations were right. And Smith is very good at calculations.
And they watch with their satelites, they calculate extrapolations. And they wait, wait to see how the crater develops. The crater in the wide plains with the deep blue lakes. They watch the glittering Unobtanium, lying at the surface, emiting radioactivity, waiting for them. And they notice Eywa avoids this place. No trees, no grass grows for 5 miles around the crater.

And the skypeople decide that the possibility is there to have another try. Not a failure like in the past, like 500 years ago. Nobody needs an Avatar-program. Nobody needs an open war.
And the skypeople risk another try, the first in 500 years. Maybe it could be done. Unobtanium is the material the earth needs. More then ever before. Maybe it’s possible this time.

Aketuan stood on a rock, watching a shuttle land in the enormous crater. They had seen the Skypeople coming. The Olo’terimpay knew the skypeople. Dreamwalkers had lived in their clan centuries ago, became Na’vi, told their stories to the nation of the yellow waters, took mates, and became part of the nation of Olo’terimpay.
Aketuan couldn’t hide his human heritage. His blue brawny body seemed to be more compact than the normal Na’vi body, his cheeks were adorned by a dark beard he wore shaved to sideburns, like many men of his clan.
First this had been a rare phenomenon, but now you could find many bearded men in the clans, and many women having a slightly smoother body, like the original sinewy Na’vi females. The bright yellow eyes of the Na’vi people were supplemented by green, blue, grey, brown and black eyes. The human DNA had found a way into The People through the Dreamwalkers.
Aketuan smoothly stroked the snout of his Ikran standing behind him, while making quiet noises.
“Come on, boy, fly. I need a few more minutes.”
The Ikran rubbed his snout on the shoulder of the young Na’vi warrior, then he flapped his wings and started, over the few high trees in the plains dotted with dark blue lakes, the homeland of the Olo’terimpay.

Down in the crater a group of Skypeople stepped out of their flying machine, waving around with devices making small clicking noises. Aketuan’s fist closed slightly to his bow. Yey, Eyktan of the clan, had decided to have a hands-off approach in this case. The skypeople were allowed to step on the Dead land, called Tsleng’tskxe.
With a disgusted look on his face, the young warrior continued to watch. He could kill all of them in a second. Without any problems.
But now he was forced to just watch them, silent and scowling, and he watched the group of 10 Na’vi sliding down the crater towards the Skypeople. With them were the Eyktan and the Tsahik.
When the decision was told to the Clan, Aketuan had refused to believe what he heard. A council? A Na’vi council, formed out of a member of every clan? A council made to watch over the Skypeople? His Eyktan must be crazy…


This is a RP created by me. It’ll be a little bit different than the other RPs here, because I decided to start it here and on AF as well.
The major idea behind that is to see how different the two RPs with the same story and similar characters will develop.
If you like, you could join both RPs, or just one of them.
If you join both, feel free to take the same character or a good and a bad version of the character or two different characters as well.

Basic facts:
The happenings of the movie are 500 years ago.
The human DNA had been mixed up with the Na’vi when the Avatars mated with Na’vi. The changes in the looks are very little: facial hair, body form, eye color, 5 fingers and toes, stuff like that.
But there are Clans as well, that refused to mix with the mixed-racial Na’vi.
So your choice is between pure Na’vi, mixed Na’vi and human scientists.
There will be a message to every clan that one of their members is supposed to take part in the council. And they’ll travel to "the Death Land", and live there in a small tent village, taking part in the council, which includes socializing with Na’vi and humans.
You are free to decide if you’re friendly, or neutral, hostile towards the humans (or vice versa).
You’re also free to:
-- Have an animal like an Ikran or a Direhorse (no Toruk, no palulukan, please.) or invent your own creature. If you choose the last possibility, I want a REALISTIC description what kind of creature it is, where they live and how you got it.
-- Invent your own clan. But I want a description of that clan as well. Where do they live, what do they look like, what is their position to a council, the Skypeople, and stuff. Be creative!
-- Be a member of the Olo’terimpay. For informations to this clan, ask me. You’ll get everything you need to know.
-- Explore the plains of the great lakes on your own.

What I don’t want in this RP:
-- Power gamers
-- Actions like slaughtering all humans in the night
-- Time travelling ( I don’t want character A in week 1, character B in week 5 and character C somewhere between)

Basic rules:
-- Game master is always right
-- Wanna make a difficult action? Ask me.
- - Wanna have a gimmick? Ask me
-- Wanna slaughter everything and everybody? Ask me and get a kick in your butt
-- Have fun!

Thanks and join it!!!!1!one!eleveneleven!!11!

"Just because someone's a member of an ethnic minority doesn't mean he's not a nasty small-minded little jerk."
- Terry Pratchett -
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Old 03-25-2010, 01:27 AM
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Character submissions are supposed to look like that (MINIMUM, if you want to write more, you're very welcome)

Name: (Enter your name here)
Race: (Na'vi, New Na'vi, human)
Clan: (only Na'vi and New Na'vi, please explan the background of your clan a little bit as well)
Affiliation: (enter your affiliation here)
Age: (enter your age here)
Appearance: (enter your look here)
Personality: (enter your personality here)
Gaming example: (Don't include one if we've RP'd together before. Unless you want to.)

[stolen from shatnerpossum, but he won't be mad at me, i guess ]

"Just because someone's a member of an ethnic minority doesn't mean he's not a nasty small-minded little jerk."
- Terry Pratchett -
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Old 03-26-2010, 08:19 PM
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Name: Ma'wytey
Race: Na'vi
Clan: Fyaxwi. This clan is located a coastal area along the equator home to both swampy groves of trees growing into the ocean, and to more conventional Pandoran jungle. The Fyaxwi hunt for sea creatures with spears or tridents from the roots of the trees, and sometimes from underwater. They are equally at home in both environments, experienced in living in swamps and coastal areas as well as the forests. Their primary goods are pottery made from the coastal mud. They are heavily dependent on the Elvidion to exchange their pottery for textiles or woodworking. They harbor a small amount of resentment against the new Na'vi for their human heritage, and have a tendency to be xenophobic to other tribes. Very few hunters in the clan have ikrans, but those who did traveled across the sea to answer Toruk Makto's call hundreds of years ago.
Affiliation: Neutral alignment, position in clan is scout.
Age: 26
Appearance: Ma'wytey is of average height and build. His clan has been further away from the dreamwalkers, and is still native Na'vi. Thid reflects in his appearance.
Personality: Uncharacteristically friendly for his tribe, his outgoing and calm nature was probably what made him the Fyaxwi's delegate to the council. He never seems to overreact or get angry.
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Old 03-26-2010, 08:22 PM
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Name: Vittorio Sciacci
Race: Human
Affiliation: If you mean alignment, then chaotic good. If you mean occupation/position then scientist.
Age: 29
Appearance: His angular face is centered around a large, bushy, dark mustache. He is shorter than most of the other scientists (5' 8"), which causes people to joke from time to time. He wears an olive jumpsuit from his time in the Italian Army. He spent a few short years there after dropping out of university. But he was inspired to take up xenobiology when he saw a National Geographic special on Pandora. So, he worked twice as hard as before and he earned his PHD.
Personality: He's generally a very warm person, but from time to time he will fly off the handle, usually over work issues. His passions center on the local biology.
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Old 03-29-2010, 06:33 PM
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I'll post an "Alter-ego" for my character when Avatar forums starts working again. LOL, and I'm home. .
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Old 04-01-2010, 03:16 PM
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Name: Zul' Nugul
Race:Na'Vi (I might change it to the "new" Na'Vi for my little Na'Vi experience)
Clan: Not sure what you want from this, but here I go.

Elvidion Clan- The Elvidion Falls lays home for a strange type of Na'Vi. At home in the water, as well as the surround jungle, they are crafty and stealthy. Fishing and Baiting make up their masteries among the other Clans, but trade has embedded them in Na'Vi history forever. They are the centerpoint of trade between the major clans of ALL Pandora. Traveling on Sea and Land, they are often the only way certain tribes can even dream of getting rare and indiginous goods from other Na'Vi tribes from entireley different Continents. Durrying the Wars with the Skypeople: they were very active, in the begining, but when defeat looked imminent they dissapeared into hiding and waited out the war. Now, with Ewya safe, they have come out, and a new section of their trade as emerced. Human goods, along with traces of freshly-dug up Unobtanium, have been fastened into trinkets and clothing of all shapes and sizes. This being fairly new, Na'Vi tribes are unsure about these new goods. But, their new clan leader (Zul'Nugul) has faith that the alien artifacts left behind will soon yeild a pricey reward with time.

Durrying the war, the Tribes Orriginal Clan Leader died in a Skypeople attack, and his heirs were left wounded beyond hope. At this time, Zul' Nugul rose to power by force and tricks, and now sits at the throne. Although the trade has picked back up, and poverty and hunger no longer plague the hiding Elvidions, He instills a new fear and an Irion-Like fist of control over the Clan. In his reign, many very drastic measure were taken. For instance, All traders now were trained in the use of weapons, and were armed at all times. Also, he entered the weapons trade, and traded medicines, poisons, different weapon types and variations from all the tribes all voer Pandora. Although it brought in more jobs and deals then ever before, and none of the OTHER tribes mind (because of fear of further skypeople attack), the Elvidion elders and many elvidions were uncomfortable with the new direction, but kept silent for fear of the punsihment for speaking out.
Affiliation: Clan Leader/ Chief
Age: Zul' Nugul is 48 human years old
Appearance: Zul' Nugul is a normal Na'Vi, nothing special about him. Blue, tall, que, and however number of fingers they have. He wears the cloak of a trader (his is black, and the signs of War and Pain are stitched into it), and a band/cap that resemnles a a Majaraja's Turban, fastened with pieces of human bones and in the center, a human .55 calliber bullet (a used round). He wears more then the Average Na'Vi, even of his tribe, wearing a tunic-like cloth as a shirt, along with basic Na'Vi covering around his bottom half. His tail has been lined and pierced with different shards of metal and unobtanium, as well has his ears and one in his nostrals. He wears a human wris****ch as a ring on each of his middle fingers.
Personality: Zul' Nugul is a serious, malice, and caniving individual. His quirky ways allow him to sell and trade as a pro human anywhere on earth would, But this same charming attitude also hides a vicious secret. Although no hate for the Skypeople can be seen in his acts or manurisms, he does have a deep underlining score to settle, that he hides with jokes and inuendos. He has high hopes for the trade of "alien" artifacts by themself as well has worked into Na'Vi goods, cloths, and pottery. He is an impulsive collector, and will collect the most random items with an unknown idea of some sort of tradable item in the works inside his head. He also holds a severe Mistrust of other Na'Vi Cultures, and combined with the fact he is in the center of the Na'Vi trade industry on Pandora, he uses this hate as a means to swindle Na'Vi and even entire clans out of large deals of goods for seamingly worthless tools or trinkets. He also has a high knowledge of the hunting grounds, game trails, and even deffense of certain warring tribes, in which he sells to the right buyer and a high, high price.
Gaming example: Not Included ATM. If any changes need to be made, message, PM, or just reply below. Thanks!

OK, how's THAT for a different Character profile/ alter ego!!!
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