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  1. Palu di Sia
  2. Are there any Avatar IRC, Skype, or Tinychat chats going on?
  3. Can ANYONE Name A Single Character From The Movie Avatar?
  4. Hello I love all of you!
  5. Puk Pxaw 'Rrta
  6. So where are they?
  7. Gaming PC under $500
  8. Creating Own Nonhuman Race
  9. We're living on Pandora!
  10. 4k TV's worth it?
  11. Looking for an App/ Software
  12. Getting closer to being na'vi
  13. Share your beautiful pictures
  14. James Cameron's new sci-fi documentary
  15. Do You Trust Doctors?
  16. The 2016 Christmas and New Years Thread
  17. Online Scams
  18. Featured Apps :)
  19. So what the dickens has changed in my absence?
  20. I dont know why I'm here again
  21. How to join IRC in the most simple way :D
  22. Tomorrow is the Fifteenth Anniversary of Thuy Trang's Death
  23. Neytiri pillow and blanket
  24. A Letter to Mr. James Cameron...
  25. Another chat idea :D
  26. I'm having trouble with this huge task....
  27. About to watch it for the first time in about two years.
  28. Skype chat idea
  29. Hi Love you all. :)
  30. Catalysts
  31. Nice youtube video to watch: Sacred Mountain
  32. ..Too late?
  33. What Really Grinds Your Gears? II: The Reckoning
  34. Is Avatar Forums (AF) down?
  35. What to do about this female co-worker
  36. I lost my best friend, Kitty
  37. Siblings
  38. Tinychat on Feb 28
  39. Is it possible?
  40. Happy St. Valentines Day
  41. Date/time for next tinychat?
  42. Tinychat on Jan 31st
  43. January 27-do you remeber?
  44. A Bioluminescent Forest Created with Digital Projection Mapping
  45. I haven't posted in years.
  46. They can fix a spinal
  47. Moonbeam's House of Horrors!
  48. New Pterosaur: Ikrandraci avatar
  49. James Cameron's Ice Bucket Challenge (and landau's)
  50. Zoe Saldana's Ice Bucket challenge!
  51. Favourite quote by favourite philosophist
  52. language discussion
  53. Favorite Animal?
  54. my bus collection
  55. Nature video
  56. Russia to suspend space cooperation with US
  57. Divergent Aptitude Test
  58. Skype Video Chat is free : Group call?
  59. Old Forum Screenshots Thread!
  60. NTA transit system
  61. James Cameron AMA on Reddit April 12
  62. Zoe Saldana Replys to My tweet!
  63. Jet fuel from seawater?
  64. Contacting James Cameron
  65. I want a new computer game for Avatar
  66. Our other Hobby's beside Avatar
  67. So, could you help me get a job
  68. Most led traffic lights operate on computer-driven system
  69. Happy New Year Y'all!
  70. Why it's so hard to terminate a plant?
  71. Merry Christmas (Happy Holidays)
  72. Favorite Comedians
  73. We're at 4 years now, how's it all going?
  74. Is it possible for two people to not love each other?
  75. Kinda Dr Who
  76. Cool timelapse on worldwide protests since 1979
  77. Feeling drawn back, and it feels good
  78. Plutonium in pressure cookers
  79. What Niri and Ateyo are up to it West Texas
  80. It's harder than I thought.....
  81. Four Toes?
  82. How is it going?
  83. Pancho Barnes Aerodrome hapenings
  84. Hey everyone!
  85. One Light's quote...
  86. Good morning from our kelku
  87. Ateyo is in the Kelku!
  88. Been a while...
  89. This song reminds me of AVATAR
  90. What is the weather like at yours?
  91. I'm pretty sure none of you remember me.
  92. Big Avatar Reference on PBS Nature
  93. RIP Roger Ebert
  94. Chart of the Alpha Centauri System
  95. Nukes in a subway - this has to be the stupidest idea ever
  96. Has 3D had it's day?
  97. Ordered some new shoes.......or should i call em shoes?
  98. Burning Man is having a strange effect on me... Halp
  99. Damn those loggers
  100. A Clonetrooper's Journey through Europe
  101. Poll Who's Married, Shacking, Single?
  102. How do I start a Poll?
  103. Nuclear power plants finally infected with malware
  104. 800000 protest in Paris - against gay marriage :(
  105. What Did/Are You Asking For For Christmas? (Thread 1/2)
  106. ToS, whats your age?
  107. The Holidays - What do you enjoy the most?
  108. Na'vi ethnic movement
  109. South park with JC :)
  110. This is ****ing depressing.
  111. I might be really really drunk
  112. Always wanting to run... away somewhere
  113. Overpopulation/population increase and higher rates of disease
  114. Russell Means is on the other side
  115. Mods, your help please
  116. The "Abolitionists" want to genetically create a cruelty free world
  117. Hi everyone.
  118. El Camino Project
  119. Advantages of Thorium nuclear fuel is overstated
  120. nyan cat & pusheen the cat
  121. A Global military/consumer product "RDA" forming between China and GM?
  122. 80 Yanomami massacred for gold mine
  123. Your Bucket list.....
  124. So I'm watching avatar again right now
  125. Neil Armstrong dies
  126. Parahawking
  127. Advice on Chickens please
  128. Eating Teylu - anyone else tried eating insects?
  129. Be Back In A Month.
  130. What happens when "Life Mate" dies??
  131. Creepy fingerprint surveillance
  132. Microsoft tablet will bomb
  133. Disaster in Wales - Aberystwth Flooding
  134. Report on human rights violations of the US
  135. AvatarMeet 2012 - Time is running out...
  136. Do you have morals/ethics when you play videogames?
  137. Time-lapse footage of the Earth as seen from the ISS
  138. Podcast on "Techno-Fixes", Scientism and apocalyptic thinking (incl. "singularity")
  139. On 'debates', reaction, and an article.
  140. AL-QAEDA orders the burning of American Forests
  141. How is Love Rekindled and other Fan-fics so popular?
  142. Is there more than one "Tree of Souls"??
  143. JC and Google bringing us asteroid mining? :D
  144. Planetary Resources:
  145. Titanic - The Final Word with James Cameron
  146. EU members want more subsidies for nuclear power
  147. New weapons technologies
  148. Chickens are fed Arsenic and Prozac
  149. Spain: New law: protesting may mean 2y in prison
  150. Day of Pink
  151. BBC video on James Cameron's dive
  152. Natural Fashion : Tribal Decoration from Africa . Seriese by Hans Silvester
  153. Is the EU becoming nationalist/fascist/undemocratic?
  154. A fun little birthday card
  155. What is backing U.S. Currency?
  156. Where ecology hits the Bank Account
  157. Invisible Children and Kony 2012
  158. Hey guys! Long time no see. :)
  159. iPads for apes
  160. I'm going of from TOS(because of little activity here)
  161. Now we know, why Avatar didn't win that Best Movie Oscar...
  162. Curiosity - I Caveman
  163. Sustainatopia 2012 - Includes Avatar Events!!!
  164. Does Earth have Pandora as a moon?
  165. Time CONCEPTS, not vocabulary to the Na'vi
  166. Seattles food forest
  167. Girl scouts out to destroy America!
  168. Live fish and small turtles sealed in plastic keychains
  169. Happy Valentine's Day! (Happy National Singles Awareness Day!)
  170. New Zealand to make gardening illegal
  171. Blue women
  172. We got first snow of 2012 - YAY!
  173. Just some funnies for the day.....
  174. Terra Nova second season petition!!!
  175. I Miss My Second Family
  176. A Day of Celebrations ^_^
  177. Classic Movie Posters Reimagine Today's Films With Vintage Casts (Including Avatar)
  178. Sopa/pipa
  179. Seeing Something Like T.V. Static?
  180. NEW ZEALAND 2011/ 2012 - a dream comes true
  181. Something for those interesed in film making
  182. I need to be held after this...
  183. Has Avatar changed the decor inside your house
  184. "I think and feel in layers, and talk in spirals~"
  185. Personality Types
  186. What did you get for christmas this year?
  187. What I've been trying to say all this time.
  188. Happy Holidays to all my friends on TOS
  189. North Korea's Kim Jong-Il is dead
  190. Christopher Hitchens dead at 62
  191. Nature turns trash to treasure
  192. The extent of the lack of credibility
  193. George Takei Rallies Star Trek And Star Wars Fans To Unite Against Twilight
  194. North Korea, China and Russia able to use the "E-Bomb"?
  195. Overproduction in military equipment goes to the police?
  196. Couple things I bought for new apartment...
  197. Username change
  198. The US Government nearly passed a bill for Martial Law to take effect
  199. The Land Before Time and Avatar...
  200. Uploading pictures
  201. My lady knows me well......
  202. A dream dilemma - what would you do?
  203. My Thanksgiving Thoughts
  204. Connection is something we can't live without
  205. Nonviolent Protesting
  206. If you were homeless, what would you do?
  207. What makes a good fan-fic?
  208. How do you experience life?
  209. What We've Learned About Life
  210. (Calvin and) Hobbes and Bacon
  212. Calling Germans: Protest Germanys involvement in foreign atomic power
  213. Corgi Appreciation Thread!!
  214. One of the most beautiful sights
  215. Alien Abductions
  216. Fukushima recriticality Nov 2011
  217. 3 eyed fish
  218. Another Hometree destroyed - Dale Farm eviction
  219. Operation: ToS Group Video Chat is GO!!!
  221. Why we have to start living more like the Na'vi now
  222. 1318 corporations control 80% of global revenue
  223. Serco, or the biggest company you never heard of
  224. Muammar Gadaffi killed
  225. Does anyone here go to Ohio State University?
  226. Real Life Na'vi Tribe
  227. Funny cat....
  228. Vent about your Boss(es) Here!
  229. Absolutely not Avatar related, but...
  230. Balcony Garden Help
  231. 3D tv's and captioning/subtitles
  232. Need Help Finidng Summer Work Abroad
  233. Amazing video about the universe!
  234. Alert!! Idiots!!
  235. In a land without sheep.
  236. This sort of thing is immensely frustrating
  237. Hey Guys, Ya Like Energy Drinks?
  238. The Golden Rule Across the World's Religions
  239. Hypocrisy (IMO I guess)
  240. Spirituality is right. The world is unknowable. So?
  241. A return to roots.
  242. Dying friend...what to do?
  243. On division, entitlement and accusations.
  244. A Short Lesson For Consideration on Religious Persecuation
  245. Excuse me - need to be updated on discussion regarding no spiritualist disussions
  246. Scary Comic I Found
  247. Elephants Reunited
  248. Good or anywhere near acceptable at math? READ THIS
  249. Quaritch has danish ancestors
  250. The Bear Age