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  1. So I Have Decided
  2. What if Avatar was released in 1997
  3. IMAX withdrawal
  4. Valkyrie TAV's insulation tiles
  5. Is getting a human body to look Na'vi possible?
  6. I Actually Had An Avatar Fail
  7. Meh.
  8. Does Avatar teach us to see the beauty around us
  9. The Complete "Avatar" Score Official Release Petition
  10. Avatar to be re-released with 40 minutes extra footage this May!
  11. Is Avatar playing in a theater near you?
  12. In and out
  13. Avatar Blu-ray / DVD release dates
  14. Something I just wondered...
  15. Some of my thoughts on Avatar
  16. Avatar in 2D - better I think!
  17. Complete Score
  18. I Don't Know What It Was
  19. Avatar Equations
  20. "Bioluminescence Of The Night"...
  21. Under My Skin (Posted Over on AT also)
  22. Forum commentary
  23. Fan-Fics: Why Are Avatar's Better?
  24. Post your Avatar electronic devices
  25. Notice anything new on your last viewing of Avatar?
  26. Who else does this?
  27. what´s your favorite phrase of the whole movie?
  28. Imagine if I (Spock) had an avatar.
  29. Na'vi graffiti...?
  30. Return To Pandora
  31. I need some help here...
  32. Outtakes and things you wouldn't hear characters say
  33. "Gonna have you on a shuttle tonight"
  34. Jon Landau interview
  35. 3D Avatar Screencaps
  36. Jake's impressive ability to avoid death
  37. Woah...
  38. I felt a weird twinge of arousal when...
  39. interview with avatar cast
  40. Warm Spring-Summer nights
  41. Never once do you see Neytiri eating.
  42. The Rules of Pandora
  43. 13 Minutes “Avatar” on “60 Minutes”
  44. Avatar Testimony
  45. Woot! Sealed The Deal!
  46. Sigourney Weaver narrates the first look at the world of Pandora
  47. Na'vi Oddities
  48. An Unexplainable Feeling Of Soaring Disappointment
  49. Yup, another newb.
  50. Jake and Neytiri in Perfect Harmony
  51. What You Shouldn't Do But Did Do Because Of Avatar
  52. Coke Limited 3D glasses....
  53. How many times have you seen Avatar?
  54. I am Home.
  55. My turn to say kaltxì
  56. It’s Been Three Months: Seriously, Stop Hating on Avatar Already
  57. Is Avatar still showing in your nearest cinema?
  58. hey everyone...
  59. Living Na'vi Style . . . In the Wild!!!??
  60. James Cameron
  61. "New Worlds Present New Opportunities...
  62. So This is where All The Cool Ones Went!
  63. Do you have mixed feelings? Read this, it'll help
  64. The Avatar In Us All
  65. What was your first showing like?
  66. Avatar costume and stuff
  67. What would the Na'vi have thought?
  68. IMVU Ads?
  69. Ok everyone, let's be completely honest here...
  70. Nice To Be Here
  71. Can somebody tell me what happened?
  72. We now have 100 members!
  73. Should I stay (AF) or should I go (ToS) now?
  74. Where Do You Sit?
  75. Questions
  76. Envy, Anger and Annoyance...
  77. "Avatar Forums" Partnered With "Tree of Souls"
  78. Ways To Cope With The Depression Of The Dream Of Pandora Being Intangible.
  79. So It Has Come To This...
  80. My farewell message to the people of avatar-forums
  81. Im slightly confused?
  82. FREEDOM - Merely an Illusion ? A question risen by Avatar
  83. Reminisce
  84. Merchandise
  85. You know you're an Avatar fan when...
  86. Recruiting
  87. Welcome!